Will you help me?

Here’s another edition  of… Friday Rewind.

I think this weeks talking points, make this rewind apropos..

So without further ado,

Will you help me?

-I’m desperate and really need some help. I don’t know what to do so I am appealing to anyone who reads this. My sister is missing. We have not heard from her in a few days and it is not like her to just take off. We are organizing a search for her Monday morning in the woods around her home in Brevard County. My family and I are not wealthy and we don’t know how long we can sustain our economic livelihood during this time since the worry and stress make us unable to work, if you would like to help we have set up a fund at any Wachovia bank.-

-I’ve lost everything. I tried to evacuate but I am not a wealthy person and I don’t have a car. I don’t know what I am going to do, I have nothing. I lost my entire life in the flood, I can’t work because my job was washed away. I believe there is a fund where you can send donations, please…. Please for the love of God help me.-

-My cousin went to Aruba for graduation. She only drank a little and only did a little drugs, and went home with 3 boys she had just met. She’s missing now and we just know she was raped and murdered. I am a wealthy woman, I can afford to fly back and forth from my home to Aruba, but I don’t know how long I can do this. I will NOT leave my suite at the local 5 star hotel room where I am comp’d my meals, transportation, alcohol, and clothes, until she us found. If you would like to help me in this trying time, there is a fund set up at any local bank.-

-My 82 year old maid will be signing autographs today, there will be a donation bowl on the table. Thank you for making an old woman’s day.-

-My father was killed in a terrorist attack. I don’t know what I am going to do with out him. Please send money to help me thru this trying time.-

Please help me, my job does not offer healthcare, my husbands job does offer it but the monthly premiums are over $800 for a family of four. I have some medical issues that I really need to see a doctor about. Neither of my kids have seen a doctor for a well-check in over 4 years. When they are sick or injured, even if it is just a case of strep throat I have to take them to the ER because I cannot afford to pay the doctor visit at the time of service. If my kids would only get sick or injured before I pay the mortgage and utilities things would be a lot easier. My husband and my combined income is over $50k a year so we do not qualify for any Medicaid and we are not old enough for Medicare.. Is there anything, anything at all you can do to help me?

Which one of these will get the most help? Which will get the least? If we banded together as a race of humans, which would help all of us more in the long run? Which one will we just roll our eyes and tell the person to get a better job and stop asking for the government to supplement you?

Why is that? Why can we, as Americans, be so giving when see or hear of a disaster?

Tsunami a world away? No problem we can band together and donate 100’s of millions.

9/11 attack? Oh my god how horrible, and NO Timmy you can’t have an ice cream today because I have to send money to those poor people who had families in the buildings.

Your child is missing? How can I help? I can take some days off work and drive over to your county to help you search anytime I can.

Yet be so Goddamn stingy when it comes to helping people who didn’t have a building fall on them.
No healthcare? Well get a job you dead-beat subhuman.

The one thing we can help everyone in the country on is the one thing we will complain about giving money to. It’s Charity for the unworthy, it’s Socialism at its finest, it’s taking my hard earned money and giving to the lazy drunks of the world.

We’re not unfeeling. We give when there is a cause to give. Just look at this list and see how giving we can be

  • September 11th Victim Compensation Fund paid out approx $7 billion to the families
  • September 11th Fund collected and dispersed an additional $534 million from more than two million donors
  • $950m from the US Government to the Tsunami victims
  • An additional $515m donated by the private sector for the Tsunami relief fund
  • $800m for hurricane Katrina relief in just the first 2 weeks
  • $7m donated to Virginia Tech Memorial Fund after the shootings

And a rumored $20m donated to the Natalie Holloway Fund for her mother, friends, family, searchers and friends of searchers. Even though they were all comp’d everything from their plane tickets to Aruba to the bathing suits and the Gucci sunglasses they needed.

See, we’re not heartless…

So why is it ‘Welfare’ when we want to help a single mother and ‘Socialism’ when we want to help anyone who is a part of this country? If you added up all of those donations it seems to be you would have nice start to paying for Universal Healthcare.

Cuba doesn’t have a car newer than 1965 or anything but corrugated metal roofs on their hut homes… but they have universal healthcare.

France, Italy, Britain, Canada…. All have universal health care. The argument here against it, is that healthcare would decline if we switched. Well, the World Health Organization already ranks us 37th in healthcare, which is below places like Costa Rica, Columbia and Dominica. When we’re ranked below a place such as Columbia does it matter if we decline any more? What’s the worst that can happen? That we only rank up there with Canada (30)? Or that we rank below Slovenia (38)?

France is number 1 and Italy is number 2 on the WHO’s list. Sure they pay more taxes to be number 1 and 2, but is that such a big deal? We donated $20m to a mother who lost her daughter when she went out and got shit-faced and went home with 3 men she had never met. We paid $7 million to people affected by a shooting in Virginia. We don’t seem to mind when we pay for stuff like this, so what the hell is wrong with paying for a universal healthcare plan that will improve everyone’s health?

It’s not Socialism or Welfare when we give when we want to. It’s the Christian thing to do. So why isn’t Christian to help some of the 45 million people in this country without healthcare?

What’s the worst that can happen? Will homes suddenly be foreclosed on in record numbers? Will gas prices suddenly rise? Will milk go up to $4.89 a gallon? Will one pain pill cost $60? Will the cost of an MRI go up over $2400 or will a hospital ER visit take longer? What’s the worst that can happen???? Besides the insurance and pharma companies making $2B in profit instead of $3B and the middle class living a healthier life….what IS the downfall to making sure every American has the right to Life, Liberty and a Free pap smear and colorectal exam?

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