Let's just eliminate that dog.

This is who you protect when you wish for Obama to “fail”. This is the side you have chosen to stand with, protect and help defend.

Insurer ends health program

rather than pay out big

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Ian Pearl has fought for his life every day of his 37 years. Confined to a wheelchair and hooked to a breathing tube, the muscular dystrophy victim refuses to give up.

But his insurance company already has.

Legally barred from discriminating against individuals who submit large claims, the New York-based insurer simply canceled lines of coverage altogether in entire states to avoid paying high-cost claims like Mr. Pearl’s.

In an e-mail, one Guardian Life Insurance Co. executive called high-cost patients such as Mr. Pearl “dogs” that the company could “get rid of.”

That’s right, Mr. Pearl, is a “Dog” that the company needs to “Get rid of”

Let’s put this is perspective for just a second. I told you about a friend of mine recently to try and put a face many of us know on this healthcare debate.  I wanted Chuck’s story to be on everyone’s mind as they were regurgitating the latest poison from Glenn Beck’s mouth. I wanted people to have a visual of the person they were condemning in their almost orgasmic need to have a United States President fail. A failure that  some of these people  dream of, masturbate to…pray for every chance they get. “At all costs” is the motto, “At any cost” is the pledge.

I failed of course, not even the plight of a great man and amazing friend to many of us made a scratch in the shell that surrounds these ideologues.

So I will try again.

Instead of Mr. Pearl, who has the same condition as Chuck, I want to you again put Chuck’s name, his face, his interaction with you, his “self”.. put him in this story. Does that do anything for you ideologues? Can you sit there and hear that Chuck is just a “Dog” who needs to be gotten “rid of” because he dared to buy an insurance policy, he dared to pay it, he dared to get a debilitating degenerative disease and most of all  he dared to not die quickly enough?  The company that waspaid to cover health costs  can’t cancel one ‘dog’  because it would be against the law, so they just cancel an entire state of ‘dogs’. Is there any face I can put on this problem that will make a dent?

You may say “Oh but Kelly, I’m sure the courts will stop the insurance company from canceling everyone with this kind if policy. I’m sure a judge will see that this man, Mr. Pearl will die if this insurance company is allowed to cancel his policy.” But you would be wrong.

A federal court quickly ruled that the company’s actions were legal, so on Dec. 1, barring an order by the federal Department of Health and Human Services, Mr. Pearl will lose his benefits.

So much for that ‘check and balance’.

For those that abhor government intervention, will you cry with Glenn Beck if the  Health “Czar” Kathleen Sebelius orders the company to live up to it’s contract.

Sadly, we all know the answer to that… Yes, yes  you will.

Will those of you who even thought about trying to explain just how President Obama was creating “Death Panels” care to pick up your pitchfork against this actual ‘death panel’?  Mr. Pearl needs 24 hr nursing care, he is on a ventilator and needs hourly breathing treatments and continuous intravenous medication. Without this he will die, here is your Death Panel Sara Palin, will you ‘tweet’ about how evil this is? Will you take hundreds of thousand of dollars for a speech on this kind of injustice, will the people who aped your stupidity write Mr. Pearl or even Chuck’s name on a sign and demand they not be forgotten?

Sadly, we know the answer to that is.. no, no you won’t.

Guardian, a 150-year-old mutual company, reported profits of $437 million last year, a 50 percent increase over $292 million in 2007. It paid dividends of $723 million to policyholders and had $4.3 billion in capital reserves, according to its annual report. The company’s investment income totaled $1.5 billion that year, a small increase from the year earlier.

This is who you protect with your hatred of a President. This is who you protect with  your ‘at any cost’  ideologue.

“In an e-mail to four other Guardian executives entered into evidence in the Pearls’ suit, company Vice President Tim Birely discussed how the company could “eliminate this entire block to get rid of the few dogs.”

.. and don’t think you can get away with the argument of “Well, you Democrats are in power now and we can’t do anything stop you.” It’s condescending, it’s insincere and it’s bullshit. Most insulting of all.. you know it, snicker and use it anyway.

20 years ago a friend of mine took a ride with a person he had just recently started hanging around. He didn’t know him too well but he seemed cool and they got along. That night the new guy told my friend he was going to rob a local mom & pop grocer for some extra cash. My friend wasn’t a violent person, he wasn’t a criminal, he wasn’t a bad person in any way… but he because he was 17 and stupid he didn’t speak up.

The new guy went into the store while my friend waited in the car, he could have left at that point but for whatever reason he didn’t. After a few minutes the new guy came running back out, jumped in the car and away they went. They never spoke of what went on inside the store and it wasn’t until the next morning when the police showed up at his parents house to arrest him that my friend found out that the store owner had been shot and killed by the new guy. My friend was tried and convicted as an accessory to the crime and is on death row awaiting his date with the executioner. Does he deserve to die for a crime he had no part in? Some would say yes he does, but then again.. they would also be the ones to tell Mr. Pearl to go out and get a job if he wants health care.

The real “Dog” here isn’t Mr. Pearl and it isn’t Chuck or any of the other poor souls who have paid their premiums each month only to have them canceled because they did not die quick enough. The real “dogs” are the insurance company who cares more about an enormous bottom line over the lives they are supposed to be protecting. You all fighting reform at all costs.. at any cost, this is the dog you have allowed into your bed by not saying anything even when you know what they are doing is not only wrong, dangerous and against humanity, but could possibly be murderous. Just like the saying “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas”  this is on you whether you like it or not.

Lindsey Graham is currently finding that sad fact out. Arlen Specter and Colin Powell could have told him, but a conservative republican of Grahams stature, with his conservative record would have ignored their warnings just as the rest of the ideologues will ignore this liberal’s warning. When you go against the beast you create, the beast you’ve allowed to take over to fight your battle for you, when you go against it… you pay their price. It’s apropos that Graham is now the one to fight off charges that can not be defended because they have no basis in reality. “Fake Republican,” “RINO” (Republican in name only), a “traitor,” “disgrace,” “asshat,” “democrat in drag,” and a “wussypants, girly-man, half-a-sissy”.

The beast you fed,nurtured, appeased every step of the way while pretending “that’s  not what my belief..it’s theirs”.. and “Hey, you guys are in power not us”.. that beast is self-aware and is devouring your party.  That is who your next leaders will have no choice but to cater to. The metaphorically date with the executioner that you await for being an accessory to the crime, would be justice in and of itself if so many truly innocent people weren’t being punished along with you. Don’t believe there are ‘truly innocent’ people being punished? Well, I give you one final story

17-Pound, 4-Month-Old Baby

Denied Health Insurance

for Being Too Fat

Underwriters, the people who are in charge of assessing risk for insurance companies, have decided that baby Alex’s pre-existing condition — obesity — makes him a high-risk patient and have denied him coverage.

His parents were shocked.

“I could understand if we could control what he’s eating. But he’s 4 months old. He’s breast-feeding. We can’t put him on the Atkins diet or on a treadmill,” joked his frustrated father, Bernie Lange, a part-time news anchor at KKCO-TV in Grand Junction. “There is just something absurd about denying an infant.”

The beast you continue to actively support or just ignore because the end is justified by the means for you… denied a 4 month old, breastfed baby for the pre-existing condition of  obesity.

I hope you are happy with your creation.

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12 responses to “Let's just eliminate that dog.

  • Howey

    You’ll still get no empathy from the right, Kelly. When a group of people are so greedy they support extreme capitalism to the point where the common man will be forced to die in order to protect the insurance companie’s profits they won’t listen to a sob story like those above.

    To those on the right, it’s all about the buck and individual/corporate greed brought upon by deregulation instituted during the Reagan era. (Isn’t it funny how the man revered by the right wing today – the man recently annointed a God – can be singlehandedly responsible for the downfall of our economy years after his death?)

    One of the biggest problems with the insurance companies is their exemption from certain anti-trust laws. Why is this allowed?

  • ekg

    I don’t believe the President will do anything about this problem. He is a great man with great ambitions, but his overriding ambition to create a friendly ‘bipartisan’ atmosphere will overshadow all of his other goals. His need to make everyone ‘get along’ will destroy every policy attempt his tries.

    I get his need to bring everyone together after the last admin did nothing but drive us apart.. sadly, Obama should have been the President on 9/12 when we all dropped our colors and stood behind a single man.. but the Cheney’s of the political world have ensured that kind of support will not just never be given to this president if we are ever attacked again, but will never be given to another president period.

    It wasn’t just our rights Cheney took from us.. it was the underlying love of ones country and president when the chips are down that was taken from us. The next attack won’t be looked at with anger towards the ones who attacked us, it will be the rallying cry to get more stupid people to support the other party. “We told you Obama would kill us all”.. “It’s Obama’s fault”.. “Obama didn’t keep us safe”.. those will be the headlines and signs and toxic vomit to come from the vast conservative radio network..

    Obama misjudged his opponent. Everyone did, not just the President and the Democrats… but the GOP as well. No one ever believed this beast the GOP was riding would turn so violent and obstructionist that even their own party members would have to either leave the party (Specter) or face it’s wrath and try to come out alive after the battle. Lindsey Graham never once thought that he could be called a traitor by his own GOP constituents just because he spoke the truth. No one would have believed a man like Colin Powell could be denigrated by the Right the way he was..

    Lindsey Graham. Republican in name only (RINO).?? .as I said, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so fucking dangerous…

    Just imagine the platform the next Republican contender is going to have to run on. Imagine the what they are going to promise in order to woo those who believe people like Graham and Powell are traitors, RINO’s, Sissy-boys and racists all because the spoke a truth.

    and what does that do for ‘truth’?

    No, the excuse of “well you guys are in power now” was just thrown out the door when Graham was attacked by his own creation.. because if Graham,AF veteran,JAG officer,favorite of Strom Thurmond, chair of the committee that impeached Clinton..is no longer a “real republican” and can’t fight-off attacks that have no basis in reality and are just completely made up… then how in the hell is the President and anyone trying to further his agenda supposed to..

    it can’t be done.. not without a “McCain Town-hall “No, ma’am: no ma’am. He’s not.” moment from the entirety of the GOP wing that does not agree with the beast they’ve allowed to swallow them..

    but with the likes of Mr. Tan, Cantor, Steele and Grassly.. there isn’t a testicle between them that would give them enough testosterone to speak out.. The sad and disgusting irony is that they only one with the actual balls to help turn the beast away is a fucking whacked out chick from Alaska who is responsible for birthing the beast to begin with..

    Christ, if I didn’t have to live here.. I would help vote her into office myself just to give the GOP what it’s asking for..

    So no, I don’t believe the President has found his balls yet..I fear that he will pass any bill just to claim a faux bipartisan atmosphere.. and we will all surely be fucked for it when he does..The GOP has a window here.. but they are going to allow this to go further because all they care about is the power and not the people who have to live with their down right impudent actions.. the GOP has shown it will cut off it’s nose to spite it’s face just to use it as a tool for election.. they will allow a country to suffer if it benefits them.. They could have walked into this and really tried to find a truly peaceful and bipartisan solution to this problem that the entire country is begging for help from..but instead they decided it was better for them if the entire country suffered….

    how sick is that?

    well, they are finding that out now.. The Becks, Malkins, Palins and Bachmans are what the “real republicans” want..and that is what the beast will get…

  • Howey

    Thoughtful words…although I’m not ready to throw in the bipartisan towel yet. I think Obama’s going to realize there’s no dealing with these idiots.

    BTW – I ran across this today…Where was the uproar ala Dubya’s show throwers? Why aren’t these traitors in prison like that Iraqi?


    Last fall the school’s Young Conservatives held an anti-Obama event on campus, encouraging students to throw eggs at a picture of the presidential candidate and participate in a “socialist on a stick” Obama ring-toss.

  • Howey

    Oops…there’s some new spoilers posted. Grab Bert and head over there!

  • lil mike

    From your linked article:

    ” A Guardian spokesman said policies such as Mr. Pearl’s – which offered unlimited home nursing – had simply become too expensive for new small-business customers to buy, and that even Medicaid and Medicare do not cover 24-hour home nursing. His parents, Warren and Susan Pearl of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said their health insurance premiums had risen over the years to $3,700 a month.

    As a last resort, Mr. Pearl would be admitted to a state hospital under Medicaid. But the Pearls consider that a death sentence. ”

    So, Ian will die because… he will end up on the “public option,” medicaid, which is far inferior to the private care he has been receiving, correct? So the solution is…. the public option death sentence?

    Also, Howey, you might not know this but there was a guy on the muche this summer, Roddy, (who left under mysterious circumstances) who brought up a very interesting point. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, ERISA, is what allows health insurance companies to not be liable under normal contract law. Generally, when a contract is entered in good faith, it’s enforcable, which is the bedrock to allow business to occur. Except for health insurance apparently, and totally due to this law.

    Here is the root of this problem, but I expect it will be ignored, in search of some idealized “Public Option” which the Pearl’s already see as a death sentence. The irony is, if you get your way, Ian still gets a death sentence. At least he will have served your purpose though.

  • Howey

    “As a last resort, Mr. Pearl would be admitted to a state hospital under Medicaid. But the Pearls consider that a death sentence. ”

    So the insurance companies are willing to pass the buck and let the government take care of the guy? Under a socialized 24 hour medical treatment plan?


    You just proved every point ekg was trying to make.

    And if you’re all for that, LilGrassley, why not just go ahead and pronounce your support for a “Public Option” so all the thousands and thousands of other “dogs” out there can be taken care of? Since the insurance companies won’t?

    Oh. I know who Rodney is. He emailed me. It’s a crying shame the Muche has to do people searches on people just to make sure they aren’t “me”. That’s called paranoia in the nth degree and is indicative as to why the Muche is dying. And, no, Rodney isn’t me.

    What’s even funnier is there’s an entire thread on there about how great free speech is on the internet…yet those same people are all for banning someone whose only fault was speaking his own mind!

  • lil mike

    The health insurance companies are passing the buck because the law is written to allow them, above all other businesses, to skip out on a contract. So are you in favor of eliminating that aspect of ERISA or, because you love government regulation so much,and love the stories like this that would not exist if not for ERISA? Tyical lib tactic. Use government to creat a problem, then freak out over the problem and demand that government fix the problem that it created in the first place. Only by spending a lot more money on it.

    So do you oppose Ian getting the “public option” of Medicaid or support it?

    So Rodney emailed you huh? That is hilarious! Thanks for that. But who are the same people who support free speech who are also in favor of banning someone “speaking his mind?”

  • ekg

    I can’t figure out which is more sad.. that you don’t know what the hell your were talking about this late in the game.. or that you do know and just don’t care if you have to lie a little bit about it in order to protect your ideologies..

    1st.. Ian wouldn’t die from the ‘public option’… he would die from having to live in an assisted living home… I covered that in my blog on Chuck’s plight.. now, you either chose to ignore or forget that.. or you’re exaggerating now because it scares people..

    2nd medicaid isn’t the ‘public option’ .. that is what the poorest of the poor get. which no matter how bad(and it’s not), is still better than what millions have now..
    The public option is low cost private insurance and it’s only low cost to the payer because the gov’t can purchase larger ‘blocks’ and get a better deal than a single person.

    again, you either don’t know this.. or you do and don’t care to lie about it because it furthers your ideology. .. I just can’t figure out which is worse at this point..

    healthcare companies pass the buck and raise the price while you cheer them on.. whether it’s because they are exempted under anti-trust laws or any other law doesn’t matter.. because the only GOP battle cry in this whole this is “Death Panels”.. is there a single GOP effort to curb any of this abuse? ummmm no…. Schumer (D)has an amendment to stop part of this.. will any of your GOP vote for it.. I guess we’ll see! we both know they won’t tho..

    I bring up that the industry you are fighting for at any costs, just decided the Ian, Chuck and all like them are “Dogs” that they need to eliminated.and nothing from you against them.. not a surprise, just a sadness…

    btw, it has nothing to do with they are costing the company too much, I posted their windfall profits from last year.. the quote you used was the PC/CYA reply to being asked why the VP would call someone like Ian or Chuck a fucking “dog”… which is something else you know, but chose to ignore because it doesn’t further your cause..

    seriously.. how can you continue to protect an industry that would treat your wife the same way if she was diagnosed with MS tomorrow is simply beyond me..she would just be their new ‘dog’ to rid themselves of..

    yes, you do protect them because I have never seen you come out against them.. oh you’ll come out against a Democrat that’s for sure.. but against the all mighty insurance company.. or the beast you’ve cultivated that’s now biting your GOP members in the ass? nope.. you just do what the rest of the GOP does, turn away like you didn’t see it, didn’t hear it and didn’t read it.. you are as much of an accomplice in this as the ones who do it knowingly.. you have a president who will work with you.. but instead the GOP shat in his hand and walk over to tongue-kiss the insurance companies because they have the money to rile up the rank and inbred and to fund their re-election bid..

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