"The Taliban can save us alot of legal hassles and legal bills" .. are you kidding me?

After visiting Howie in what I thought would be a discussion on hot boys and massage oil… I am almost too pissed to speak.. Video’s from Howie’s Updated post on Pfc Bowe Bergdahl have me blinded by rage at the moment.

Portrait of the fallen Cpl Patrick Tillman, a ...
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No one in the military is defending this guy?  This guy who wears an American soldiers uniform, who fought in a war for America.. who is a fucking American for God’s sake.. and No one in the military is defending him? While Fox News is having the guest ask the Taliban to take care of our problems for us to save us money?

This jerk-off says that in a warzone, at night any solider is aware of where his buddy’s are? And that proves this private was a liar?  Why doesn’t this shameful shell of a wannabe war commander ask Pat Tillman about how a soldier always knows where his buddies are in a warzone at night- oops, I guess we can’t ask Pat Tillman since he was killed by his buddies in at night, in a warzone.

Who does this fucking asshole think he is doing besmirching  any service-member on the news and calling for his death by terrorists to save us money? And what the fuck is Fox news doing reporting it not just once, and I’ll give the 1st interviewer some credit for being shocked and not wanting to jump to any of this scum bag’s propaganda.. but what are they doing by having the asshat on again and agreeing with him

This is the way we support our troops? This is the American standard here? Bill O’Reilly should be shamed and shunned ala Jane Fonda.

How can anybody out there, whether the circumstance surrounding his capture are true or not, how can anybody look in the camera and devalue an American solider.. fuck that.. an AMERICAN life this way in a time of war. How do you say, “The Taliban can save us alot of legal hassles and legal bills” and how in the happy hell does no one staple you to a pole in the city center? We are going bat-shit crazy over the President calling a stupid situation.. stupid.. but calling for a terrorist act to be committed on one of our own, a solider in our military during a time of war no less, to be murdered is ignore and somehow… news?

The late Daniel Pearl
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Let me say it like this.. I don’t give a proper fuck if Pfc Bowe Bergdahl walked away,danced away, or was lead away under the guise of getting a piece of ass in the desert.. I don’t care if he’s given up every state secret he knows.. John McCain lasted how long before he gave up everything he knew?.. I don’t care if he tells a hundred propaganda lies while being video-taped by the same people who might have held the camera while Daniel Pearl gave his final video message before they beheaded him. I simply don’t care what this kid did to get captured or has to do to stay alive while in the hands of an enemy who shows no quarter for any man, woman or child.. He is a soldier, he is an American, he is in enemy hands and you will by fuck respect that.  If your mother didn’t teach you that, if your drill sergeant didn’t teach you that.. then maybe you should  take  Bergdahl’s place and show him how it’s really done.

Fox news and Lt. Col Peters,  you might leave your soldiers behind, you might ask terrorists to murder your soldiers because that would make great and riveting news and increased viewership ratings for you..But the real America doesn’t do that..

If this is the conservative way I hope you are as relevant as the Whigs and hurry and go the way of the dodo, because 1st and foremost this liberal knows we get our man back and everything else after that is secondary…

Fox news..you are .. disgusting


It’s about damn time…

Jim Miklaszewski, NBC’s Pentagon correspondent, told Maddow on Wednesday night that Bergdahl “came off patrol on June 30th, dropped off his weapon, his body armor, grabbed up a bottle of water, a compass and a knife and took off out on his own. It was sometime after that, apparently, that some local militants grabbed him and turned him over to the Taliban.”

“Should he have left the post alone?” Miklaszewski asked. “Of course not. But that doesn’t make him a deserter.”

He continued: “Military officials I talked to are quite outraged at Peters’ comments, not just the idea perhaps that he suggested that the Taliban should execute Bergdahl, but because it’s totally irresponsible. Here you have a kid, 23-years-old, in custody. He’s got to be terrified. And now, these Peters comments could actually be used by his captors to get even deeper inside Bergdahl’s mind and further erode any confidence that he may have that he will ever come out alive.”

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11 responses to “"The Taliban can save us alot of legal hassles and legal bills" .. are you kidding me?

  • Howey


    You’re getting a lot hotter in getting to the point I’m trying to make here, Kelly.

    Good work!

    • ekg

      I am absolutely stunned this is the reaction from Fox news ..I can not believe they would have that fucking assbag on their program almost daring the Taliban to kill this guy and do us the favor.. the worst part about it is their millions of zombie-minions are sitting there going “Hell Yeah, kill that fucker!” right along with them..

      and how is the military going along with it.. who cares if this kid walked away… he is an American 1st and foremost..

      what the hell is the justification for all this…. even if the kid went willing… so did Daniel Pearl!! Are we going to blame Pearl now also?

      Unless this is 100% fake.. and as far as I can see no one’s disputing that he actually being held be the Taliban… but if he had been able to fake this completely, and we know it! then we can call for his death and dismemberment.. until that moment, Fox News has reach a whole new level of low and I no longer consider them of value.. they are now the tv station of “Bat-Boy” and deserve same credibility as the “Bat-Boy” stories…

  • lil mike

    “grabbed up a bottle of water, a compass and a knife and took off out on his own. It was sometime after that, apparently, that some local militants grabbed him and turned him over to the Taliban”

    The whole story is bizarre, and TLC Peter’s reaction to it was bizarre as well.

  • ekg

    no… his reaction is lower than the plankton that feed off the scum in the bottom of a cesspool.. and he should have his military accommodations stripped..

  • Howey

    If and when the truth comes out about this, it will be the worst thing to ever happen to LilMike and his neocon buddies.

  • ekg

    I think mike is straddling the line on this at the moment.. he can very easily hop back on the ‘right’ side and do a mea culpa if he wants at this point b/c he hasn’t gone as far as others..

    as for the rest of the neoncons.. has the MSM picked this kind of crap up yet? by picking it up I mean like the ‘stupidity’ comment? no, they haven’t.. so the fuckbags out there agreeing with Peters will sulk away and live to call for another soldiers death another day..

  • lil mike

    Both of your comments are crazy. You are trying to make up a position for me, and for all “neocons” It’s like you are desperately trying to make up a pnoney issue so you can avoid healthcare.

    I’m not straddling a “line.” Uve said nothing that is a line. It’s almost like there is another, hidden issue or agenda here that I’m not privey to.

    Ah well time will tell I suppose, in the meantime, both of you try to refrain with putting words in my mouth, and how about a list of fuckbags who agree with Peters? If you think it’s such a neocon position, it shouldn’t be hard to come up with quotes.

  • Howey


    Would you agree with the following statement regarding Bergdahl?

    “We now know he was home-schooled, and was very active in the ballet and in fencing. Not exactly the type of person that wants to excel and be part of a high-speed Airborne Infantry Unit, if you ask me.”

  • Howey

    Two days and no response…

    • ekg

      he thinks I’ve unfairly smeared and lied about him.. I’ve tried showing him where I was answering him and not smearing him, but he’s still pissed..

      funny, he calls me a liar.. and then gets mad at me when I answer that accusation..

      I’ve apologized and explained that I wasn’t smearing him…and explained how my reply to him was intertwined with my rant on Peters, but that is something I’ve never had to explain before so I don’t know how to make that clear.. all I can picture is that my replies are like a dance where I leave my original dance partner and float all over, coming back to the partner here and there over the course of the song(reply) … and that while I may have stepped on someone elses toes, his were left pain free..but that sounds ghey.. and he’s never been clear on metaphors… so *shrug*- I don’t know what more to say to him..

      it would seem that an immovable object met an unstoppable force..and we are fractured beyond apology or reason..

      so I’ll give you the same warning I gave him.. back off from this line of attack on him Howie.. I’m sorry your warning has to be so blunt, but its obvious that when I tried being nicer with my warnings on the Peters issue, it didn’t work and it was assumed that comments and testing the line were acceptable.. … so no more nice..and that way no more misconstrued statements… and no more irreparable harm… back off him on this..comments and testing the line on this are not acceptable..

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