Health care… are we for the people or for the insurance lobbyists?

Yesterday, on the MucheDumbre forum a great question was asked..

What Kind Of Healthcare Reform Do You Want? (If Any…)

Healthcare reform is gonna be the big subject this summer. Rather than just bash one party’s ideas over the other, I thought I’d just express what I would like to see. Personally. And invite others to do so as well.

My health insurance is employer-based. I am unhappy with it. The insurance I had with my previous job was less expensive and I had developed a relationship with my doctor, who is not on my current plan. Now, I could opt out and get insurance on my own, but it would be considerably more expensive for the same level of coverage.

Right now I am pretty much locked into my employer’s choice. I want a system that provides real choice. I choose my insurer. I choose my doctor.

I don’t think a government-run system is the answer for everybody, but I do think there should be a safety net for the uninsured and under-insured.

For me, I just want something affordable and portable.

Let’s face it, health care is broken. Blaming who broke it or who wants to fix it  isn’t doing a bit of good for anyone. It’s time to finish the dialog on whether people want reform.  Those options have been weighed, they have been measured and they have been found wanted!

The question asked on the Muche forum is a good one and my list is probably on par with most people’s list, to put it simply…

I want a plan that allows me to have a yearly well-being check for me and my family, office visits with a reasonable co-pay until a certain deduction( based on income), is met for the adults. Children under 19, if still in school full-time, have a much smaller deduction if any at all, prescriptions with a co-pay(even the ones that are ‘free’ now unless you just cannot afford them), hospitalizations decided by doctors(after they have been reformed) and major medical disasters covered… I want all of this for a reasonable monthly price based on your income. The biggest thing is  an end to the “pre-existing  condition”, if you’ve had cancer, you can still get coverage  but you might have to pay 5-10% more a month than the person who’s never had cancer.

So how do we decide who pays what? The complaint is “He doesn’t pay as much as me waaa-waaa-waaa, so why should he get what I get” !  How can this be done in a fair way? Ask the student loan program! It’s not perfect, but if you can pay back your loans at X amt, you pay them back at that amount. If you can’t make those payments, do an ‘income contingency’ payment that’s based on your income.  Can’t do that payment.. you get deferred for 6 months to year at a time and the minute you start making more you get on one or the two above payment plans.

As I said,it’s not perfect and I am sure there are people screaming how wrong this is,  but the Federal Student Loan program  is able to set up re-payment plans  for millions and millions of people and still have the money to ‘loan’ out for more loans.

What else do I want in my health care reform? I want my medical records put in a huge super-computer system so that any doctor, anywhere can see what I’ve been treated for, what medications I’m taking and what I’m allergic too… if I can walk into any Wal-greens in the world and get my prescription history, I should be able to walk into any clinic/ER in the world and they know my medical history. Seriously, if Wal-green has mastered this Einstein-like algorithm.. so should the federal government.

Health care and Education are not ‘rights’ guaranteed  to every citizen of this county by decree of some document,  but they should be. Capitalist and Socialists alike, we are all only as strong as our weakest/dumbest link and right now we are in serious trouble and headed towards an all out ‘class warfare’ and  eventual destruction from within.

It’s not like I’m explaining some foreign concept to you, some… “Obama liberal socialist” movement that no one really cares about.. On the contrary, 72% of Americans polled say they want a Private plan and  PUBLIC plan, a plan similar to Medicare, offered. 72%! That’s not 72% of Obama Democrats, no their numbers are at 87%, those numbers are Americans.. ALL Americans, even 50% of only Republicans polled want a Private and PUBLIC plan offered, most amazingly is 50% want the government to run it. Even more astounding are the numbers who will for vote for a tax increase to pay for it. 57% of Americans would be willing to pay higher taxes so that everyone can have health insurance. Has there ever been an issue that 72% of the combined political population agreed on something and 57% said “tax us” to get it?  If we can’t agree on this, there is one thing we can agree on..


Democrat senator Dianne Feinstein from California said that she doesn’t think the Democrat caucus will support President Obama’s agenda on installing a ‘public’ plan… Well guess what, when 87% of your constituency says they want it.. and the democratic senators won’t give it..I think we can all agree it’s time to get new Democrats.

53% of the American population has already done more than answer a CBS/NY Times phone call… They walked their happy ass into a booth and voted. I’m sorry conservatives, but you lost. These Democrat Senators are afraid that they won’t have their Republican constituencies  support when they go up for re-election next year, well guess what? You won’t have that support anyway, but with the support of 87% of your own people and 50% of the Republicans,  giving them what they want is not the road to retirement from your coveted seat.

But, ignoring them is.

I’ve seen many an argument on gay marriage come down to “Well, the Gays need to get it through their heads that this is a democracy and all you have to do is look at California, the most liberal state in the Union, and see that people just don’t want gay marriage. The Gays need to respect the voice of the people” To  you I say, sit down and shut the fuck up, or pick up your phone and tell your senator that even though you don’t agree with it, 72% of the American population does.

There isn’t an excuse anymore. The question is no longer.. “what kind of reform in health care would you like to see?” The question is when are you going to do what almost 3/4 of the American public and your president is demanding you do? The only place this is a ‘bi-partisan’ issue is on Capital hill, the American people have spoken…it’s as simple as that. If those on Capital Hill  aren’t listening to the majority of Americans demanding change, then who are they listening to?  The Insurance lobbyist? The Pharmaceutical lobbyist? When it’s time for their re-election, Congress had better have listened to the ones who actually put the votes in the ballot.. instead of listening to the ones who put the money in their pockets.

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4 responses to “Health care… are we for the people or for the insurance lobbyists?

  • Howey

    That old excuse of “majority rules” is about to pull it’s hand back and slap the pubs in the face.

    For too long the right wing has used that as the rallying cry for DOMA, DADT, health care, and countless other issues for which they cannot come up with a reasonable excuse to defend.

    Now that the majority of Americans favor gays in the military, the repeal of DOMA, and health care reform, their only choice is to allow the Christian bible-thumpers and special interest groups to take over and spread their hate.

    It’s no wonder the approval rating of the Republican Party is at a lower rate than that of **shudder** Dick Cheney!

  • lil mike

    Left dangling from your last blog on this issue was my question, why can’t you fix medicare and the other government health programs and figure out how to fund them? Nope, fuck’em. On to the next brand new program.

    Your description of a health plan was all about what you should get out of it and nothing at all of the policy of it. How should this program be designed? How is it going to be funded?

    It’s a dem world now, and as a pub I’m just trying to keep my head above water, but if health reform has taken some shocks this week it’s not because of the pubs, its because of the staggering cost. You should be at least as interested in how to fund this grand scheme of yours as to what copay you should have.

    As I predicted, the public option is the only part of health care reform you dems are really interested in. It’s that way or the highway.

    I do hope though, if this plan goes through, Congress is forced to drop it’s current plan for “the public option.” Surely we can agree on that?

  • ekg

    It wasn’t left ‘dangling’… I just didn’t think you were serious.. didn’t we just fix some of the big problem with the medicare Rx program that will save seniors massive amounts of money? Didn’t he do this by getting private companies to help pick up the costs b/c they realized that they won’t really be losing money since now they’ll get 50% where before, if those seniors couldn’t afford it, they just woouldn’t buy it? Hasn’t Obama said that there will also have to be cuts in Medicare and SS and that a ‘public’ plan option will save money for both of those problems..

    Here’s what you always leave dangling.. We are already paying $1 out of every $6 and we don’t have crap to show for it except an embarrassment for health care.. wouldn’t the ‘fiscally’ responsible thing to do be to use that $1 better?

    the “funding” problem has been answered by 57% of the population.. raise their taxes.. not good enough? Not ‘democratic’ enough? Ok, lets go thru the budget line by line and find the money.. seriously, these are not hard questions so I really didn’t think you were serious about the answers..

    I know it’s the ‘tag-line’ of every Rep to say “how will you pay for it” and then want an exact detailed reply so you can say “No, not good enough.. find something else”.. but seriously, if we were attacked again tomorrow you damn well know you wouldn’t be asking “where will the money to pay for that new plane/drone/missile come from”
    and you’d be happy to force a tax increase b/c 59% of the population said it’s ok to do it.. Majority Rules.. you just can’t stand that the ‘majority’ is ruling on something you don’t want to give up..

    BTW-what’s it called when government doesn’t listen to what 75% of it’s population is demanding it do? What kind of political system is that called anyway?

    your public plan prediction didn’t come from hearing 90% of the Dems, Obama,Dean and who knows how many say “There needs to be a public plan or no plan will work” did it? I mean, this is what it’s all been about since jump street so of course that’s the part of major interest..

    Congress should drop it’s current plan? You mean they should have to drop their health plan and use the new ‘public’ plan? Seriously? You’re advocating forcing ppl to give up their plans they are offered from their employer and forcing them onto the ‘public’ plan? well, huh.. why didn’t you just say so..

    see we’re not going to do that b/c some ppl might like the plans they have now.. they might have a better ‘private’ plan or don’t need the ‘public’ plan.. so they can keep what they have.. but they can take the savings they’ll get when their premiums go down because of the competition and maybe by a homeless man a cookie..

    but hey, if your OK with forcing everyone to give up their health care plan and going on to the ‘public’ plan.. Then lets just go totally to single payer…and drop private insurance all together..

    HA! Your last president was more socialistic that any other in recent history and now you’re advocating even more Socialism.. and yet Obama the one taking us away from “free-market?” Lol

    Wouldn’t threatening to give a public plan that might be better than the shit plans too many Americans already pay for force private companies to offer a better product? and if the weaker ones who are offering a shitty product get weeded out isn’t that a a good thing?

  • lil mike

    Although I think it’s nice that there is a temporary patch on the donut hole (for the medicare part d RX program) that wasn’t really what I was talking about. I was talking about the funding of medicare. This is a real crisis. The trust fund will be exhausted in just a few years.
    As a liberal who is enamored with government funded solutions, I would think you would be concerned about how to finance them.

    I know you think “raising taxes” is a simple answer, and there is no doubt that taxes are going to have to be raised, regardless of of what solution they put together, but I don’t think you know how much, or if it’s the best bang for the buck. The CBO said that the current number they are working with, 1.6 trillion over 10 years, only gets insurance for 16 million people. That does not seem to be a very good return.

    Oh and Congress ain’t “people.” I don’t they should have a choice; not after trashing the US health system. Why would you want them to be in anything other than the public plan?

    Damn, I have got to get some time to write a blog on this! There are so many ways you’re wrong!

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