"Great White…." Are you kidding me?

Freshman Republican Lynn Jenkins said: “Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope. I suggest to any of you who are concerned about that, who are Republican, there are some great young Republican minds in Washington.

She then went on to name a fistful of white Republicans. I mean.. really?

Today,I came across a blog and while I agree that what Congresswoman Jenkins said is no great crime I disagree with the bloggers reason and that of the Congresswoman on why it’s not a big deal.

Ms Tucker cuts the Congresswoman some slack because she doesn’t believe the Congresswoman understood the racial undertones of the phrase. This is also the Congresswoman’s excuse, she didn’t know what she was saying and what it meant.

I agree with this, I do not think Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins knew about the black heavy weight boxer from the early part of the 1900’s named Jack Johnson who was unstoppable, and thus had boxing enthusiasts looking for the “Great White Hope” to beat him.  There is no doubt in my mind that this congresswoman was oblivious to the origin of  reference she was quoting. But you can’t tell me she didn’t know what she was saying,if only because she used it correctly.  No, she didn’t know the origin of the phrase, but that doesn’t excuse what she said.

I do not believe she just chose her words wrong. Because in order for me to believe that.. I would have to believe that Congresswoman Jenkins  didn’t realize that the President was black when she was saying the Republicans need a “White” Hope to beat him.. It’s possible she didn’t know I guess, maybe they don’t get the news out there in Kansas?

Regardless, it really isn’t a crime and  just like we let off Mayor Dean Grose off the hook for his email because there was no great crime  there either.. (he.. uh.. he didn’t know that picture of  a watermelon patch outside the White House could be seen as racist.. because he was unaware of the racial stereotype that black people liked watermelons) … we will let Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins off the hook.  We will give her, Mayor Grose, the Tennessee  Republican legislative aide who sent the email of all the President’s pictures with President Obama’s just a black box and some eyes, to the ‘wrong people’ (we won’t ask her who the ‘right’ people were) and even  the GOP activist and former chairman of his state’s elections commission, Rusty DePass who said when he heard there was a gorilla on the loose  that it was probably one of Michelle Obama’s ancestors …  we will give them all the benefit of the doubt that they aren’t really racist for what they said or did. No, they’re not racists.. they’re just fucking idiots and that’s why it’s no great crime. We can’t control the idiots in our society, if we could Glenn Beck would be living on a retard farm weaving baskets instead of infecting other idiots with his stupidity. Stupid isn’t illegal (there’s a Sara Palin joke in there somewhere) so the only thing we can do is let them feel our stare, our stare that says.. “You know what you meant,and more importantly we know what you meant. But instead of getting to actually stand behind it, now we’re going to make you prove you’re a fucking idiot by saying … ‘I didn’t know’  and then we’re going to laugh at how stupid you really are.”

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13 responses to “"Great White…." Are you kidding me?

  • woozxyl

    This administration has brought out racism from all corners, even places that I didn’t expect.
    And stupid IS contagious – I saw a poster on the news tonight that someone protesting a local D congressman’s decision to postpone a townhall meeting that read “HEALTH CARE REFORM – NO
    What the fuck rock have they been living under since 1996? Welfare reform has been done and has reduced the welfare rolls in Florida by 90%.
    Ninety percent!
    As Comedian Ron White says, “You cain’t fix stupid.”

  • Howey

    Here’s the problem with the Republican Party as I noted elsewhere:

    They thought America wanted a black leader like Barack Obama so they came up with Michael Steele.

    They thought America wanted a female leader like Hillary Clinton so they came up with Sarah Palin.

    The problem is that America didn’t want a black leader or a female leader.

    America wanted a leader with intelligence. A quality each and every member of the Republican Party lacks.

    The Republican Party doesn’t need a Great White Hope. It needs brains. Let’s start with Ms. Lynn Jenkins.

    Since she’s from Kansas, maybe she could look up Dorothy and the Scarecrow and conjure up a brain before she opens her mouth again.

    Oh. You owe me.

  • uselesslegs

    I’m just here for a tit flash…so ummm…yea.

  • lil mike

    Considering Cynthia Tucker’s history of finding Klan sheets in every white bedspread, if she doesn’t consider this a race crime, it’s a bit of a stretch for you to declare it one, Although, considering the racism charge is one of the best weapons in the Democratic playbook, I hardly think it will be dropped anytime soon, But there should at least be a little bit of “there” there to make a good case.

    Now you do have a good case with Mayor Grose. It’s hard for a reasonable person to draw any other conclusion other than racist intent. Same thing for Sheri Goforth and Rusty DePass. But when you try to stretch the behavior of a small town mayor and an administrative assistant to a state legislator, to cover the entire Republican Party, well, it’s kind of small time. It’s not like a senator saying that a former Klan leader would have made a great leader during the civil war…

    As far as the expression, “great white hope” goes, I had not known it’s origins, although I did know it had something to do with boxing, or that it had a racial basis. But I had thought the phrase was more generic.

    Noun 1. great white hope – someone (or something) expected to achieve great success in a given field; “this company is the great white hope of the nuclear industry’s waste management policy”
    white hope
    hope – someone (or something) on which expectations are centered; “he was their best hope for a victory”


    I know it has been used to describe:

    Sharks http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2007/jul/30/greatwhitehope

    Cricket http://cricketactionart.blogspot.com/2009/07/great-white-hope.html

    Books http://www.salon.com/books/review/2007/08/22/whales/

    Laundry detergent http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,839927,00.html

    And Amazon’s Kindle http://www.micropersuasion.com/2009/03/the-amazon-kindle-will-monetize-media.html

    Racist e book readers!

    I had hoped that if there was any good to be gotten out of the election of President Obama, is that we would really move into a post racial future. But my hope on that was pretty slim. Really, we are moving into a hyper racial era. Race defines everything we do and say. It’s all politically correct posturing to establish racial motives to discredit your opponents. You’re not fishing for real racism, only the apparent possibility that a word or expression might be racial. Then you declare victory and go home. I guess we should ban all idioms that have either the words white or black in it, since they all must be inherently racist correct?

    Now, about that tit thing. If there is anyone who deserves a flash of tit, it’s me. Pay up.

  • ekg

    do you see ghosts under you bed too?

    I didn’t call her a racist I said she was a fucking idiot..

    and I called her story of ‘Ooo I didn’t really mean anything by it when I was talking about beating a black president and I said we need a great white guy’.. a line of bullshit.. there is no doubt in my mind as to what she meant.. but I don’t think that makes her a racist, I think it makes her stupid..stupid for saying it in the 1st place and stupid for thinking she was going to get away with it..but no, I don’t believe she’s a closet clan member..

    I didn’t call the entire (R) party racists either.. I said Glenn Beck was a retard who was out there infecting other retards.. so unless he is the entirety of your party.. then I think you owe me an apology for misrepresenting what I said on both accounts..

    as to your definition.. well, that’s no different than someone defining a watermelon patch now is it.. it’s how the word or phrased is used and you know it..

    –verb (used with object)
    1. to tire or weary by labor; exhaust (often fol. by out): The long climb fagged us out.
    2. British. to require (a younger public-school pupil) to do menial chores.
    3. Nautical. to fray or unlay the end of (a rope).
    –verb (used without object)
    4. Chiefly British. to work until wearied; work hard: to fag away at French.
    5. British Informal. to do menial chores for an older public-school pupil.
    6. Slang. a cigarette.
    7. a fag end, as of cloth.
    8. a rough or defective spot in a woven fabric; blemish; flaw.
    9. Chiefly British. drudgery; toil.
    10. British Informal. a younger pupil in a British public school required to perform certain menial tasks for, and submit to the hazing of, an older pupil.
    11. a drudge.

    out of 11 tries.. still not one definition for what we use it for.. does it make the ‘slang’ any less prejudicial?

    The other examples I listed tho make it pretty apparent that it’s not me or my party ‘fishing’ for the ‘racists’ comments.. but it is your party who glances over them.. ppl like Beck, Ice…Gordo, Gyff.. they see the watermelons and the presidential portraits and the gorilla comment and cry that that’s not racism, that’s just a joke and the person didn’t mean anything by it..they scream that we’re just too damn PC and we need to get over it.. and so it just keeps on going..

    and that’s what creates this ‘hyper’ racial era.. because the next person will always have to top the last one since you let the last one get away with so much.. kinda like what happened here, teh melon patch, portrait and gorilla weren’t nearly enough.. so the next one has to actually use the words “Great White Hope” in her description.. and we will just have to bite our tongue thru it, because calling her on it, or not letting her have the benefit of the doubt.. to call it what it really is, will just fall on deaf and partisan ears..and be excused with a ‘oh, those dems are just seeing sheets and hoods everywhere’ ..

    kinda like you just did..

    I don’t think any of the ppl who I listed are anymore racist than Darth is.. I seriously don’t.. but they did make racists comments and your ignorance of that distinction will cause more ppl to actually cross over from just making the comment to actually disliking the race..

  • ekg

    btw.. you get my tits when we have that beer..;)

    for everyone else..er, who is not Howie 🙂

    and for those who are Howie..

  • Howey

    and for those who are Howie..

    You saved your ass with that one, Kelly. I came here to bitch at you because…well, what good does a little tit flashing do me???

    But all I get is the upper torso??? You know my predeliction towards the um…lower torso. Remember Jeff Probst? Ahhhhhhh……even after I created a whole new forum for you to talk LOST too?


    Back on topic 🙂

    I’ll agree that not all R’s are racist, just most. Out of the group you mentioned above I’d be comfortable saying at least two definitely are. I base that not on their replies to racial jokes, but rather their thinly (or openly) veiled bigotry in their day to day words.

  • lil mike

    So you think her intent was racist, but you are not calling her one?

    “and I called her story of ‘Ooo I didn’t really mean anything by it when I was talking about beating a black president and I said we need a great white guy’.. a line of bullshit.. there is no doubt in my mind as to what she meant.. but I don’t think that makes her a racist, I think it makes her stupid..”

    If she didn’t have any racist intent, there would be nothing “stupid” about her statement. So… I guess I’m not seeing the fine line between you saying that she intentionally made a racist statement, but oh, you are not calling her racist. If you are not calling her a racist, you don’t have much of a topic. So why not admit that you are calling her racist? That’s clearly what Howey got out of your comments.

    “so the next one has to actually use the words “Great White Hope” in her description.. and we will just have to bite our tongue thru it, because calling her on it, or not letting her have the benefit of the doubt.. to call it what it really is, will just fall on deaf and partisan ears..and be excused with a ‘oh, those dems are just seeing sheets and hoods everywhere’ ..”

    Go ahead call it what it really is. Call a spade a spade!


  • ekg

    I guess I’m not seeing the fine line between you saying that she intentionally made a racist statement, but oh, you are not calling her racist

    of course you don’t.. but that’s to be expected..

  • Sam "The Guardian"

    Once a smart girl once said:

    Soon if you question Obama you’ll be called a racist.

    Of course, this isn’t to mean, some stuff out there isn’t racist. Watermelons on the lawn? It’s not NOT racist if you know what I mean.

    But, let’s really take a step back into reality for a few minutes.

    A refernce a 1900’s boxer? This is the smoking gun of Racism alive and well? Great white hope… how come it wasn’t a big deal when it was a movie?


    I’m not saying people are being a little bit overly sensitive, but people are being overly sensitive… ummm…. OK, yeah… that works.

    Seriously though, I, like 99.9% of the people in the world did not know the etymology of that phrase. It’s a bit disingenuous to the conversation on racism to bring up a 1900’s boxer as some sort of proof. There is enough relevant history to make a case, this sorta phishing experiment is a bit of a stretch.

  • ekg

    So, if the Congresswoman did know what the reference meant.. if she had heard it before and knew of it’s ‘racist’ background.. knew of it because.. let’s say, there was a bill and a plea from a cpl of GOP senators (one from her own state) asking that the boxer be pardoned for his crime.(which was marrying a white woman btw).. and those senators spoke often about the blatant racism that lead to his conviction..
    and in their bill was the actual “great white hope” reference and the explanation of it’s meaning along with also explaining the racism involved in this boxers life and what that kind of hate lead to..

    if she had say, known about that bill.. would that make her more on the side of stupid,liar? or more on the side of ‘racist’ ?

    what if she not only knew of the bill, but added her name to it as an endorsement.. and again, this was asking Obama to pardon the black man who inspired the phrase ‘Great White Hope’ along with such racism that he was tried and convicted of marrying a white woman …and this congresswoman voted for this pardon a month ago..

    what if the man who was recruited to be THE Great White Hope, lived just 27 miles from the Congresswoman’s hometown? and was in the same congressional district she is responsible for now..

    what does that do for her excuse.. hell, what does it do for yours?

    ask yourself…did her recent exposure to information on Jack Johnson make it even more likely that she used the phrase because she knew its meaning?



  • Howey

    Golly! Sam D. paid us a visit here!

    Thanks for bringing up the fact that Jenkins was from the same area as the boxer, Kelly. That kinda negates any of her innocent “I didn’t know” claims right there.

    Hey, Sam. We’ve got a whole thread dedicated to you over on my new LOST forum!

  • M. Berrier

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    I am extremely satisfied with my Kindle. I am able to catch up on my reading anywhere, and I’ve also bookmarked several Wikipedia pages to read when I get a minute or two.

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