The special powers an (R) next to your name gives you…

A woman goes missing on Christmas eve, she is 8 months pregnant and due to attend a party later that evening. Her husband is 90 miles away fishing, it’s also found out that he had been having an affair and had told his mistress that he ‘lost’ his wife. Months later, the wife’s body, along with that of her unborn fetus is found on the shores of the area where the husband was fishing that day. After an extensive search and investigation, no evidence of even a crime is found…Is the husband guilty?

A teenager on vacation goes missing after a night of extreme partying. She is last seen getting into a car with 3 men unknown to those who had been on vacation with her. An extensive search and investigation produced nothing but a tome of lies from the 3 men, one eventually admits to being with the teen on the beach but says he just left her there and went home. She is never seen again… are the 3 men guilty?

A child is found to be missing a month after the mother last saw her, the mother never considered alerting anyone to this fact even though she claimed to be sure the child had been kidnapped.  During that month the mother partied heavily like she didn’t have  a care in the world. After an extensive search and investigation, and 1000’s of lies told by the mother, the body of the child was found near the mothers home….is the mother guilty?

After years of misleading us for the reasons of ‘national security’ a President is found to have also misled  Congress and implicated the CIA as an accessory to these ‘misleadings’.

A Vice Presidents orders the CIA to shut out top ranking Congressional members on a top secret surveillance program that a new Head of the CIA is aghast to discover. He subsequently orders a full disclosure of this program to members of Congress and an end to said program.

“The constitutional authority and responsibility for congressional
oversight is gone,”-Sen. Arlen Specter

A president wants certain powers to be extended to him to use at his leisure and asks his Attorney General to approve it. The Attorney General is in the hospital, sedated from surgery he had only moments prior, but this doesn’t stop the President from sending henchmen to the bedside of the Attorney General to try and coerce him into signing off on this law. The Attorney General refuses this order from the President because the law is unconstitutional and therefore illegal, and to allow the President to use these guidelines makes him an accessory to the crime. Instead of listening to his Attorney General, the President then has one of the henchmen from the hospital room, his “In House” counsel, approve the tactic over the refusal of the Attorney General and acting Attorney General. The Attorney General later resigns to spend more time with his family and the White House counsel is re-paid for his efforts that night by being raised to the level of Attorney General.

A security briefing memo is constructed by the CIA after tireless hours of investigation and hard work. The memo isn’t as ‘threatening’ as someone in the White House wish it would be so this person adds their own threats to the security memo. That ‘addition’ is later quoted as the reason for  using illegal means to investigate citizens deemed ‘terrorist’ by the previous law enacted by the same administration..because it said “… “individuals and organizations involved in global terrorism possessed the capability and intention to undertake further terrorist attacks within the United States,” and “that the president should authorize the NSA to conduct the surveillance activities.”

Not only did the White House make up it’s own CIA threat memo, but it then quoted that fable as the reason to authorize  the illegally wiretapping of Americans.

The question isn’t ‘are they guilty?”  The question is, why aren’t we investigating this?

When are we going to stop with the word salad of  “He didn’t lie, he just intended to ‘mislead’ you?”

When are we going to say.. “That’s it! enough already! At the very least you people need to answer questions on just exactly what the hell you were doing!

How can any party that claims to love the Democracy that we live in, stand by while a member of their party goes to such extremes to bypass every part of a democracy. If they are afraid of Socialism because of some healthcare for the poor and downtrodden, then where is the outrage of the power grab that went on unchecked for years? Is one man worth your support in the face of such crimes just because of the (R) next to his name?

At one time I was against any investigation into the Bush administration, I still believe it would be the biggest political mistake of President Obama’s career, but at what point do you just have to look at the American people and say “We can no longer deny this, we can no longer cover this, we can no longer allow this to happen.” and finally order a full scale investigation, that would lead to criminal proceedings if warranted. Yesterday the mistake may have been to go after an ex-President in a way that would cripple all future Presidents out of sheer ‘vindication’ and ‘retribution’ from a malicious political system.  But today, with more and more extremists views and the outright take over by a corrupt White House, the danger of not investigating far outweigh  any others.

“Consequently, it is difficult to attribute the success of (any) particular counterterrorism case
exclusively to the (program),” –inspectors general report

How can we stand up as the beacon for democracy when we don’t even investigate those who tried to steal the democracy away from the American people under the guise of ’safety’ … a ’safety’ they are happy to tell you worked so well that we haven’t been attacked since 9/11/2001 (while omitting the part where they were to ones who were on watch when that attack took place to begin with), was bragged about being from numerous assertions that their excessive measures stopped multiple attacks. This,  has also been found to not only be misleading, but bordering on an out and out lie.

How do we go about calling this the greatest country on the planet when we allow a President to hide or even block  his illegal activities from his own Justice Department. A move which the IG reports calls “extraordinary and inappropriate”, so much so that the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General,Director of the FBI and… more than a dozen officials at the highest levels of government became concerned that if the surveillance program was allowed to continue on as it had been, the government could be engaging in an illegal activity at the direction of the president, and they quietly spoke of resigning en masse.

How do we stand up to other countries where ‘coups’ have ousted members of the Government or forces within the Government have usurped the laws of  that country for their own benefit, when we allow the same thing to happen here? How do we condemn a madman for his ‘genocide’, but when presented with evidence of another mass murder we ignore it because the murderer happens to be on our side today, when he was against us and killing our servicemen yesterday?

The mainstream media is treated like a rape victim of the 1980’s…they are blamed for what they report.  They are called biased and unfair, slanted and ‘liberal’.. they are condemned  for reporting the news. Why are they castigated for telling us what was done to us, but the person doing it is enveloped into a protective shroud all because of his political color.

“Bush officials so restricted access to information about the program that Justice Department
officials couldn’t properly monitor it — or even judge its legality, the inspectors general concluded.”

The ‘liberal’ slant to the media is always the reply to the story, like that somehow excuses the actual facts.  It’s become an ‘eye roll’ that says… “There goes the liberal press again, blaming Bush for an illegal program that Ashcroft, the FBI and members of the DOJ refused to endorse”… The fact this happened isn’t their focus,  the fact that it was reported is..

If the MSM is so liberal with it’s slant.. why isn’t  anyone talking about  the report from the Inspectors General of the CIA, Justice Department, Defense Department, National Security Agency and Office of the National Intelligence Director, on “Google Trends”?

The CIA not only admitted to misleading congress on some programs, but in one case  omitted telling them completely.. But the media and Nancy Pelosi are partisan and slanted for saying the CIA has lied to Congress?

If we cannot look at the facts and come to a logical conclusion all because it’s our own political party that erred.. then maybe it is time to end the Democracy as we know it and evolve into something else. We have  already had a President who usurps laws and governmental offices at his leisure,vilifies anyone who disagrees with him, tries to coerce those around him into doing his bidding and when unable to, conspires to go around them and get what he wants from someone else and then raises that someone to position of the person who originally denied him. Our democracy is already dead and we lived in  a Banana Republic that was run by a dictator and his army of thugs. But for me to tell you this makes me unpatriotic and the one who ignores real criminals like President Obama.

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18 responses to “The special powers an (R) next to your name gives you…

  • Howey

    I’ve been waiting all day long for this post, Kelly. The only thing missing, and I think you’ll be able to find it on muche (since I can’t) is a reference to this:

    “Howey was right AGAIN”

    I remember with little fondness your sparring partner on the muche, LilCheney, throwing accusations of lies and misrepresentations at me here and there, knowing full well the idiots who believe every word he types out with his two, stubby little index fingers would rise to applaud his keen insight.

    And where, oh where, is Cheney when all this is going on? Good ol’ Darth Cheney, the same guy who’s been so prevalent in every Faux news program, talk show, and right wing column, not to mention the MSM, defending the virtual integrity of his administration (Because that’s what it really was – HIS administration) the past couple of months?

    Back in the bunker, again.

  • lil mike

    Aww Howey, I didn’t throw accusations of lies and misrepresentations at you with my two stubby little index fingers, you lied and misrepresented and I just pointed it out! Stubby index fingers… ha, that put a smile on my face!

    Oh and right again? When was the first time?

    Now on to adult talk… ekg your blog seemed to cover so many issues and things that you’ve bottled up I hardly know where to begin, but I think the primary issue is the intelligence program that wasn’t briefed to Congress that Panetta shut down? I’m sure we will get more details over the coming days, but right now, as I understand it, the program was a plan to insert small teams up close to kill terrorists. It boggles the mind that Panetta was so horrified at that thought that he shut the program down.

    Now, was a law broken because Congress wasn’t informed? On This Week Sunday they said no, the CIA only has to inform Congress on real operations, which this wasn’t. It never went past the planning stages, but I’ve heard just the opposite from other sources so I can’t say for sure yet if there was a crime. If so, I guess George Tenent will be sharing a cell with Cheney. We’ll see.

  • ekg

    It boggles the mind that Panetta was so horrified at that thought that he shut the program down

    which is why no one believes that is where the story ends.. hints have been to the 1000’s of Taliban POW’s killed by the afghan commander who has a thirst for blood.. referenced/linked in the

    “but when presented with evidence of another mass murder we ignore it because the murderer happens to be on our side today, when he was against us and killing our servicemen yesterday?:

    part of the blog..

    but it’s it’s ironic that a few months ago Sy Hersh brought up a Cheney FBI assassin ‘unit’ and today we hear about the Cheney CIA assassin unit..I wonder if they are one of the same? or two separate..

    either way, neither would stun Panetta or Congress or have to be withheld from Congress since Bush publicly.. ordered OBL and his ppl captured or killed .. so it’s got to be something else..

    was a law broken? ummm yeah..something was ordered withheld from Congress… something lit an aghast fire under the DIC ass… and the CIA has been proven to have mislead congress..

    something else was lied to Congress about..oh wait, I mean ‘misled’

    do you acknowledge this?

    Bush did order the run around of ashcroft… and the circumventing of the DOJ by the white house lawyer..

    do you acknowledge this?

    the Inspectors General of all the intel divisions say the wire-tapping can’t be proven to have been any more help than any other tool.. and not the ‘we know it’s saved lives and stopped attacks’ that Bush/Cheney have drilled into our heads..

    do you acknowledge this?

    the IG’s report found that after not getting the CIA security threat they wanted,the White House added their own and used that addition to quote as the reason to keep going with the wiretapping and who knows how many other programs..

    do you acknowledge this?

    I find it telling that you jump past all of that and go to the one that is the unknown factor and then defend it b/c it’s not illegal if it wasn’t actually in play.. which should have been the 1st clue that that must not be what this incident is referring too.. since again, Panetta, the conservative couldn’t stop it or tell congress fast enough.. so if it was just a plan that was in the early-stages ‘on paper only’ plan, after the President already issuing a ‘wanted dead or alive’ order.. then I can’t see anyone raising much of a care… can you?

  • ekg

    and Tenant? along with Gonzales.. won’t be sharing nothing with Cheney.. b/c none of them will get convicted or even censured over any of it.

    besides that, my boy Tenet is too smart to share a cell with anyone.. 😉 he’s got the goods and ain’t afraid to spill them if it means saving his ass..

    no investigation won’t lead to anything criminal and no key principle will be forced to tell wtf they were doing.. you know this as well as I do.. you Pbb can’t have it known just how bad your ppl fuck this place up and you will promise to throw a tantrum after each democrat leader is out of office to make sure the criminals walk..

    it’s shocking how much you will let a leader ruin your country.. and whether this costs you money or not, if given these fact in an anonymous way, without names or country listed.. you would think you were being told about Iran,Columbia,Cuba, Russia.. and you would find it appalling.. but b/c of the (R) next to these ppl names you will overlook and excuse them for their actions..

    and that, is primary issue of this blog..

  • lil mike

    EVERYTHING apprears to be the primary issue of this blog, which is why I took what was the latest scandal/story, thinking that’s what the real issue was.

    I’m still not sure, it sounds to me that it should be, nor do I see the link between the massacre of the Taliban prisoners by some Afghan warlord and this secret program. Are you trying to say there is some sort of link between the two??? I mean, I’m not seeing it (yet).

    But at least so far, this is not your vindication of Pelosi, if that’s what you are still looking for.

    Oh: “it’s shocking how much you will let a leader ruin your country.. ”

    Irony, of the delicious type!

  • Howey

    Quit being a dick, Mike.

  • ekg

    Pelosi said she was misled.. then asked if she meant she was lied to by the CIA to which she replied, yes.

    Panetta informed Congress that the CIA had been misleading them since just after Bush/Cheney took office and in atleast one instant, omitted the truth completely from them.

    Now, if you still want to call Pelosi a liar… then that must mean you’re calling Panetta a liar also..

    but wait, That would mean that the CIA did in fact lie to Congress when it said that it had misled them and omitted the truth from them..

    the level of contortionism it must take to reach to point where you can still claim Pelsoi wasn’t vindicated..and the CIA didn’t misled Congress, can only be achieved if you have an (R) next to your name..


    They misled and lied to me-Pelosi

    We misled and omitted teh truth from Congress-CIA

    Nancy Pelosi is not vindicated, b/c the CIA doesn’t lie or misled–any Republican..

    you must explain this… or you can just ignore it along with the plethora of other charges made..but seeing you contort on the simplest of issues, the issue that could have easily been resolved with anger at the CIA for lying instead of blind denial of what a partisan opponent said.. makes me a little afraid for your health.. because I don’t think a body can bend that way for very long before permanent damage occurs..

    but, I’m am sure you will test that limit…

    or just ignore what the DIC and IG’s of every intel unit in our Gov’t is telling you..It’s not like Bush/Cheney haven’t done the same…

    and that my friend… is Irony, of the delicious type!


  • Does this mean he failed?- Chrysler and others pay back TARP loan. | The Velvet StraitJacket

    […] Then again, if the media really was a ‘liberal slanted monster’ this would be on every headline news crawler and program just to rub it in to the faces of the Chicken Littles who were screaming that we were being taken over by our government…ironically while ignoring that were already  ‘taken over’ by our government.. […]

  • lil mike

    First of all, it’s good to see that Howey is still reading the board!

    Secondly, how does Panetta, or the Dems on the Intelligence committee, saying that the CIA lied to Congress clear Pelosi? The problem with Pelosi is that she gave contradictory statements about when she was told, and what she was told, about the CIA’s interrogation program.

    I don’t know why you think I have to defend either Panetta or the CIA about lying to Congress. That doesn’t have anything to do with Pelosi’s lying. You seem to comparing apples and oranges, and you seem to be trying to give the CIA a partisan (Republican) caste. It certianly isn’t that. As it’s targeted leaking during the Bush administration shows, its no friend to the ‘pubs.

    So, the CIA can lie to Congress 7 ways to Sunday, but that doesn’t clear Pelosi of her lying. I appreciate the effort you are taking to defend her though. I don’t know why, since if the Republicans make gains in the House in 2010 Pelosi will get a lot of the credit. But keep kicking her name up and bringing up her confused statements, they will be in Republican TV ads next year.

  • ekg

    this is the 3rd day.. and your 2nd response and still nothing on the other charges….

    and that twister game you just played, where you tried to explain that Pelosi saying the CIA lied, Panetta admitting the CIA lied.. means Pelsoi still lied…


  • lil mike

    What twister game? Yours? You were trying to clear Pelosi of lying by accusing Panetta and the CIA of lying. I would have been happy to let that story go (until the TV campaign ads next year) but you want to bring it up? Ha!

    As for the other charges, you are talking about, the Taliban prisoner killing? The secret program that never got off the ground to kill AQ leaders? Good thing Panetta shut that down! Anyway I did mention those.

    Or are you talking about this statement, “A security briefing memo is constructed by the CIA after tireless hours of investigation and hard work. The memo isn’t as ‘threatening’ as someone in the White House wish it would be so this person adds their own threats to the security memo. That ‘addition’ is later quoted as the reason for using illegal means to investigate citizens deemed ‘terrorist’ by the previous law enacted by the same administration..?”

    Your link had nothing to do with that. I told you I checked your links. Too bad too, because I would have liked to have read that story. I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    Now why don’t you address my contention that Pelosi’s story is still a lie? Show me where that killing terrorists program means Pelosi is a truth teller?

  • ekg

    Now I’m accusing Panetta of lying??




    tell me what misleading and omitting facts means to you.. please please please play Mongo-dumb semantics on this.. please

    you read the link? .. you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt?

    from the link..

    The IG report said an unnamed White House official inserted a paragraph into the first threat assessment prepared by the CIA after the Sept. 11 attacks, which was used to justify the extraordinary intelligence measures.

    The paragraph said that the “individuals and organizations involved in global terrorism possessed the capability and intention to undertake further terrorist attacks within the United States,” according to the report. It also said that the president should authorize the NSA to conduct the surveillance activities.

    Oh wait, you must have missed that huh..

    Pelosi said she was misled and lied to.. Panetta said the CIA’s policy is not to lie to congress.. unfortunately, he then went and said that since 2001 that is exactly what had been going on The CIA had been misleading Congress and flat out not telling them stuff….. How can you not acknowledge what he’s admitted? seriously, it’s like not acknowledging gravity at this point..

    OH and it wasn’t a plan to kill AQ leaders.. it was a plan to kill AQ followers.. changes the game a little.. but still not enough to make Panetta wig out tho.. so I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see… while you just ignore it..

  • Howey

    “Mongo-dumb semantics”

    Good God, Kelly. That’s the meanest thing you ever said to LilMike!

  • ekg

    LOL… I didn’t call him that.. I said please play the “Mongo-dumb semantics” on “Misled and Omitted” vs “Lied”


  • lil mike

    You are correct.

    I went to that link and read it twice to make sure I knew what I was talking about and didn’t catch that. So apparently I didn’t know what I was talking about. Either I was drinking or tired or both. So sorry.

    That actually brings up an interesting question. How was that paragraph inserted into a CIA report? The report would either be online or in a binder. Where would be the opportunity to edit it? That opens a whole can of worms, but the actual paragraph, I don’t find a lie or contraversal. Do you? How would that change anything?

    I suppose on this news the program will be shut down immediately by the President!

    Now, to Pelosi/Panetta, you said that this CIA operation that the Congress was not imformed of vindicates Pelosi. I still don’t understand how. I think you are saying that because Pelosi says the CIA lies to Congress all the time, and then Panetta admits that Congress misled her, that she was cleared? But the issue was her lies. She told conflicting stories about what she was told and when she was told it. Nothing Panetta said clears that.

    As far as the counterterrorism program itself, where are you getting that it was aimed at AQ followers? the latest CNN describes it as

    “The program has been reported by some media outlets as missions to kill targeted terrorists. A U.S. official would not confirm the lethal nature of the effort, but did say it was aimed at al Qaeda, the Taliban and other terrorist organizations overseas that posed a direct threat to the United States.”

    Do you interpet that as followers?

  • ekg

    There is too much to say for just a reply.. check the new blog..

  • Howey

    lil mike Says:
    July 18th, 2009 at 12:06 am
    You are correct.


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