The summer of Darth…

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The last of the dogs days of summer always bring a special thrill around my house with the long hot days, waning at a speed that you can almost see. Each  coral pink sunrise brings with it   a kind of  mounting tension in anticipation of the building heat that the day is surely to bring, a heat that increases through the hours until finally bursting into an uneasy, yet calm coolness that comes after the burnt amber sun sets. These are the happiest days for me, but not because they bring with them the anticipation of the cold months just ahead, but because they bring with them the memories of when I was 18. A time when life was without the worry of mortgages,jobs.. responsibilities. It was  the last summer before college, before I was forced to become a man, it’s also the time I spent fucking my mother’s best friend in every room room of her house.. and some rooms in the neighboring houses.

Dear Velvet StraitJacket,

This is my story…

In every town, in every city this story is played out, but to me it’s the only story that matters from my youth. I was a popular kid, I played football and baseball, had the fast muscle car and good looks. I had the grades and charisma that got me most of what I wanted, I just didn’t know how much of what I wanted I was about to get.

Each summer my mother and her best friend Shauna would spend Sunday mornings planning out the leisure activities of the

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week to help keep the school kids occupied throughout the summer. It was an informal.. or community ‘summer camp’ program so to speak. The stuff they came up with each year was cheesy, but none the less.. fun.  One year we had water balloon fights on the City Hall lawn, another year we all painted our favorite comic book character on the fences of our neighbors around town,(the clean up of that one wasn’t that fun though). Yeah, we were a small town, but we still had a fair share of the unusual.

This summer had been no different, for the last few years my mother and Shauna had been doing ‘Theme Summer” where they would pick a book off of the summer reading list and plan ‘themed’ activities throughout the summer for us kids to do.  Of course these activities and books were age appropriate, you couldn’t have 3rd graders parading around town with an upper case “A” sewn onto their clothing, but this was exactly what was required of the seniors this summer.

Since my senior year had already ended and I was on my to college, I was ‘excused’ from the summer activities my mother and Shauna dreamed up this year. I will admit though, I was a little disappointed  because this time it looked like  the last night of “Themed summer”( which always ended in an all night party where the attendees are required to come in costume)  looked like might have been a little more fun than last summer’s “Grape’s of Wrath” theme. Shauna knew I was torn between wanting to break away from these childish frivolities and jumping right into them with my peers.

As the summer dragged on endlessly I started to notice the way Shauna would look at me when she thought no one was watching.  I had been with enough of the local high schools girls to know that I was good looking, they all seemed to melt into wet puddles of hot flesh when I just smiled in their direction. Ha, so many nights spent in the mustang taking what each of the hot little cheerleaders,social misfits and once, an extremely sexy nerd, were all willing to give me.  It was a great fucking time to be a teenage boy. But never had an adult like Shauna looked at me the same way these others had looked at me. It gave me a thrill to think that I might actually get a taste of this older woman before going off to college to plunder the panties of the newly freed-from parental constraints freshman class.

While I knew there wasn’t a chance with Shauna, she was 30 and married.. I was 18 and her best friends son, I just couldn’t stop the fantasy from seeping in when I would catch her looking at me like I was something she wanted to swallow whole.  Had I been a little less lucky with the teenage fodder, that image of being swallowed whole would have made for some pretty uncomfortable nights, but since I was rarely, if ever,  alone at night.. I found it was quite pleasing to imagine Shauna was the one doing consuming. What I found out in the coming days though, was that the local flavor were amateurs at everything.. hell, even I, who had had all them over the course of my high school years, was an amateur and Shauna was an amazing teacher.


The ‘all-night’ party was to be at my house this year and my mother had asked me to either help with the fun or stay out of her way. I had planned on staying the night with Bill because I even though it looked to be fun, Bill and I had other plans.. plans that include a bottle of vodka and a couple teenage sluts looking for a rowdy night of fun. I was on the phone will Bill trying to figure out which girls would be the most fun to bring along when Shauna came into the room.

“So, you don’t plan on attending the all nighter?” she asked me a little disappointed.

“nah.. Bill and I are going to …”

“Fuck a couple of whores until they scream…” she interrupted..” yeah, I heard that part before I came into the room”  she said with a smile.  For one second her tongue inched out of her mouth and swept lightly over her top lip, I was instantly aroused.

“Well, that’s the plan.” I said confidently.  I could tell she was enjoying this conversation.. I just never expected the next words to come out of her mouth..

“Well, if its whores you want I’m sure you can find them easy enough… but if you really want to fuck something until it screams.. ” she said while slowly walking over to me. “I might have a better offer” she smiled coyly, while leaning in to lightly brush her full lips softly across mine and then she turned to walk away. When she got to the doorway, she turned back towards me with a burning look in her eye and said “Think about it Marc, all night, anything goes.. I’ll show you things you never knew existed” and she walked out of the room.

My mind was flying into so many directions that I forgot Bill was on the phone and had probably heard every part of Shauna’s offer. I put the phone up to my ear just as Bill said “Dude, tell me you’re fucking kidding me.. tell me that was a fucking joke on your old pal Bill!” I could barely drop the smile from my face long enough to answer him “Uh, I don’t know if it’s a joke or not.. but I don’t think I’m going to lake with you” I said and hung up.

The  end of summer all night party came fast and hard. I had spent the day anticipating the party I would be having inside Shauna. I was on my way out the door to pick up some last minute supplies for my mom when I heard her on the phone, she was disappointed.

“Are you sure you can’t just come over for part of the night Shauna? I mean you’ve worked just as hard as I have at this, Ben’s out of town and I’d hate to think that you were sitting in that house all alone while we’re over here having a good time.” The frown and worry on my mother’s face seemed to disappear and was soon replaced with something I didn’t recognize. My mother looked at me and glared, I was positive Shauna wasn’t on the phone telling my mother that she had plans to let me fuck her until she or I or both of us screamed.. but the look my mother gave me shook my confidence.

“Well, I’m not going to lie Shauna, I’m a little jealous.  I miss the days when I could have a quiet house to myself to just lay on the couch and enjoy a good book. But I guess with Marc leaving soon, I’ll have more of those nights than I’ll want.” It wasn’t anger  I had seen on my mother’s face, it was a profound sadness that she was losing her son to world outside of her making. I wish I could have told her that I was going to be fine, but I knew she wouldn’t believe it, so instead I walked up to her and kissed the top of her head and smiled down at her. She pushed me away with a chuckle and started talking to Shauna again.

“Well, you give me a call if you can’t get your fever down. I can always send Marc over with something to ease you” and she hung up.

I could only imagine the smile on Shauna’s face.


Finally it was time, the first of the party-goers had arrived and I was about to go hang out with Bill, or so I had told my mother. What I really had planned was a night of hedonistic pleasure that even the most hard-core nymphomaniac rolling on ecstasy  would blush at.

“Marc! Wait!” my mother called from the kitchen

“Yeah Mom, I know… no drinking and driving, no girls past 1am, and nothing illegal” I said to her.

“No, that’s not what I wanted.. but yes, that’s exactly what I want” she said with a smile. “Can you do me a favor before heading over to Bill’s? Shauna seems to have a fever that she can’t get rid of, do you think you could take her something for me to help her out a little?”  and she handed me a bottle of motrin.

“Yeah mom, I’ll give her something to help out of her fever.” I said and left before the smile on my face gave away any of the images running through my mind.


Shauna’s house was at the end of the street and it was hidden back away from the road, shrouded by trees.  As I came up the driveway and walked up the steps, I could see candlelight coming from the windows above, the rest of the house was dark. I knocked lightly on the door and it opened as soon as I touched it. The room before me was unlit, but not dark. The large picture window in the back of the house let in the moonlight and much to my surprise, there was a few candles lit on the dining room table, which was set for two. I couldn’t imagine anything that I planned on eating, or planned on feeding her, showing up on the menu tonight.

“Marc” I heard coming softly from above me. I turned and walked up the stairs and as I came to the room at the top I stopped, for there she stood waiting for me in the tiniest white, lacy, négligée I have ever seen even to this day… and she was perfect. Her long golden hair spilled down around her shoulders and her face to the very top of her breasts. You could just barely see a hint of her dark nipples through the flimsy white material. Her perfectly flat and well toned stomach was glistening with just a light mist of sweat, as I stared, a small drop rolled down from between her breasts, down the contours of her stomach, to the top of her panty line where it disappeared. I could only imagine what it would be like to trace that same path with my tongue.

“Do you want me Marc?” she asked in a sultry voice

Lip Lickin' Good. 4/52
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I was frozen, I could only nod yes. She laughed softly, amused at my nervousness. She walked towards me gracefully,decidedly… each long tanned, muscular leg  bringing her closer to me.  Each step causing the lacy material of her panties to contract over her sensuous flesh, outlining every line and lip beneath them. As she reached me I could barely stand still, but I couldn’t have moved if the house burst into flames around me. She reached out with her finger and traced my lips , down my neck, my chest, my stomach to crotch of my pants where she felt how hard I was. She smiled at me lustfully and unzipped my pants, pulling my rock hard cock out. “I think we should get this first one out of the way, don’t you?” she asked me. Before I could nod she was on her knees in front of me, wrapping her luscious,wet lips around the head of my cock and swallowing me all the way down.

The feeling was explosive, this was not my first blow job, but it might as well have been. All the others before this had been done shyly, timidly by girls who weren’t very sure of what they were doing and didn’t really like it anyway. But this.. this was a woman who didn’t just know how to suck every inch of my cock, but enjoyed every fucking part of it. A shiver went through me as she expertly licked each of my balls. Her hands tightly squeezed of my shaft, squeezing almost hard enough to make me scream out only to be lightly grasping it by the time she reached the tip. I was ready to come and she skillfully deep-throated my entire cock, forcing me to release everything down her  throat in a blazing hot gush of insane pleasure. I couldn’t stop the moan from coming out of my mouth as she was swallowed and let out a muffled moan of her own.


“mmmmm.. you taste amazing!” she said as she looked up at me.  She looked so fucking hot on her knees like that, grasping my already hard again cock in her hand. She had an evil smile on her face that sent a thrill throughout my entire body. “I think I want more” she said inhaling my dick again, only this time instead of finishing, she stood up and started walking towards  the bed. She only got a few steps before she half-turned to look at me and “C’mon Marc, I’ve waited long enough for this and I’m not waiting any longer.” I was unfrozen from where I was standing and walked towards her.

As she got to the large bed, she turned and smiled at me motioning for me to come but I was already there grabbing her by the back the back of her head and kissing her. As I pressed into her, I felt her fingernails tracing down my spine. I kissed her neck, moving down to each of her exquisite breasts, her nipples were dark and hard,  and I cruelly bit them. She gasped in pain and pleasure, but did not cry out for me to stop like the high schools girls had before her. While my mouth was learning every contour of her flesh, my hands were searching for warm place to enter. I grabbed her  under her thigh and pulled her leg up around me, my hands taking a hold of her beautiful ass, squeezing and massaging it as roughly I wanted, groans of pleasure were coming from the both of us. My other hand grabbed her by the back of her head, pulling her head  back hard and forcing her to cry out. I suddenly stopped and shoved her onto the bed, she fell back and looked at me with a smile on her face “Come and take me Marc” she begged, and I was happy to be of service to her.

I climbed on to the bed, she was sitting  up  on her elbows, her mouth slightly open, her tongue running over her teeth. I pushed her legs open and looked down at the perfect way she was laid out before me. I tore her lacy panties off, not caring if they were ruined or not. She had a small strip of hair just over her lips, not too much but enough that I knew I was getting a real woman and not some naive high school cheerleader. I bent down and parted her lips with my tongue, she tasted sweeter than any other before her. She writhed and groaned as my tongue explored deep into her flawlessly pink pussy. Her clit was swollen, engorged and with just the barest flick of my tongue she came harder than she had ever come before.

Shauna looked down at me between her thighs, she cupped my chin and pulled me up to her pressing her mouth onto mine. As she kissed me roughly, her hand grabbed my throbbing cock. She stroked me up and down, driving me crazy teasing me and rubbing the head of dick all over her swollen clit.

“Can you feel how hot and wet you make me baby?” Shauna asked me, her hands pulling my hard cock into her.

“Not yet darlin'” I said as I pulled out of her, now it was my turn to smile down to her. With my thumb I lightly massaged her clit, as I slowly rubbed it she began to twist and rock her hips and she starting begging me to fuck her, but it wasn’t time for that…. yet.

“Oh God.. that..  feels sooo good baby. I want you deep inside me Marc, I want you in me hard..” she plead with me. She began rocking her hips faster and moaning with a tormented plea to fuck her “Please baby.. let me come on your dick!” She thrust her hips upward as she started to come and that was my cue, while she was coming I thrust my rock hard cock up into her so hard that her head hit the wall behind her, she screamed out in pleasure, her nails scraping down my back all the way down to my ass where she pulled me into her deeper and harder. “Yes.. Oh God! Yes..harder.. fuck me Harder!” she screamed. Her whole body twitched beneath me, the spasms from the orgasm  rippling through every pore of her luscious flesh. Her head was thrown back, her eyes were half-open and she had the sexiest smile spreading over her face that I have ever seen. As she opened her eyes, a throaty groan rose out her. She licked her full lips and harshly grabbed the back of my hair, forcing her tongue into my mouth, passionately kissing me like her world was just ending.. or maybe for the first time, beginning. That kiss alone was enough to make me come, I shoved deep into her just as she thrust her hips upward making sure to get all of my cock inside her and came for the first time in my life. In that moment I knew that all the other times before were just practice  for this time.  Every nerve in my body was alive and full of spasms, I felt my very soul bursting out of me in a hot flow of unimaginable  bliss.


If that was the end of my story it would be enough,but it wasn’t. I spent the night exploring every part of Shauna’s sensuous body, fulfilling every carnal, debauched pleasure I could dream of. I violated every part of her body and she screamed in pleasure through it all, her nails raking my back, her hands forcing me into her as hard and as fast as I could. It was a night I have never been able to recreate with any of the other women I have been with. No, the long drawn out days of those dogs days of summer are as gone as the carefree life of a young man on his way to becoming a man, but while the untroubled life of  those joyous day may have disappeared a long time ago, the thrill of the memory of my summer with Shauna is alive and well.

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