Why is it wrong or controversial for the President to add his own paragraph to an intelligence briefing?

In another discussion with Lil Mike, I’ve come to realize that I just talk to freaking much-LOL.. But seriously, it struck me that if he doesn’t understand.. then maybe others don’t see the big deal either, and that scares me. If we could for once.. just once take the political party out of the equation and base our verdict on the facts, I don’t think any of us would see things differently..  But we can’t take the (R) and the (D) out of the equation because then our entire world crumbles when we find out we’ve been duped and in the end supported a lie. Where we should be angry at the one who made us into the fool, we are angry at ourselves and not many of us like the idea that we were taken for a ride. It’s why ponzie schemes work so well.. Who wants to admit that they really believed the 40% return they were promised was real and legal..

I wrote a blog the other day

The special powers an (R) next to your name gives you…

In it, I talk about the mess we find ourselves in today, the news that the Investigators General found that the White House inserted it’s own wording into a threat assessment from the CIA and then used that paragraph to enact an unconstitutional doctrine..

To explain it more would take to much space and this reply isn’t about the paragraph as much as it’s about how that deceitful act is more detrimental to the principals this country was build on.. Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness then anything we’ve seen so far.

Once again, my reply to Mike..

“That[inserting of the paragraph] opens a whole can of worms, but the actual paragraph, I don’t find a lie or contraversal. Do you? How would that change anything?”

The easiest 1st.. How does it change anything? If the White House is allowed to make up what they want, to get what they want.. how does that NOT change anything?  Please explain how you support any President doing this? Because I think you are slowly realizing that just because we had an (R) President for awhile, doesn’t mean we will always have an (R) president, we will eventually get a (D) and you can’t be ok with allowing this to continue when a (D) has the precedent..

But more than that… where do you draw the line?  The President can make up what he wants for security reasons that hamper constitutional rights… he can hold false PC hearings that tell us the ‘news’ he wants us to hear… he can use ‘plants’ to steer the topics of real PC’s to the direction he wants..   where do you draw the line? You don’t like the MSM being liberal, but you’re ok with the complete fabrication coming from your oval office?

Now the other part of your justification…that you don’t find it a lie… How do you know this paragraph is true? Because  it fits in with your opinion?

Had it been true (or a true threat) the CIA would have put it in there right? But they didn’t find anything like that so, the White House made it up.. at that time atleast, you were made to believe a falsehood that the Oval office told you.. and worse than that.. that falsehood was then used to convince you the NSA program (and so many others just because of the butterfly effect-) was needed, because that statement saying it was needed, was also inserted falsely..

In this instant, I won’t make your head swim at how much of a can of worms it is because I don’t think you would ever acknowledge it.. but in this instant, you..we were hoodwinked.

Bush/Cheney wanted the NSA program.. we’ll leave off the ulterior motives for that right now and just stick to that.. They wanted it and asked the CIA to give them a reason.. The CIA did what it was supposed to do, it investigated and put together a threat assessment.But, it wasn’t threatening enough to get Bush/Cheney what they wanted so they made up their own assessment and then used what they made up to bring to Congress and the American ppl to get that NSA program..

I really can’t believe you don’t see the implications of this. I don’t care whats going on in the world.. a President of the United States cannot make up a story, attach the CIA’s name to that story… and then steal rights from the citizens of the country because of that story.. That’s not what this country is build upon!

I won’t get into the problems this creates for the CIA… but take a minute and think about that…

Let’s look at the broad implications.. If, as you say, the paragraph was true then how can anything from the CIA ever be useful again? If they can’t get the threat right,  and it takes someone from the White House..(and we both know there might be 2 people in the White House who would know as much as the CIA on any given intelligence assessments)..but if it takes someone from the White House to see the real threats and tell people about it, then how do we believe anything from our intelligence division again? How can we trust their competence?

Ask yourself this, if it was so true, why didn’t they(the White House) put that paragraph out there themselves? Why did they attach it to  the CIA’s briefing. They had to have some intelligence from somewhere saying these things right? So why did they have to put it in a CIA memo? Why didn’t they make the intelligence division who gave them  the information, put out their own memo? Who was that intelligence division anyway and why are they to be believed over the CIA?

Or did the White House just make it up?

You can’t ignore those scenarios because they are the only two that exist.

Let’s go farther..
You will admit that the NSA program is a massive invasion of privacy.. one that, in your opinion is needed though..-yes?  Well, now you’ve just been told that the CIA did not find  reason enough for it and  the President made up a reason on his own and stole privacy from the American people.. your reason for it was made up! You may have felt there was a good reason, you may have been happy that the CIA report backed you up.. but the truth is, it didn’t!  I may love the idea that a chocolate diet helps me lose weight, but I can’t write my own little paragraph and insert it into Jenny Craig‘s website saying it..

Bring this down to an easier level. You’ve been accused of killing someone. The local PD gets involved and investigates you, sure you look guilty and you probably did do it, but while everything looks bad against you, there really isn’t much to report. At an internal briefing on the status of your case the DA says.. Ok, well I want this guy wire-tapped.. The cops say, “well..we do too, but we can’t find a reason for it” .. So the DA decides to write a paragraph that does implicate you, it’s not  based on anyting he’s been told-he just makes it up on the spot and he hands it to the cops and says.. “Now go get your wire-tap. The cops go to a judge and say “Judge, read this paragraph right here, that’s why we need this wire-tap” and the judge says “Ok”..

Is this legal? and more than that..is that what you are saying you are happy to go along with in this country..

Is this what you want your President to do and will you ignore it now that you know what he did?

Is this the level of power you wish to give to the already most power office in the world?

If you want to allow a President and Vice President to arbitrarily make up their own reasons to do things that are unconstitutional…then why are you fighting government run health care.. why are you fighting government   run anything?

You didn’t’ serve this country for the last 25 years to allow your president to make up a fantasy to get something he wanted..did you?

I know this is difficult.. because to admit this opens a can of worms that could devour a country. You wouldn’t believe a liar who lied to you, or a thief who stole from you in your personal life.. but to believe this?  Wouldn’t this alone make you question.. What else did they do this on?

and I think that is why you will ignore this as a problem, because the  answer to that.. is something you don’t want to know..

Let’s face it, larger picture is extremely  frightening.How many other times did this happen? Besides just the NSA program, what other things did the White House insert it’s own wording into and then use that wording to get their way on… Is it possible it’s all been a lie or based on a lie? and what do we do about it? To investigate further might tell us the scariest truth we’ve ever dreamed up.. but to ignore it–well, that blesses every President from now until we resemble Russia Circa Stalin, which on that path, would be in our lifetime.

This can’t be what you and thousands of others like you served their country for..your oath didn’t say to protect the President when he lies to get his way-even if you agree with that way… did it?

It always seems like there is something in an (R) and (D) psyche that is almost like they feel if they acknowledge this.. like a house of cards, the whole thing will crumble. But if that house of cards is an illusion built on a lie, why would you want it to stand in the 1st place?

Where is your anger over what was done in your name?

Where is the line? Would it be OK for the Oval Office to make up a threat assessment with the intelligence community’s name on it, that says we must nuke a rival country and then go out on every “Meet the Press” tv show that will have them and promote this insertion?

Where does your tolerance end?

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4 responses to “Why is it wrong or controversial for the President to add his own paragraph to an intelligence briefing?

  • Howey

    Who was the “unnamed White House official” behind all of this?

    We all know.

    Kelly, you and I both know the entire Bush Administration was a lie, probably all the way back to the fiasco now known as the Florida 2000 election.

    We were lied to about Iraq. We were lied to about 9-11. We were lied to about countless other situations. How could anyone with a brain and a modicum of intelligence believe anything that came out of Bush and/or Cheney’s mouths?

    You’ve seen and commented on my blog posts about the Fellowship, C Street, and the Republican hypocrisy surrounding it. I called the situation “brainwashing”. That’s exactly what’s going on…every single Republican on the face of this earth without the gonads to realize they’ve been handed a plate of lies for eight years deserves to be be waterboarded.

    You, at one time, disagreed with me when I said the only available action right now to find out the truth is impeachment hearings. You felt it was better to forget the past, let sleeping dogs lie.

    Better yet, let’s waterboard Bush and Cheney. According to their lies and duplicitious policy, it’s legal. And we’ll finally get the truth about their administration.

    What did I tell you then? It’s too late. America needs the truth. We need to heal. We have no choice but to impeach.

  • ekg

    I won’t disagree with you… in that I lean towards waiting a Kenneth Starr on crack type investigation and then prosecution of the crimes that we all know will be found… but as much as this would be cathartic and healing, it would be a horrible time for our current POTUS..

    the (R) survival mentality will attack when it feels threatened.. I’m actually hearing more and more that they just wished ppl would stop focusing on other ppl’s ‘sex lives- I mean that nugget coming from an (R) almost made me crap in my pants.. and if they will go that far, on something like Sanders… and we KNOW he’s guilty.. can you imagine how far they’d go for Bush/Cheney?

    and then you have the whole.. we don’t want to air our dirty laundry for the world to see.. and would we ever trust anything coming from the Oval Office again?

    the only way we heal.. the only way this gets fixed and never happens again.. The only way is when a true conservative that believes in the true tenets of their party.. stands up and says ‘enough!’.. and that person will be the next Obama, but he will have an (R) next his name.. and more than that, he will ignite the base, the independent and the Dems who want justice..

    If Palin wants to walk into the Oval office as the next resident… she could get there in a heartbeat.. and beat Obama’s numbers.. if she vows prosecution of Bush/Cheney..

    it will only work if it comes from within..

    I almost wish I had a time-machine to go back to Nixon and see how his party protected him before there just wasn’t anything left to deny.. was it the same as now?

    but there is something about the relationship b/t C street and a type of brainwashing.. and it’s at times like this I wish the Dems were more Rove.. and said Fuck it! Let’s Roll..

    maybe next year tho.. there will come a time when its gets too hard to ignore..

  • Howey

    “I almost wish I had a time-machine to go back to Nixon and see how his party protected him before there just wasn’t anything left to deny.. was it the same as now?

    but there is something about the relationship b/t C street and a type of brainwashing.. and it’s at times like this I wish the Dems were more Rove.. and said Fuck it! Let’s Roll..”

    I was in High School when Watergate occurred, so my memory of the incident is sharp. The comparisons between Watergate and Spygate are many, including hit squads and members of the AG’s office resigning rather than commit crimes.

    And, guess who was involved in both?

    None other than our friend and LilMike’s here:

    Karl Rove!


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