In GOP we trust…

I saw this cartoon in the Financial Times yesterday morning, and couldn’t agree with it more…

The story,  is along the lines of a blog that I did not too long ago entitled “Hoping for Audacity”.  While reading some of the comments on Mr. Crook’s blog page, I was glad to see I’m not the only one asking … Where is the audacious, ‘yes we can’ leader we elected?

I do not believe it is an insult to ask,” Mr. President, what are you afraid of?” or “what are you waiting for?” I believe in fact it’s the prudent thing to do because he may just be thinking that if he holds out for just a little bit more, then maybe the GOP will just fall in line and do as he pleases..

The problem here is…  that will never happen.

The GOP would rather turn on it’s own than step one foot into the bipartisan arena and that is because of is this newly emerging ‘religious-like’ dogma code the GOP are living by these days. It’s been slow to take shape, but it’s become undeniable that the GOP followers see their party as a type of religion and their leaders as some kinds of prophets or disciples to be worshiped at all costs. You only have to look at Mark Sanford to see what it is I’m talking about.

Since when do Republicans endorse abandoning their post, turning off their cell phones,lying to their aids and leaving  their state without a leader for a few days while  going out and getting their love on in another country with their mistress, who their wife had told them they couldn’t visit all of the 8 times they asked  if they could visit?

I seem to remember not too long ago the outrage wasn’t that Clinton had sex with that woman (wink-wink), but it was that he did it while in the Oval office and while being on the phone with members of Congress. ‘What kind of leader would do such a thing’ was demanded and ‘he should be run out of town for it’ seemed to be the reply.  Well, who would have known that had Bill just left his secret service detail,wife,child,phone, office and gone missing in Argentina for a week with Monica.. we could have save  bundles of time and energy.

Bill Maher at the PETA screening of I Am An An...

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The contortion one has to accomplish to justify Sanford’s actions are only mimicked in religion. I am surprised that Bill Maher hasn’t picked up on this yet.  This, need to excuse everything at all cost because any dent in the dogma  may bring it all down upon them.

What Sanford did was wrong. The reason he did it, to have a quickie, is not the issue.. atleast not for the Democrats. Their only reason for even bringing up the affair is because it’s too great an irony that the ‘righteous’ and ‘moral’ party is once again caught with their pants down, so great in fact that it just can’t be ignored. But, that is not the meat of the issue in the questions surrounding whether he should resign  or not. OF course he should resign! He went missing for 5 days without a care in the world as to what happened to  the state he was governing.  I can see not wanting his wife to know where he was, but he didn’t even tell his aids or turn his phone on just in case  something happened that he needed to be reachable for.

There is no question that he should resign, not for his affair.. but for his going AWOL. The bizarre part isn’t in thinking that, it’s in watching someone justify why his excuse for the adultery is the reason why he should not resign for leaving his job. Sure King David fell, but number one, he’s not King David and number 2, he’s not being asked to step down because he can’t be trusted to keep it in his pants, he’s being asked to step down because he can’t be trusted to govern. Sanford  and not so bizarrely, Rush, used the excuse that he had just come off a hard defeat in trying to fight President Obama’s socialist march through South Carolina and he needed the rest. Well… what is going to happen after the next stressful time? Is Sanford going to pretend he and one of his children have been car-jacked when he actually just ran off to Disney World?

There is something in the GOP these days that not only fears coming out against one of their own when that person is absolutely  and on every level, wrong.. but when there are some that do come out against the holy see, they are excommunicated for their dissent.

The party of the religious has itself turned into a religion that must not be disputed, doubted or  diverged from.

If those in their own party can’t compete with this without fear of being tossed out, how can President Obama think he can accomplish any bipartisan achievements? The simple truth of it is, he can’t. But that’s why he was elected with such a majority and given all the congressional tools he needed to accomplish his vision. We  the people wanted certain policies enacted or changed. We hoped to finally be able to say “Yes we did” but someone forget to tell the President this and it’s time someone reminds Superman that he doesn’t have to duck when the gun is thrown at him.

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4 responses to “In GOP we trust…

  • lil mike

    I’m not sure I would equate the “timidity” of President Obama with the Sanford affair. First of all, I don’t think Obama has been timid at all. I would say when it comes to domestic policy, wouldn’t you have to give him an A and note, “exceeds expectations” on his report card? I mean, what else do you expect him to do?

    The gist of what you are saying on Sanford seems to be that Sanford should resign, but the GOP is not requesting that in the same way they wanted Clinton (another of your go-to’s)?

    I know I want him to resign, and the tiny bit of news lately in the Carolina papers seem to want him to resign too. Unfortunately, my opinion carries little weight in South Carolina circles. Ultimately, it does depend on the people of SC, either through impeachment or some other device of government.

  • ekg

    No, I would describe him as ‘timid’ on domestic policy.. take health-care.. he has the votes to get what he wants, the public option.. he has the capital to force even the Dems who may be against it to cave into him instead of the Insurance Companies.. and yet he’s said that he would rather get a GOP-inclusive 51 vote bill than get 100% GOP-exclusive bill.. and in order to get those GOP members on board.. he’s willing to deal the teeth of the reform out of the deck..

    this is timidity not pragmatism…

    His stance on DOMA and DADT… timid
    His stance on on illegal wiretapping…timid


    The ‘gist’ of what I’m saying is..The GOP has become a religion where the ‘pastors’ can lie,cheat,steal,kill and fornicate.. whatever as long as they tow the “God Warrior” and GOP line…

    in this religion, as with the medieval Catholics…there can be no dispute, doubt or divergence from the party and those within the party who do any of those are excommunicated..The lengths this religion will go to preserve itself and it’s ranks can be seen clearly in the Sanford debacle..

    and if Obama thinks a total outsiders, as he is, can get any kind of corporation/concessions from that kind of religious dogma..he’s sadly mistaken

    he’s needs to go ‘Henry Tudor’ soon or he will lose all political capital that took 8 excruciating years to build up..

    I know, you don’t do ‘metaphor’.. So I’m sure you don’t understand a thing I’m trying to say.. I will clarify later if you still have questions.. but right now I have a date with Johnny Depp 😀

  • My reply to lil mike | The Velvet StraitJacket

    […] not my argument against it, a bad plan is a bad plan no matter who the President is, something the Republican  religion doesn’t like to admit..My argument is this… I believe you are wrong.. those insurance […]

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