What is in a headline: dance puppets dance..

I know it’s ‘en vogue’  to wish the downfall of your country these days, but is there some reason why people want to rush it to such a catastrophic  end?

Look at Drudge recently.. I know he’s a hack whose only concern is President Obama’s failure and how much he can hasten the end of the free world, but really? how is this a good thing?


His apocalyptic story today, like his equally frightening story last week


Drudge report

which I admit, I fell for..can cause some serious damages to the people who live in this country. I am OK with putting this stuff out there if it’s true because I believe information is a good thing, but when it’s  been proven if not completely false,  then exquisitely tainted and still being used as news, news reporting is no longer the goal.

Since the 1st story’s headline and reaction, it has been learned that everyone from head of the Saudi central bank to U.S. officials have been scrambling to get the word out that it is not true. The source for the original is a unknown, the reason for the original story is unknown… but the effects of the story that even Glenn Beck latched on to.. are known.

But one thing is for certain: With the price of gold jumping to $1,048.20 per ounce, traders who moved early enough stood to make millions.-


Ironically enough, the jump in gold prices was also a major Drudge headline “GOLD HIGH! *” just one day after his siren-waling headline ARAB PLOT TO DROP DOLLAR headline. I would hope ‘greed’ isn’t the only reason for what is going on here. I know there is money to be made in the failure of an empire but please don’t tell me that is what this is really about.  At least tell me this is more ‘pure'( if there is such a thing) than just simple greed. The Politico story refers to man who wrote the original, unsourced claim as a British journalist who has lived in Beirut for over 30 years and is the one of a few people to have interviewed Osama Bin Laden,  but it also saysthat he is  “increasingly associated with more radical theories thus weakening the credibility of the story.” Please tell me good old fashion foreign hatred of America is behind this, not domestic greed.

I mentioned Glenn Beck. He did a scare-tactic.. I mean “show” a few days after the Drudge line on the sinking dollar and rising gold prices.. what exactly is his reason for this ‘dollar dropping- woe is me’ story?

Goldline is Glenn Beck’s Choice for Gold

Before I started turning you on to Goldline, I wanted to look them in the eye. This is a top notch organization thats been in business since 1960. Glenn Beck

"Before I started turning you on to Goldline, I wanted to look them in the eye. This is a top notch organization that's been in business since 1960." Glenn Beck

Do these others, like Beck , also have a stake in the gold market? Is that where this need comes from…  Greed? I don’t know where all this will end up, where the country will be 20 years from now, but I do hope we can regain some of the pride in America that we seem have lost when a black man was elected President. I do hope that one day we will rejoice when an American President wins a Nobel Peace Prize, when Americans almost sweep all the other Nobel categories, and I hope that we will rejoice that we have won an Olympic venue instead of rejoicing our loss to another country.
We spent 8 years calling anyone who did not fall in goose-step with the Bush Administration either a terrorist, a terrorist sympathizer, or just plain unpatriotic. I don’t know what kind of patriotism is being shown these days, but it’ s not the kind I grew up with, the kind where even if you didn’t like the quarterback you still rooted for the home team if you were sitting in the home-team stands. I understand the greed in the healthcare debate because I can see it, I can point to who is paying for the bullshit, who is hocking the bullshit and who is benefiting from it. But I can’t see how any one in this country benefits from the destruction of it. Can you?
Maybe the FTC has the right idea in forcing blogs to inform readers if they have received compensation for their opinion and for advertisers to disclose  studies by research institutes they help fund.  That regulation sure would have made a difference in the use of the “Lewin Groups” data on healthcare reform had they been forced to disclose that they are owned  by the largest health insurance company in the US.  Is there a free speech issue here? I don’t know. What I do know is that we can’t continue allowing a recluse to dictate world events like he is the marionette puppet master, having  faux newscaster crying the ‘dollar’ is falling when they have an investment in gold prices, a research group reporting the dangers of health reform owned by the insurance company fighting against all reform and an un-sourced suggestion from a slightly questionable journalist turn this country into their playground to ruin.  We are in a precarious situation as it is, there is no need to hasten a pre-ordained ending just because it amuses you to do so.

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7 responses to “What is in a headline: dance puppets dance..

  • Howey

    Poor, poor Matt Drudge. He must be pissing in his panties now that Glenn Crybaby Beck has ripped that right wing spokesperson tiara off his immacutely coiffed head.

    And what’s with these right wing British newspapers and their scurrious sources? I mean…I know LilMike loves to use them as a source because of their questionable neocon ways and reporting (btw – did he ever fess up to being wrong about Ahmadinejad on the slowly dying MongoMuche?)

    Anyhow, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when Glenn Crybaby Beck found out that more gays marched on Washington (without months and months of planning and advertising on Fox)then his precious tea partiers last month! Bet he threw a hizzy fit! (Note to Beck: Shoulda come up with a better name…maybe tea dance? Nah…:O)


  • Howey

    lol…I just remembered…We didn’t have to post fake pics and lie about the number of attendees either! Oh! Update on the Fl Dem convention I attended this weekend coming soon! Go Alex Sink!

  • lil mike

    I didn’t know I had a definite policy position on Ahmadinejad’s ethnicity. I saw the article, thought it was interesting, and posted it. But I wasn’t married to the article. I don’t mind that someone else came along and said it’s not true. If new facts are presented (that are in fact “facts”) I am perfectly willing to change my mind.

    It’s not like I smeared someone based on a few blogs that used each other as a source, then fought about it for 20 pages. Because that would be stupid.

  • ekg

    easy howie.. I’m using a British newspaper for this story.. and have used them before.. not all are bad and the BBC gets great reviews when it comes to being the least biased…

  • Howey

    No…not all Brit papers are bad and I didn’t mean to make that assumption…just the ones LilMike likes to use IYKWIM. 🙂

    Mike: You’re more and more like Sam with the “OH! I posted it but really didn’t support it!” BS…next thing we know you’ll be saying you voted for Obama too…even though you (and Sam) never give up the opportunity to bash him regardless of the source.

  • uselesslegs

    We have tied democracy and capitalism together in some unholy union, that seems to prevent a segment of the population from being able to ultimately admit or come to terms with the fact that one, unabated and uncontrolled, is pure poison to the other.

    Do 95% of Americans have to wake up, eating rat on a stick, before it finally occurs to them that their warped view of what democracy entails, gave free and unchecked passage to a preventable ill, that grew (grows) daily, devouring the livelihoods of hardworking, contributing members of our society?

    It’s one thing if you decide to play the latest game of stock market roulette. That’s your choice, player beware. But for people, who do what they’re *suppose* to be doing…working, paying their bills, socking away any money left over into savings accounts…only to be told, once their world collapses that they must not have been on the ball…that it’s their fault they didn’t keep up with this ever changing world, is the latest in the twisted mentality that protects and excuses our current form of capitalism at all costs.

    At the cost of ethics, at the cost of morality, at the cost of our country…we will explain away, over and over, why the beast needs to run free.

    Before my thoughts are twisted to mean something they don’t…let me make it perfectly clear…I don’t think everyone deserves a Lexus if you didn’t earn it…nor a yearly trip to Europe. This isn’t about “fair is fair”, because reality dictates that life surely is not. But to *purposely* and *knowingly* add to and stack the deck to assist and then *protect* that unfairness that is COMPLETELY within our power to control…is quite frankly, fucking insane.

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