Let's ask the Republican National Committee what they think..

Have you ever wondered what kind of people Republicans are ? I have often wondered what makes them so different from a liberal Democrat.  I have especially wondered how some people, notably  the gays , can fall in line with a party that doesn’t believe they have the right to exist.  To me it’s like a black man joining the KKK, of course the KKK will take his money and take his vote if it furthers their agenda.. but they also want him wiped from existence in their world and would gladly do such a thing if they could.

Those kinds of questions are probably left to a psychiatrist couch. They probably have something to do with a need, going back to high school, to be accepted by what they perceive to be the ‘cool kids’. Why those who are fiscally conservative (and that’s the only reason they are a Republican) can’t just be a Blue-Dog Democrat is beyond me.  So those are questions that just have to remain unanswered.  The one we can now answer  though is more general, more encompassing.

What kind of people are Republicans and what kind of people donate to Republicans?  Well, thanks to the Republican National Committee…we have a list.

stefs diary :: ::  Daily Kos

stef's diary :: :: Daily Kos

They are people driven by fear, they have extreme negative feelings, hate if you will, against the administration, they are weak and cave into peer pressure, they are brown-nosers who want access, they are ego-driven and most of all they are reactionary.

Ouch. I don’t care who you are, that has to hurt. Then again, most Republicans are probably so ego-driven that they don’t realize that they are in this list, to them this is a list of those ‘other’ Republicans.

I’d ask Mike where he fell in this list that his party has said he is a part of, but he’s so far into the kool-aid that even hearing what his religious leaders really think of him doesn’t matter.  Even  though this is what his own party thinks of him and the other members, he, like the others who are either driven by.. well pick something from  the list.. to turn their backs… Thou shalt have no other God beside the GOP and all.

On a happier note, we know what will be the issues for the coming up elections. Fear and we even know what kind.

stefs diary :: ::  Daily Kos

stef's diary :: :: Daily Kos

and we got a sneak peek at the signs we can look forward to.

stefs diary :: ::  Daily Kos

stef's diary :: :: Daily Kos

Fear of Socialism, huh.. that’s original

What’s sad is that there isn’t a single policy issue in the 72 pages of motivational material laid out by the RNC.  But even that is not as sad as not a single Republican noticing that. They are running on hate, peer pressure and reactionary impulses of the easily frightened, what do they need policy for?

The worst part of all is a party that thinks this of it’s members. Why would anyone stand with a group that thinks so little and so negatively of it’s own people?

While others are probably enjoying this issue for their own reasons, I find it insulting and frankly unconscionable, but after seeing everything we have seen since a black man took office.. I can’t deny that in many case the Republicans nailed it. That doesn’t mean I think all of their donors and supporters are like this, not like they obviously do, but you can’t watch Hannity or Beck, listen to Rush or Beck.. support Palin or Bachman and not have a few of those things on the RNC list in your make up. The fact that this kind of ‘Faux news’ and ‘rhetoric’ is so popular only shows the amount of reactionary, ego-driven, easily scared people that have become a part of the Republican party.

One thing is for sure, those must be some damn nice “tchochkes” they give out to donors to make people ignore what their party thinks of them.


Poltico is reporting that

“Rob Bickhart, the Republican National Committee official behind the embarrassing fundraising presentation reported this week by POLITICO, has been paid at least $370,000 since last June by the RNC in salary and consulting fees

wow..he “makes more than the President of the United States” and as if that wasn’t enough..

Between Bickhart’s salary – he is on pace to earn a little more than $196,000 annually – and his consulting fees – which tallied $240,000 in the second half of last year alone – it appears Bickhart could receive north of $500,000 per year from the RNC

That’s a lot of money given to someone who was only able to come up with a ‘fear’ campaign geared towards the ego-driven, reactionaries.

Here’s a question, I expect Mike and some other Republucans to believe him, but do we really believe that Michael Steele didn’t know how his very own “finance director” was planning to “urge top donors and fundraisers to use “fear” of President Barack Obama to raise cash”? While labeling party-members that way? Isn’t one of Steele’s job fundraiser? If so, would he really not know how the RNC was going to do that?  I don’t know that I buy that.

Not that Steele will lose his job, they need him as the scapegoat if they don’t take back the House and Senate like they have predicted. I do wonder how being labeled these horrible things by their own party will affect fund-raising  and thus their ability to finance the type of  “fear” campaigns they plan on running.

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8 responses to “Let's ask the Republican National Committee what they think..

  • Howey

    lol…did I send this to you too? I sent it to Scott Maxwell yesterday. His blog is all about it today. Here’s what I had to say on there:

    What? Where’s all the pubs posting their defense of this?

    Busy cancelling checks to the GOP?

    I’m not surprised by the immediate mea culpa’s following this most recent example of Republican shame. It’s been happening time and time again following other deplorable issues pimped by the party.

    I noted several months ago on my blog that the downfall of the Republican Party won’t be at the hands of Barack Obama, health care reform, or a progressive agenda.

    It will be self-inflicted political suicide.

  • ekg

    there’s been an UPDATE added

    It will be self-inflicted political suicide.

    I think you’re right.. I seriously can’t fathom why anyone would give them any money or confidence..

    Even tho the ‘fear’ campaign is nothing new, atleast it’s undeniable now.. I just wonder if they’ll change tactics or stick with it..

  • Howey

    May I introduce you to the RNC’s ‘CODE RED’?


    “Welcome to Code Red, a new project of the National Republican Congressional Committee designed to alert Americans to the dangers posed by Democrats’ government takeover of health care – and to help stop it.”

  • lil mike

    Good blog ekg, and you’ve asked questions that deserve an answer… when I can find the time to sit down and write them. This was on my short list.

    This is one of the reasons I’ve not donated to the RNC, either the national or state party, for years. If you’ve followed the scandals in the Florida party, with that fool Greer acting like an idiot in front of a national audiance and basically handing out free money via the party credit card, who could stomach sending them any money.

    Ive set my conditions for donating money to the GOP, but I don’t expect to have them meet it this year.

  • ekg

    RNC’s ‘CODE RED’?


    what is wrong with these people..

  • ekg

    Mike, I’m glad you don’t donate to them.. because I think it would be flat out dumb to give money to anyone who would treat it’s members this way.

    and I look forward to some of your answers.. especially the campaigning approach that we are obviously going to see.. fear? really? Is that what you want to campaign on?

    do you understand what that breeds? and how dangerous that can make the world?

    I’ll wait for your reply to go any further

  • Howey

    “and I look forward to some of your answers…”

    Umm…I really don’t think we’ll see Mike in this thread again.

  • Howey

    “Umm…I really don’t think we’ll see Mike in this thread again.”

    Yup. Thought so…

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