Did you hear the one about the Governor who beat the dead horse?

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It’s time to leave David Letterman alone. Seriously, I’m a woman and a mother of 2 girls.. the joke wasn’t that bad and I’ve seen worse. The only problem with the joke was who it was about. Dave made a mistake because he underestimated the insatiability  of a needy ego.

Besides, haven’t you heard.. the joke was President Obama’s fault.

Sarah Palin doesn’t have a problem exploiting  children for her political gain, she only has a problem when someone else (insert ‘liberals’)  brings attention to them. I can understand not wanting your children involved, but at what point are you at fault for your children being the butt of late-night comic jokes?

“This is the enduring legacy of the Obama campaign. I’m not saying this to be inflammatory, I blame Barack Obama because he allowed his surrogates in the media and Hollywood and everyone else on the left to do this dirty talking for him.”

When you parade your pregnant  underage daughter out on stage with her paramour?

When you imply an adult male would be dangerous around a child?

When you turn an obvious joke about one daughter into a a joke about the unknown daughter and try to make into political fodder just to get your name out there again?

I keep hearing “You don’t see the Obama children being ridiculed this way” you’re right, you don’t but why is that? Is it their ages? 10 and 7? Or is it that they aren’t paraded out in view of the press at the drop of a hat? When Brian Williams did his inside look at the White House, it would have been completely natural to include Sasha and Malia in his program, hell he even had a minute with the dog  so a minute with the 1st children would have been a natural flow. But when he asked, Brian Williams was politely denied an interview with them.

Governor Palin on the other hand, brings her children up to stage with her during her rallies even when they are not invited, takes them with her while she’s stumping, schmoozing, or just hanging out at a baseball game. ..not too mention her oldest daughter goes out and speaks for abstinence only.. There is nothing wrong with any of this, let me be clear on that.. There is nothing wrong with any of this.. Sarah is a working mother so her kids come with her wherever she goes and you know that when you ask her to speak for you. The problem is, you can’t push your kids out in the spotlight and then ‘dare’ people to not talk about them.

There’s a fine line between doing it the Obama way and doing it the Palin way..One of main things that separate the two are their actions after something is mentioned by the press. Sarah acts like a wounded animal and then takes it 5 steps too far. Her insinuation  that David Letterman couldn’t be trusted with a 14 year old girl is proof of that. By saying something so inflammatory she is forcing people to take sides and respond, which is what her dwindling-star ego wants. The more ‘hurt’ and ‘outraged’ she can pretend to be, the more air-time she can be given. The end result for her is the spotlight and she really doesn’t care how she gets there.

On the other hand, the Obama’s just flatly deny the press entrance into their children’s  lives. It’s just that simple.

“One awkward moment, though, during the game.Maybe you heard about it, maybe you saw it on one of the highlight reels, one awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game. During the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.” –David Letterman

David Letterman may have made an off-color joke about a young adult, but it takes a special kind of deprived ego to turn the joke into a pedophilia-like act against your young daughter.

Does anyone else see the pattern emerging? Yes, Letterman’s joke was bad, Yes the President shouldn’t have joked about bowling and the Special Olympics, but if these ‘real’ and relatively ‘ minor’ jokes are so inflammatory, degrading,disgusting and worthy of protest.. then where is the outrage,protests,phone calls demanding one be fired when people make jokes racial jokes with dead monkeys or a gorillas being a part of Michelle Obama’s ancestry? Where is Governor Palin on that joke? Where is her outrage and demands for a more ‘moral’ dialog for this country?

Sarah Palin is the one who keeps milking this cow and it’s time to give her the anonymity she’s asking for and just remove her name or the names of her children from our vernacular. I shouldn’t know the name of her 14 year old daughter and had her mother not been so hungry for attention, I never would have. David Letterman isn’t the one who made Willow Palin a household name and an internet ‘search’ topic.. Her mother did.

David Letterman has explained the joke and apologized at the cost of looking like he’s caving under the pressure.. If  Gov. Palin  really was upset she would end it now while she has the upper hand… But only time will tell if she does take the high road. One thing I know for sure, to make sure she keeps herself in the public eye, she will take every advantage she can to remind us about sex acts with minor children, because if we are talking about that, we won’t be talking about her shrinking  popularity, her bridges to nowhere, or her socialist state that spreads the wealth of the oil business to  the people who live in the state..No, the issue she wants us focused on is her family who we are not allowed to comment on..


Palin accepts Letterman’s apology..

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8 responses to “Did you hear the one about the Governor who beat the dead horse?

  • Howey

    lol…I can see Sarah gently applying lipstick to Bristol’s pouty little slut lips right before she pushed her out onto those stages for America to marvel at the wonders of teenage abstinenance.

    I kinda miss the Wasilla Hillbillies…maybe they’ll make a reappearance soon on my blog. 🙂

  • lil mike

    So the Obama’s have not used their children for political points? Uhh… I thought you watched the Democratic Convention? Playground/doggie/garden?

    Even though the Obama’s have used their children just like any other political family has, I don’t think that opens the door to ridicule their kids. Particularly in a sexual nature.

    I mean, you don’t seriously think the joke was about Bristol do you? The monologues are not off the cuff, they are prewritten and Dave approved before they go on. That was based on current news that had nothing to do with Bristol and everything to do with Palin and Willow. Sure, you approve of this joke and are offended by the Michelle Obama joke you posted about? If you have a line, it’s a wiggly one.

  • ekg

    There is a difference in getting a ‘glance’ at them and pushing them out on stage with you..

    the DNC/RNC convention is about the only ‘forgivable’ act by either…

    and the question should really be “You don’t really think it was about Willow do you?”

    Yes, his ppl prepare those jokes and it probably went something like this. “Hey, I hear Sara Palin was at the game with Rudy”.. with no mention of either daughter afterward.. and then the joke was created..

    but huh, so you really think Dave would joke about raping a child.. what in his past makes you think he’d make lite of something like that?

  • lil mike

    First, I’ve no doubt that Letterman and his writers knew which Palin kid was at the game. It would have been in the papers, where the got the idea for the joke in the first place.

    For you other point, yes I would think Letterman would make that joke about rape (statuatory, not quite the same thing of course) because Letterman, and all the late night comics have done the same for months. It’s curious why this has gotten this kind of attention,but it’s not the first time:

    Days after the announcement of Bristol’s pregnancy, Conan O’Brien joked, “It’s true, John McCain’s running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has revealed that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. Palin said, ‘We should never have introduced her to John Edwards.'”

    Governor Palin announced over the weekend that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant. Oh, boy, you thought John Edwards was in trouble before, now he’s really done it!” –Jay Leno

    On October 8, 2008, Sarah Palin walked out on the ice with 6 year old Piper and 13 year old Willow, Conan O’Brien said, “Saturday night, Sarah Palin is going to drop the first puck at the Philadelphia Flyers’ hockey game. Then Palin will spend the rest of the game trying to keep the hockey players out of her daughter’s penalty box.”

    So this was just more of the same, I guess for some reason Palin finally reacted to this one.

    • ekg

      when you have to explain the joke.. it’s not funny..

      But you’re proving my point by posting those other jokes.. who were they about? Yep, the oldest daughter.. why didn’t Sarah react to the “keep the hockey players out of her daughter’s penalty box.” because it didn’t occur to her to make it about her younger children .. since she knew, like everyone else knew.. that it was about the one who was knocked up..

      and that’s where you guys lose any and all points.. If Dave or any other comic had said “Lynne Spears bought some panties for her daughter….” (I’m not a comic so I can’t come up with a punch-line (lol)) everyone would know the person meant Brit and not the younger daughter.. why? Because sometimes you don’t have to explain things b/c everyone just knows..

      and you know it!

      if anything.. Dave is guilty of bad timing.. had he told that joke last year, when every single tv show out there was talking about her pregnancy.. there wouldn’t be a single question as to who he meant.. which like I said, is exactly why Sarah didn’t make an issue out it before..

      For someone who sees ppl always making themselves the victim.. you sure have blinders on here.

  • lil mike

    We are assuming that Conan wasn’t using the plural of daughters. That would change it for you wouldn’t it?

    The whole joke about the game had to come from the news stories about it. So it’s not Bristol it’s Willow who were involved. Are you telling me that the writers who put that joke together had no idea it was Willow at the game and not Bristol? Phuleeeze!

    I mean if you want to continue to defend the joke go ahead. You can think it’s hilarious, but we both know who it was about.

  • ekg

    he lives in NYC.. his writers were probably sitting around and heard a blip about her being at the game with Rudy..

    maybe.. maybe they heard Sarah and her daughter were at the game.. but Willow has not been a part of the news, she only gets the ‘and daughter’ type of attention.. and had they seen her, well hell, she looks exactly like her big sis Bristol..

    either way.. I have no.. none.. zero.. nil.. doubt that Bristol was the intended/implied target..

    take a look at the news story from that day..

    Sarah Palin Joins Rudy Giuliani for Yankees Game
    The Alaska governor and former mayor of New York attended a game at Yankee Stadium

    no mention of willow or daughter there…

    Sarah Palin hits New York City, joins Rudy Giuliani for Yankees game

    hell check out the comments on that one..
    By the way nice pic of her and her husband at a ball game without their child with Down Syndrome…who is watching him her teenage daughter
    that’s the only mention of a daughter even being there

    RSS Palin hits NYC, joins Rudy at Yankees …
    no daughter or willow mention there

    Giuliani Takes Sarah Palin Out To The Ball Game

    Palin Pals Around With Rudy During N.Y. Visit
    FINALLY a mention of her daughter

    She was joined by her husband, daughter Willow
    and a sister.

    and a sister huh? could that mean Bristol? could they have read this NBC news and thought.. Oh Bristol must have been there?

    this is ridiculous.. there were enough headlines that just listed Mom and Rudy at the game.. we all knew who the other jokes were about b/c we’re not stupid.. We all knew who Letterman meant as well but for some reason you have come to the aid of your delicate pit-bull..

    these are not the way you get people to listen to you about Obama and the way he’s driving the country into the gutter… these are the issues that ppl say “well, they absolutely blew this out of proportion so they are probably blowing the Obama stuff out as well..”

  • lil mike

    “these are the issues that ppl say “well, they absolutely blew this out of proportion so they are probably blowing the Obama stuff out as well..”

    This is your issue, not mine. It defies logic to suggest that the person who was actually there was not the person they were talking about, but instead someone else who was on the other side of the country. Letterman has already sorta apoligized, so why are you beating this dead horse? But if you want to be on record as taking that position, be my guest.

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