Are they trying to get someone killed….

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. It’s not that I would call the person telling me about it a liar, but I would assume they were mistaken. Lil Mike and I have had many disagreements but up until the last few months he’s always been a relatively rational person. So even when I was told about this remark he made on the MucheDumbre forum, I still didn’t believe it because even he isn’t that… backwards.

I was… wrong.

I know that Mike doesn’t speak for all Republicans, but he does tow whatever current talking point the rest of them are towing religiously. Even still, the other day when I 1st saw this theory in the comments section on a leftie blog reporting the news, I didn’t give it much thought because what intelligent,logical, and rational person would actually come out and say that since it wasn’t on TV, they just wouldn’t believe it? I mean the news told me it was windy outside, but they didn’t show me video.. so I’m going to call shenanigans! Jesus didn’t walk the earth because there is no video to prove it! Dinosaurs never existed because no one caught one on film.   You see why this is such a retarded concept?

Now, I am not just addressing Mike in this post even though I am using a lot of singular pronouns, I’m not just talking to him.. (yes, Mike forces me to make this disclaimer now when addressing him)

Lil MIke
I’ve waited a couple of days to comment on this because I wanted to see what evidence turned up on, but so far, nothing.

So in the matter of Rep. Cleaver being spit on, I call shennanigans.

In the matter of Rep. Lewis being called the “N” word, I again call shennanigans.

I’ve scoured YouTube and I’ve seen various news coverage of the walk between buildings in question, and I didn’t hear anyone use that language. The walk was so heavily filmed by so many sources that it strains incredulity that not a single flip or phone camera didn’t catch it, let alone the network news cameras that filmed it. Rep. Jackson actually filmed it with his flip camera, so where is his footage? And no witnesses. Maybe Jackson has it on his flip and is just waiting for the right time to release it, but until then, it sounds like a political trick.

In the matter of Rep. Frank being called a faggot, there seems to be enough witnesses to confirm it, so even though there is no footage of it, I buy the story.

Interestingly though, several people near the person who called him that called him out on it. So that’s positive.

Since you didn’t see it on the ‘telegraph with moving picture-box’.. it can’t be true?

In my best Bill Maher.. “Really?

Of course it’s shenanigans that someone would call black man “nigger” in this country. No one would ever do such a thing, of course they’d call a homosexual a “faggot”, but those kind of people draw the line when it comes to using the ‘n’ word..

Is this how far you’ll stoop to ignore reality? You now have to see it on the picture box..?

Your reality must be interesting if you need the television to prove things to you. As for the spitting that you ‘ scoured YouTube’ for…  it took about 15 seconds to find..

The incident shenanigan is at about 1:20.. you can see his head jerk back, you can see him swat his hand and after he walks away you can see him wiping his face some more. Now I know, John Madden isn’t there to show you a frame by frame but…

wait, what am I thinking, you don’t watch videos that are posted do you?

I know, you don’t believe it unless it’s on TV, but you and your people have lost their fucking minds

Really? Browning can stop it? Well we know who Palin is talking to with her tweet don’t we?

and her map of targets.. ya know the one with the cross-hairs

Means nothing.

Hopefully someone gets the assassination on video so you can watch the TV and see it for yourself since that’s what you base your beliefs on now.

Hey, don’t worry  the GOP is right there egging it all on with “don’t tread on me’ banners draped off the balcony of the House.. They’re right there in the loop of all of this, I’m sure you oozing pride aren’t you? One can only assume that you and they have you fingers crossed that Palin’s target finds it mark.

Of course you hope it’s not caught on camera so you can deny it too..

Feet from the Capitol, protesters roar when GOP members fly a "Don't Tread on Me" flag from the House balcony"

I know that this next incident wasn’t on television, so it must be made up too.

One vulnerable Democrat in the post-health care reform era is Representative Tom Perriello (D-Va.), whose support for reform has brought him continual criticism. This week, one self-styled “Tea Party organizer” posted what he thought was Perriello’s home address, encouraging people to harass the lawmaker at home. The address ended up being the home of Perriello’s brother’s family, but the activist, Mike Troxel, took it in stride, saying, “I was a journalism major in college, so I have every reason to believe my research is accurate.” Laugh if you want, but this is precisely how the “journalism” works, circa 2010. This isn’t the first time Perriello critics have struggled with geography: back in December, Tea Partiers got all bent out of shape when they discovered that Perriello’s Charlotteville office wasn’t conveniently located in a way that facilitated their whining.

UPDATE: The call to harass Perriello and the dissemination of the incorrect address has combined to lead to something scary: a propane gas line at Perriello’s brother’s house was cut. The FBI is reportedly investigating this.

Since there wasn’t an explosion, it must be fake..

and the Stupak threats?

“Congressman Stupak, you baby-killing mother fucker… I hope you bleed out your ass, got cancer and die, you mother fucker,”


“There are millions of people across the country who wish you ill,and all of those thoughts that are projected on you will materialize into something that’s not very good for you.

was only caught on audio tape..

Stupak audio recordings of threats

But sadly, since it wasn’t a video tape on youtube  it was probably just Stupak calling himself. By the way, what is the GOP’s fascination with male asses?


Hell, this doesn’t mean anything either

and since a militia leader called for broken windows..

And on Monday, a former Alabama militia leader took credit for instigating the actions.

Mike Vanderboegh of Pinson, Ala., former leader of the Alabama Constitutional Militia, put out a call on Friday for modern “Sons of Liberty” to break the windows of Democratic Party offices nationwide in opposition to health care reform. Since then, vandals have struck several offices, including the Sedgwick County Democratic Party headquarters in Wichita.

and got them, that tweet above should just be ignored because really, who would listen to such a thing? Sir-Han Sir-Han only listened to voices in his head, and Hinkley only did it to make Jodi Foster see him..

I mean really..

who would listen to such a thing?

I guess when the tea baggers meet in Washington on such an innocuous day as April 19 for their BRING YOUR GUNS rally it doesn’t mean anything,because that date doesn’t mean anything and they’re just bringing their loaded guns. It’s not like the anger we see in the spitting video will still be boiling. It’s not like any of the examples in this blog would ever egg someone on..

Of course you’ll just ignore it no matter what.. But let’s just hope the secret service doesn’t

19 April 2010:

Bring Your Sidearms and Longarms
To The Banks of the Potomac Pistol loaded,
openly carried. Rifle unloaded, slung to rear.
Bandoleer of magazines containing ammo. 

We know the GOP would have allowed an armed protest of the war right? Especially an armed protest after all the death threats and assignations promises that you’ve decided are shenanigans and will just ignore..

I don’t really know who you are anymore, then again, maybe I never did. You keep saying you’ve never changed and are the same person you have always been, maybe I just never saw how reactionary and dangerously flippant you are until now.

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20 responses to “Are they trying to get someone killed….

  • Howey

    I’ve been able to pretty much figure out who Mike is by some of his less-noticed comments and links, so his craziness lately doesn’t really surprise me. lol…and to think the TPTB on the muche thought I was on an agenda!

    While I understand RR’s intentions to point out Cantor’s disclosure today that even he’s been a victim of this hate, a little fact checking should be done before posting the claim:

    The Richmond Police Department is investigating an act of vandalism at the Reagan Building, 25 E. Main St., Richmond, Virginia. A first floor window was struck by a bullet at approximately 1 a.m. on Tuesday, March 23. The building, which has several tenants including an office used by Congressman Eric Cantor, was unoccupied at the time.

    A Richmond Police detective was assigned to the case. A preliminary investigation shows that a bullet was fired into the air and struck the window in a downward direction, landing on the floor about a foot from the window. The round struck with enough force to break the windowpane but did not penetrate the window blinds. There was no other damage to the room, which is used occasionally for meetings by the congressman.

    “direct threat”? Nah…try again, Cantor.

  • Howey

    Seems like a few hours Cantor held a press briefing blaming all the violence on…

    The Democrats!

    “Legitimate threats should be treated as security issues, and they should be dealt with by the appropriate law enforcement officials,” Cantor said. “It is reckless to use these incidents as media vehicles for political gain. That is why I have deep concerns that — some [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] chairman Chris Van Hollen and [Democratic National Committee] chairman Tim Kaine, in particular — are dangerously fanning the flames, by suggesting that these incidents be used as a political weapon.”

  • Howey

    OMG…The latest Republican claim they’re receiving hate calls was just aired on NBC Nightly News.

    Someone called some Republican legislator and **shudder** called him a RACIST! **SHUDDER**

  • lil mike

    Even though you say you are not just talking to me, it’s hard to draw any other conclusion given how much I am referred to and quoted in your blog. In any case, that’s fine if it is addressed to me. I’m comfortable responding as if it is meant solely for me. Let me address your points.

    I’m not rational. Clearly, anyone who believes that there should be some standard of proof for smears is not rational in your book. Of course, by misquoting me, as you are oft to do, makes me sound irrational. I didn’t say, “since it wasn’t on TV,” that I didn’t believe it. Merely that I couldn’t find any video, in which virtually every second of the walk from one building to another was taped. I find nothing irrational in being suspicious of a taped event in which the event in question is not found.

    So when ekg pulled the tape, showing the spitting incident, then sure, I believe it.

    But what is so remarkable about that? Claims require evidence. That’s the very definition of reason, not a rejection of it, as ekg claims.

    As far as Lewis being called the N word, no I still don’t believe it. And for the same reasons I expressed. The entire march from building to building was taped, and it wasn’t recorded anywhere and only one person (not even Lewis) heard it?

    Eh… possible, but not likely.

    Unless you got a tape.

    But why would I not require a recording of Frank being called a faggot? Because there were witnesses. Easy. And you think that’s not rational?

    Your basic premise has less to do with the level of evidence I need and more to do with this: that if there are a couple of threats or incidents, it’s an indictment of the entire movement, in fact, its an indictment of the majority of the country that would like this bill repealed.

    The are all racist homophobes, and the actual policy issues that this revolves around are irrelevant. That seems to be the point of the name of your blog, “Are They Trying to Get Someone Killed…”

    Who is “they?”

    I realize that in your universe, this is a battle of good (you) vs. evil (me). You really don’t accept the concept that people can have different ideas about the side of government without one being good and one being evil.

    And of course you don’t buy that your side has any guilt in violence.

    Interesting that you brought up the Stupak. Last week when Rep. Stupak was leaning towards a no vote, he getting other kinds of threats.

    It wasn’t a big deal last week was it?

    When you guys were out of power, there were all kinds of violence and threats committed by your side.

    Several GOP headquarters were vandalized.

    Including the Orlando one.

    and fired a few shots in one for good measure.

    You guys burned Swastika’s in people’s yards.

    And of course, I’ve posted before the multitude of death threats against President Bush.,21596.msg331963.html#msg331963

    and here, oh the lovely signs and posters!,25420.msg403724.html#msg403724

    With zero outrage from you.

    But this is really your argument, that you are good and we, the majority of the country who opposed this bill, are bad. Pretty simplistic if you ask me.

    On debating the issues, you can’t be found. You make your arguments via twitter.

    Now you could have always have taken the line like I have, that there are crazies on both sides and we should stick to the issues, but no, that’s not what you are about as your blog proves.

  • ekg

    sweeeeeettt dodge..

    not a single threat addressed.. and in fact pretty much excused with a ‘well you did it too’


  • lil mike

    More like, “you did it first,” and although I am opposed to any violence and threats, you had your opportunity to do the same when you guys were out of power and … pretty much declined.

    It’s easy for me to say I oppose any act of vandalism or threats of violence because quite simply, I oppose vandalism and threats of violence, regardless of who is doing it. And as a good law and order conservative, the guilty parties should be punished with the full force of the law.

    But you guys racked up quiet a history of vandalism, violence, and threats of violence. Did you ever try to do the same? Nope. You were not bothered at all when it was your side committing violence, vandalism, death threats, and of course calls for assasination of the President.

    Unfortunately, that is what is “typical.”

  • ekg

    annnndd another passive/aggressive “you did it so…..” excuse..

    bury your head and pretend this is the same temperature and rhetoric that was around 8 years ago..whatever you have to do to get yourself to sleep at night I guess..

  • lil mike

    There was nothing passive about it. The threats were much worse when you guys were doing it. End of story.

    I mean really, Palins “target map?” Do you think that was actually a threat?

  • Howey

    Perhaps the big difference between “then” and “now”, lilMike, is the fact that “now” we have elected leaders of a party wholeheartedly backing violence towards the President and others?

  • ekg

    of course the threats were much worse under us than under you..

    and reconciliation was the nuclear option when we did it but normal process when you did it

    entitlement spending is too much under us, but reasonable under you

    Pelosi shoved the health bill thru in secret after it had been talked about on TV every day for over a year, but your Pat Act which was done in 20 days, in secret and it’s secret midnight changes before the vote.. was normal GOP process..

    Tom Delay being sanctioned by the ethics committee for outright bribing people for their Med D vote wasn’t nearly as bad and Pelosi telling her people to stick together…

    yes yes.. You guys are saints.. The Dems are evil who are led by the Anti-Christ…

    no really, you like polls.. a cpl days ago a Harris poll showed that one in 4 avowed Republicans polled think Obama is the Anti-Christ…


    you’re in a party full of bat-shit crazy racists and you know it, but can’t say anything or you might get ‘Frumed’… lmao

    no wonder you’re delusional..

  • ekg

    let’s not forget the outright hate and anger caused by 8 years of GOP policy and let’s face it, a black man being President..

    Mike will never admit that these things are a problem for some people though.. so he will never see the reality that is being played out all around him. Which in a way is sad, because it’s historic and to be a part of history but burying your head so you don’t witness it.. is a waste..

    the fact is there was anger and distrust under Bush.. and it was well deserved.. but the hate and violence today is amplified by a factor of 10 and not deserved. Obama simply is not the Jew-Hating,Kenyan born Nazi, socialist Anti-Christ that is bringing on Armageddon that the majority of the GOP think he is, and frankly the GOP leaders inflame and egg people on to think he is.. Mike can’t admit that because he would have to admit his party’s culpability and he that just doesn’t register.. to him everything is “well you did it 1st” or “I didn’t see it on youtube” or “so what”..

    Mike and the GOP started off this administration with “Let’s see how you like it” attitude and started that out at a level of 10.. they should have started out a level 3 and worked their way up.. but instead, started out at max level and have since taken it to level 10,000 because they didn’t get the reaction they wanted… . at each turn hinting about violence, then implying it, then asking for it, to now begging for it and cheering it on when they see it.. The more ‘sane’ (R) leaders got scared when they saw what they created and started backing off.. but they are finding that they are in the minority and even more, people like Mike still pretend it’s not there.. so the sane ones, don’t want this beast to turn on them and they have no where to turn because they have been overruled by a section of the gov’t and countrymen who have decided this President makes a better target for assassination than anything else, because really.. he hates America, he’s Muslim, he wasn’t born here anyway so he’s not a ‘real’ President.. he’s the anti-Christ.

    (sadly, Mike agreed with 95% of that description too..and was probably nodding his head saying “yes, he is, Yes he does”)


    just a single agreement without a ‘but’ is all it would take.. but either he is too ashamed or in agreement so there will be neither..

    it’s his loss..

  • lil mike

    I think you had a moment of unintentional honesty there and told me what you really thought.

    let’s not forget the outright hate and anger caused by 8 years of GOP policy and let’s face it, a black man being President..

    Mike will never admit that these things are a problem for some people though.. so he will never see the reality that is being played out all around him. Which in a way is sad, because it’s historic and to be a part of history but burying your head so you don’t witness it.. is a waste..

    the fact is there was anger and distrust under Bush.. and it was well deserved..

    So, What the left did during the Bush years was justified. I thought that is what you really thought, and I appreciate the honesty of you saying it.

    That explains tons…!

  • uselesslegs

    Let’s put things in a little perspective. Obama’s 15 recent nominee appointments. These are people who weren’t on hold because they weren’t fit for the job or suspected of such. They were simply put to the back of the line….just because.

    Now that Obama was pretty much forced to appoint these individuals, who are needed to proceed forward with Government business…the GOP has spent little time in decrying the procedure. “I’m disappointed” “I’m shocked.” The very people who caused the hold up are baffled at the lack of bipartisan participation.

    Another reason to dislike/hate Obama.

    Most people would read through the BS and see the tactics being employed and give them no more merit than they’re actually worth…but for some reason…people continue to give this and other non typically reactionary business or press VERY heated emotional attention. Then we have matters that will and should evoke emotion, giving people strokes and foaming at the mouth.

    Why the disproportionate outrage? People hated Bush for the war, for torture, for tax cuts for the rich, for deficit spending…but if people persist in pretending that the outrage is equal by comparison…they’re not being very observant of the atmosphere today. You could cut the tension with a knife.

    One would think that with the two wars, torture, tax cuts, Medicare part D, housing collapse, Gas prices, Patriot Act under Bush…you would have seen something close to the similar tension today. Instead what we had was an upset America. Not a MASS loathing, Mass fear, Mass panic, Mass hatred.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t take into account todays unemployment, insurance debacle and the ongoing wars and state of the economy. Surely a motivator for unease and panic.

    But there’s a fear separate from but not equal to all the problems looming (and current). Not in addition to, but it’s own entity.

    The anger against Bush was on par for and associated with the issues that faced the country at the time. They were angry at his policies, they were angry at his seeming ineptness, they were angry at his dismissal of the rest of the worlds input, they were angry for a lot of reasons…but always within the context of what was going on and the disagreements that would naturally arise from those with opposing views.

    Show me the best run presidency in our history and I will still show you dissenters and haters…even people who wanted them dead…it’s par for the course of being a president. So to continue to say that that, in and of itself shows that Bush shared a similar experience as Obama is seeing today dishonestly (or rather perhaps…unintentionally from lack of 3rd person observational skills) downplays the venom that swirls around Obama as a completely separate hate and fear of. It’s not interlaced within his policies, politics or ideas. It is a completely separate entity, solely revolving around Obama, regardless of the politics.

  • ekg

    if by unintentional you mean I freely admit that there was hate under Bush, then.. ok.

    I’m a little boggled as to how that would be a mystery to anyone or how you would think anyone would deny it.. the rest of the world doesn’t live in your delusions Mike.. we can see the world around us for what it is and not run to hide our heads to block the parts we don’t like to comment on..

    dude, you’ve got problems that just pour out of you every single day..

    I said nothing about the actions being deserved.. the feelings were..

    People were pissed under Bush,as with many other things.. they didn’t like being told they were with the terrorist all because they didn’t agree with his policy..

    even still.. I don’t remember anyone bringing a loaded gun to a ‘Bush’ protest,I don’t remember death threat signs with the GOP cheering them on and a loaded gun march on the Capital in overwhelming ‘hate-session’ going on, I don’t remember any member of congress yelling ‘you lie’ while Bush was speaking before them, I don’t remember an entire MSM news station and and entire political party having a “It’s time for a revolution”..” love-fest every minute, and begging for revolt and blood to for the all might tree of liberty, I don’t remember threats of secession , or threats of lawsuit so one state did not have to follow the Pat Act,…I don’t remember Dems cheering on people in the house who were violently disrupting the process and having to be forcefully fact, I don’t remember any hate being as amped up as it is now.

    it could have happened.. I just don’t remember it..and neither do you because you know it wasn’t the same.. it was anger, but not the same as now..

    under Bush, it was like people were mad enough to walk up to him and yell very loudly to his face..

    under Obama, they are so mad because one news station has control of the fringe which has control of the GOP and that person who is mad wants to walk up to Obama and bash is head in with a bat..

    either you are too stupid to see there can be a difference in the anger, to partisan to care or you are hoping one of your GOP or Fox friends can do what y’all really want them to do and assassinate someone..

    I haven’t quite figured out which it is you want tho..

    but I’m leaning towards you have discredited the President from the beginning so whatever happens to him doesn’t matter because he’s not a real President anyway..

    you spend each minute of every day trying to find the single piece of slightly dingy tile that’s just a teeny bit off so that you can a reason to through out the whole mosaic.

    and guess what? you can do that.. it’s your right to bury your head so you don’t have to see the life going on around you.. but it also makes you wrong on everything you try so hard to be right on..

  • ekg

    Why the disproportionate outrage? People hated Bush for the war, for torture, for tax cuts for the rich, for deficit spending…but if people persist in pretending that the outrage is equal by comparison…they’re not being very observant of the atmosphere today. You could cut the tension with a knife.


    Mike wants to it get as bad as it can.. it’s the only way to stop the Nazi from bringing on Armageddon.. he’s let his views slip so much that it’s obvious to those of us who used to care for him.. but we’re just floored that we never saw that hate before..

    “why does Obama hate the Jews”

    “why does Obama hate the Brits”

    “why does he want to destroy this country and make us unsafe”

    these are valid descriptions of Obama to him.. he sees the African Muslim father and automatically Obama hates the Jews and the Anglo

    When Beck called Obama a racist and said he had a deep seeded hate of whites.. Mike nodded in agreement..

    funny thing that, when Kanya said it about Bush the Left went crazy going after him for saying such a thing.. but hey, when the (R) say it about this President, they suck it up,jump in unison and agreement and dwell on it.. because he has to be invalidated at all costs.. so we get Obama’s a white man hating- racist, Nazi,Kenyan, Socialist, Anti-Christ that Browning should take care of..

    even when he agrees with Obama’s choice when it came to the Brits.. his 1st response, his gut response showed Mike’s position on Obama..before even finding out why Obama had the position Mike jump 1st to.. “he must hate them because his dad was African”..

    well yes, that must be it Mr.Truther-Oather..

    yeah, he lets his hate slip a lot.. so everything we see, to him, is a justification and only reinforces his delusions.. and now that the fringe has taken over the GOP to the point were sane GOP’ers like Frum are being shunned for making sense, Mike is going to spiral out of control even more..

  • Howey

    When an Iraqi threw a shoe at Bush and missed, we all, Democrats and Republicans, were after his head.

    Today, if an Iraqi threw a shoe at Obama and missed, the Republicans would be falling all over themselves to retrieve the shoe and give it back to the Iraqi so he could try and try again.

    Welcome to 2010!

  • ekg

    I went after him… oddly enough, Mike didn’t..

  • ekg

    Finally.. someone says it out loud..

    The Rage Is Not About Health Care

    THERE were times when last Sunday’s great G.O.P. health care implosion threatened to bring the thrill back to reality television. On ABC’s “This Week,” a frothing and filibustering Karl Rove all but lost it in a debate with the Obama strategist David Plouffe. A few hours later, the perennially copper-faced Republican leader John Boehner revved up his “Hell no, you can’t!” incantation in the House chamber — instant fodder for a new viral video remixing his rap with’s “Yes, we can!” classic from the campaign. Boehner, having previously likened the health care bill to Armageddon, was now so apoplectic you had to wonder if he had just discovered one of its more obscure revenue-generating provisions, a tax on indoor tanning salons.

    But the laughs evaporated soon enough. There’s nothing entertaining about watching goons hurl venomous slurs at congressmen like the civil rights hero John Lewis and the openly gay Barney Frank. And as the week dragged on, and reports of death threats and vandalism stretched from Arizona to Kansas to upstate New York, the F.B.I. and the local police had to get into the act to protect members of Congress and their families.

    How curious that a mob fond of likening President Obama to Hitler knows so little about history that it doesn’t recognize its own small-scale mimicry of Kristallnacht. The weapon of choice for vigilante violence at Congressional offices has been a brick hurled through a window. So far.

    No less curious is how disproportionate this red-hot anger is to its proximate cause. {as chuck has been so eloquently saying all along} The historic Obama-Pelosi health care victory is a big deal, all right, so much so it doesn’t need Joe Biden’s adjective to hype it. But the bill does not erect a huge New Deal-Great Society-style government program. In lieu of a public option, it delivers 32 million newly insured Americans to private insurers. As no less a conservative authority than The Wall Street Journal editorial page observed last week, the bill’s prototype is the health care legislation Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts. It contains what used to be considered Republican ideas.

    Yet it’s this bill that inspired G.O.P. congressmen on the House floor to egg on disruptive protesters even as they were being evicted from the gallery by the Capitol Police last Sunday. It’s this bill that prompted a congressman to shout “baby killer” at Bart Stupak, a staunch anti-abortion Democrat. It’s this bill that drove a demonstrator to spit on Emanuel Cleaver, a black representative from Missouri. And it’s this “middle-of-the-road” bill, as Obama accurately calls it, that has incited an unglued firestorm of homicidal rhetoric, from “Kill the bill!” to Sarah Palin’s cry for her followers to “reload.” At least four of the House members hit with death threats or vandalism are among the 20 political targets Palin marks with rifle crosshairs on a map on her Facebook page.

    When Social Security was passed by Congress in 1935 and Medicare in 1965, there was indeed heated opposition. As Dana Milbank wrote in The Washington Post, Alf Landon built his catastrophic 1936 presidential campaign on a call for repealing Social Security. (Democrats can only pray that the G.O.P. will “go for it” again in 2010, as Obama goaded them on Thursday, and keep demanding repeal of a bill that by September will shower benefits on the elderly and children alike.) When L.B.J. scored his Medicare coup, there were the inevitable cries of “socialism” along with ultimately empty rumblings of a boycott from the American Medical Association.

    But there was nothing like this. To find a prototype for the overheated reaction to the health care bill, you have to look a year before Medicare, to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Both laws passed by similar majorities in Congress; the Civil Rights Act received even more votes in the Senate (73) than Medicare (70). But it was only the civil rights bill that made some Americans run off the rails. That’s because it was the one that signaled an inexorable and immutable change in the very identity of America, not just its governance.

    The apocalyptic predictions then, like those about health care now, were all framed in constitutional pieties, of course. Barry Goldwater, running for president in ’64, drew on the counsel of two young legal allies, William Rehnquist and Robert Bork, to characterize the bill as a “threat to the very essence of our basic system” and a “usurpation” of states’ rights that “would force you to admit drunks, a known murderer or an insane person into your place of business.” Richard Russell, the segregationist Democratic senator from Georgia, said the bill “would destroy the free enterprise system.” David Lawrence, a widely syndicated conservative columnist, bemoaned the establishment of “a federal dictatorship.” Meanwhile, three civil rights workers were murdered in Philadelphia, Miss.

    That a tsunami of anger is gathering today is illogical, given that what the right calls “Obamacare” is less provocative than either the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or Medicare, an epic entitlement that actually did precipitate a government takeover of a sizable chunk of American health care. But the explanation is plain: the health care bill is not the main source of this anger and never has been. It’s merely a handy excuse. The real source of the over-the-top rage of 2010 is the same kind of national existential reordering that roiled America in 1964.

    In fact, the current surge of anger — and the accompanying rise in right-wing extremism — predates the entire health care debate. The first signs were the shrieks of “traitor” and “off with his head” at Palin rallies as Obama’s election became more likely in October 2008. Those passions have spiraled ever since — from Gov. Rick Perry’s kowtowing to secessionists at a Tea Party rally in Texas to the gratuitous brandishing of assault weapons at Obama health care rallies last summer to “You lie!” piercing the president’s address to Congress last fall like an ominous shot.

    If Obama’s first legislative priority had been immigration or financial reform or climate change, we would have seen the same trajectory. The conjunction of a black president and a female speaker of the House — topped off by a wise Latina on the Supreme Court and a powerful gay Congressional committee chairman — would sow fears of disenfranchisement among a dwindling and threatened minority in the country no matter what policies were in play. It’s not happenstance that Frank, Lewis and Cleaver — none of them major Democratic players in the health care push — received a major share of last weekend’s abuse. When you hear demonstrators chant the slogan “Take our country back!,” these are the people they want to take the country back from.

    They can’t. Demographics are avatars of a change bigger than any bill contemplated by Obama or Congress. The week before the health care vote, The Times reported that births to Asian, black and Hispanic women accounted for 48 percent of all births in America in the 12 months ending in July 2008. By 2012, the next presidential election year, non-Hispanic white births will be in the minority. The Tea Party movement is virtually all white. The Republicans haven’t had a single African-American in the Senate or the House since 2003 and have had only three in total since 1935. Their anxieties about a rapidly changing America are well-grounded.

    If Congressional Republicans want to maintain a politburo-like homogeneity in opposition to the Democrats, that’s their right. If they want to replay the petulant Gingrich government shutdown of 1995 by boycotting hearings and, as John McCain has vowed, refusing to cooperate on any legislation, that’s their right too (and a political gift to the Democrats). But they can’t emulate the 1995 G.O.P. by remaining silent as mass hysteria, some of it encompassing armed militias, runs amok in their own precincts. We know the end of that story. And they can’t pretend that we’re talking about “isolated incidents” or a “fringe” utterly divorced from the G.O.P. A Quinnipiac poll last week found that 74 percent of Tea Party members identify themselves as Republicans or Republican-leaning independents, while only 16 percent are aligned with Democrats.

    After the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, some responsible leaders in both parties spoke out to try to put a lid on the resistance and violence. The arch-segregationist Russell of Georgia, concerned about what might happen in his own backyard, declared flatly that the law is “now on the books.” Yet no Republican or conservative leader of stature has taken on Palin, Perry, Boehner or any of the others who have been stoking these fires for a good 17 months now. Last week McCain even endorsed Palin’s “reload” rhetoric.

    Are these politicians so frightened of offending anyone in the Tea Party-Glenn Beck base that they would rather fall silent than call out its extremist elements and their enablers? Seemingly so, and if G.O.P. leaders of all stripes, from Romney to Mitch McConnell to Olympia Snowe to Lindsey Graham, are afraid of these forces, that’s the strongest possible indicator that the rest of us have reason to fear them too.


    more for Mike to bury his head and ignore tho..

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