For Sale! One Politician! Taking bids from any interest group.. any business..all offers considered. Supplies of politicians from local,state federal and even judicial are Unlimited! Bid high and bid often!

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Now that the Supreme Court has made ‘whoring’ legal, we can all look around at the last time our Government wasn’t bought and paid for by big business.  Sure, there have always been politicians in the pockets of these groups  but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the politician that is specifically sponsored by some interest group like a  NASCAR driver or what can now be called, the “Future of politics in this country”.

Imagine, Big Tobacco gets tired of the FDA restrictions and bad publicity they’ve gotten.. what to do- what to do.. Now they have the answer, they hire X amount of politicians and pay for all the attacks ads and smearing propagandist movies  that they can and then run them 24/7 on every channel and in every paper they can find in the politicians area all the way up to election.. and on election day.. Viola! Instant game changer, now they have X amount of paid senators who will work to change the laws against tobacco so they can start to rehabilitation their selves with the new “Pro-Smoking” TV spots they will be allowed to run after their candidates trim a few laws in their favor.  If that doesn’t work? Hell, they’ll just buy  more candidates in the next election.

The 1st thing we’ll see to go are the Unions. That of course makes the GOP happy! In fact this decision has them squirming for joy right now, they are salivating and as we speak placing “For Sale” signs on their office doors. This is a republicans wet-dream and at 1st they will be extremely happy with their new toy. Eventually though they will come to find out what all whores find out, it’s not always easy fucking for money… sometimes you’re forced to do things with that creepy guy who smells bad and afterward you just feel dirty and used inside. But guess what? By that time it’s too late, even the GOP will be disillusioned when they realize Pandora’s box is opened and looking them in the eye, it’s just a shame they won’t be able to do anything about it.

We all know there are some people out there who can be bought for any price so what happens when that person is given unlimited funds to win an election? I’ll give you a hint: Sarah Palin Wins Presidential ElectionAs Alan Grayson said it will no longer be the senator from Iowa, it will now be the Senator from Exxon-Mobile.

So what can we look forward to and why is this a bad thing? Well for starters, after the Unions go then any Wall Street reform will be out the door as well and if we thought Wall Street was getting away with murder before… you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Think about it, before… groups like AIG or Bank of America were barred from spending too much money to directly influence an election.. but now the money we gave them to get back on their feet can go towards electing a Congressman who doesn’t believe Wall Street should have to pay anything back, or start loaning any money again, or  have any restrictions,checks or balances in any way..What’s that you say? You don’t like that idea? Well sorry my friend, you are just a single voter with limited funds.. AIG and BOA are now more important voters with billions to spend electing their chosen candidate. C’mon, do you really think your $25 dollar donation can compete with their $25 million? Of course  it can’t  so that means candidates will no longer listen to their constituents, they won’t have to.. they only have to listen to and help the interests of the big corporation who funded their campaign.

How does this change things? Ohh count the ways..

EPA? HA! Corporation can now buy candidates to lessens dumping restrictions.. the money they save from the loosened restriction can go towards buying more politicians.

FDA? Hey, hormone infused animals, irradiated produce and weeding out the ‘downer cows’ from the healthy ones all effect the bottom line.. In the ‘New world’  paid-for politicians can change FDA guidelines to help these companies and their bottom line. Not that their bottom line and our health go hand in hand and in fact they are mostly on opposite sides of the room, but look.. your $25 donation just doesn’t go as far as it used to.

New and untested drugs going on the market whenever the Big Pharma wants is another gift that’s been bestowed upon us by the infinite wisdom of John Roberts, Antonin Scalia,Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Anthony Kennedy.

Global warming Out! Pollution control out! Toxic dumping Out! Bad meat recall Out! Dangerous toy recall Out! Bad tires out!  Low cost housing Out! All social programs Out! Abortion and divorce Out! Reducing age limits on cigarettes and alcohol In! Reinstating the draft In! Drilling and strip mining In! Anti-trust laws Out! Monopolies In! Separation of Church and State Out! No prayers in school Out! Evolution in class rooms Out! Creationism In! Mom and Pop small town stores Out! Wal-mart on every corner In! Untested drugs In! Lawsuits against drug companies for knowingly testing unsafe material on the population Out! Reduction or banishment of minimum wage In! Low to no taxes on the rich and business In! Taxation without representation In! The middle class Out!

The list is endless, anything..anything any big corporation or special interest wants is now up for sale. The insurance conglomerates admitted to spending millions on ads to disprove the need for health reform. $20 million from 6 of the largest health insurers  was quietly being pumped  into third-party television ads aimed at killing or significantly modifying the major health reform bills moving through Congress. Now add another $100 million to buy a few politicians and what do you think the health debate will look like then? I see it as a war, a war over which Congressman can give the most to whichever insurance company pays the best. We the people? I laugh.. We don’t exit anymore.. how can we, we are single entities with limited funds going against massive blocks whose primary goal is not the best interest of the common man, but the best interest of the share-holder, and if buying a few dozen school board superintendents,mayors,governors,Congressmen, Judges  and a President increases the bottom line..then the CEO and Board members are required by law to do it. Now they have the pathway to accomplish it.

Hyperbolic fiction? Does it really matter now? You can’t do anything to change it even if this isn’t dooms-day, conspiracy, fiction.. do you get that part yet? It doesn’t matter anymore, the country can be bought and paid for by big business and interest groups and they have more money than you so there’s no stopping it now.  Think about this, Presidents select Supreme Court Justices, if Big Tobacco gets their paid-for President and Congress in.. they also get their Supreme Court Justice nominated.

According to the New York Times, during the last election cycled, the Fortune 100 companies alone had combined revenues of $13 trillion and profits of $605 billion. A third of the Senate is up for reelection every two years. Let’s say the largest corporations give an average of $10 million to each Senatorial Candidate. (Of course, to sway an election, it would be more in big states like New York, Texas and California, and less in small states Wyoming, Montana and Rhode Island.) That would be $3.3-$3.4 billion every two years. Let’s say they spent another $4 billion on the Presidential election every 4 years or an average of another $1 billion a year.

For less than 1% of their profits, the 100 largest corporations would likely be able to control the Senate and the Presidency, and through that, the Supreme Court. (This doesn’t even count contributions from the next 400 companies in the Fortune 500, or from slightly smaller corporations.) Good luck passing legislation to limit greenhouse gases, regulate insurance companies, or to reign in the power of the big banks.

So you see, it doesn’t matter if this is fictional bullshit or the reality waiting for us… nothing can be done to stop it from happening. It’s now trust we are to give companies like Big Tobacco,Big Oil, Big Pharma,Wall Street, Big Insurance and we all know they would never do a thing to harm us, they would never screw the public to better their bottom line and bonus’, would they…

We had a good run while it lasted.. But now? Well, corporatist dystopia here we come.

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11 responses to “For Sale! One Politician! Taking bids from any interest group.. any business..all offers considered. Supplies of politicians from local,state federal and even judicial are Unlimited! Bid high and bid often!

  • Howey

    Finally! A new post!

    I suspect (of course, only if non-progressive Democrats and Independents…as well as the Ron Paul gang) get off their collective woe-is-me asses and fucking do something this will be short-lived and thrown out in a Constitutional Amendment this fall.

    I also suspect the pubs have shot themselves in the foot with this one…TTFN!

  • lil mike

    It’s a 1st amendment issue, plain and simple. You don’t like the marketplace of ideas? Then compete in it rather than trying to restrict it.

  • Howey

    I get it now, lilMike. You’re all for 1st Amendment rights…unless they actually apply to people. Huge corporations on a mission to make money (damn that little guy!) have feelings too!! Boo Hoo!!

    The biggest problem with our political system now is the influence (peddling) of corporations, either through lobbyists or flat-out buying politicians to achieve their goal.

    What we need is comprehensive election reform. Something that will allow that little guy out there the opportunity to exercise his 1st Amendment rights in our election process.

    That can be accomplished with the passage of the BIPARTISAN Fair Elections Now Act.

    Here’s the petition:

  • ekg

    you know as well as I do if you dug up the fouding fathers today, showed then how corporations and spec. interest have taken over the system with the GOP blessing.. they would tear the constitution up, grab a megaphone and call for a revolution.. we don’t make Kings in this country remember.. this law is a King-making law..

    it’s a load of crap that you’re hiding behind the 1st amendment on this.. a corporation is not a person, spec interest are not people.. and the fact that they have billions to bribe with guarantees corruption in the Gov’t..

    I know you like that thought because the GOP will be the 1st to receive their payoffs… but mark my words, you will come to hate and then fear that which you champion today..

  • Howey

    Here’s a great article from Ruth Marcus on this.

    This is particularly interesting…

    “Fourth, the majority bizarrely invoked the “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” defense. Under the Austin ruling, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy argued, lawmakers unhappy with being lampooned in the movie “could have done more than discourage its distribution — they could have banned the film.” Beyond untrue. There is no scenario under which works of art about fictional lawmakers could be limited by campaign finance laws.”

  • ekg

    here’s my question.. when will the GOP ring out against these “activists judges”… surly these 5 have proven to be the most activist judges the court has seen in decades..

    wait, they can’t be activists can they..

    they’re conservatives.. and the conservatives will bend,twist,and roll themselves into any shape or form they can to not associate that “Liberal” term to their Judges..

    Just like they (as Lil mike just proved) will wrap themselves around the false idea that corporations and spec. interests had their ‘speech’ held before the activist Judges on the SC changed the law.. when in fact, these corporations and spec. interest could always say whatever they wanted to… lies,falsehoods,propaganda… they could say what they wanted, no one was stopping law was stopping them either..

    I think the GOP and lil mike see an open purse as free-speech..

    boy, did they miss that one.. too bad the rest of us will pay for their mistake 1st… but they will eventually get theirs I’m sure..

  • uselesslegs

    I’m still trying to figure out, where corps and special interests were bound and gagged, prior to this ruling. Lobbying? Nope. Political affiliations? Nope. Having EVERYDAY access to people on capital hill? Yup. Average citizen? Nope. The list goes on and on and on.

    Even before the decision corporations could act through their political action committees or outside specified time windows.

    It would make sense, to me, if they were able to present case after case after case of there inability to participate in our/their democracy. On the same level of the everyday citizen. We blurred the line horribly when we let corps become individuals…who happen to have the ability of 10 million individuals, who would all have to donate 1 dollar each, to have as MUCH influence and impact as ONE Corp. And I’m being very sarcastic by saying 10 million dollars would even begin to play ball against corp and special interest money.

    Unions can balance out against corp money? Let’s be real here, shall we? Lewis Friedland, a professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism and Mass Communication did some “factual” digging…in a nut shell, ALL COMBINED, the top 38 unions barely float above 7 billion in assests. Goldman Sachs compensation pool in 2009, handed out friggin 16.2 BILLION dollars. A single entity, a single corp, DOUBLED (and then some) the assets of all top 38 unions. So let’s leave the Union argument out of it…it’s bullshit.

    This film was the watershed moment of denied freedoms? Seriously? Our Gov. finally and totally becoming a body governed by corps and special interests is all because of this film? This decision went WAY beyond the correction of a wrong…the court used this film to decimate ANY participation, on any meaningful level, of the average citizen in the political process of our/their country.

    Anyone’s a fucking fool if they believe *Mr. Smith Goes to Washington* will be the balancing act to keep corp. bought politicans flying right.

  • Howey

    Breaking news!

    Corporations demand same-sex mergers!

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  • Tiana Desimone

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