Shirley Sherrod? Didn't you hear? It's Obama's fault !

Poor Breitbart.. he’s drowning  and can’t seem to remember which story he’s telling to who..

On Hannity the other night he had this to say

BREITBART: The reason why Shirley Sherrod is the story right now, not the NAACP, is because the White House which stands by the firing or the forced resignation — harassment as she said — they made the story about Shirley. They threw her under the bus.

I have not asked that she get fired. I’ve not asked for an investigation into her. The whole point was to show that the — for the NAACP to spend five days on national TV saying that the Tea Party is racist without any evidence when we can prove that the central argument didn’t happen and the mainstream media won’t play it — for them to talk about racism they should not be throwing stones in glass houses.

That’s right! He didn’t ask that she be investigated…

Umm, ok… Well see. Yeah .. he did, but he didn’t mean it.

Look, why are we surprised? It’s Fox News and Andrew Breitbart and like Paul Krugman of the New York Times, said yesterday…

When the right-wing noise machine starts promoting another alleged scandal, you shouldn’t suspect that it’s fake — you should presume that it’s fake, until further evidence becomes available.

Mr. Krugman, even with evidence.. you still can’t believe them. Because now, Fox is denying even doing the story..

On the July 20, 2010, edition of “Special Report With Bret Baier. Baier had this to say

The family has spoken out today about that. Fox News didn’t even do this story. We have didn’t do it on “Special Report.” We posted it online. It’s an amazing turn of events here.

Well, yes.. it is an amazing turn of events.

JUAN WILLIAMS, NEWS ANALYST, NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO…The NAACP, I will give them credit,they were snookered, and they acted rationally and —

BAIER: Not by Fox News.

No, the NAACP weren’t snookered at all by Fox news because Fox news didn’t even do the story, they just posted in online that’s all.

~”Wow!” O’Reilly said after the clip aired. “That is simply unacceptable, and Ms. Sherrod must resign. The federal government cannot have skin color deciding any assistance.”

~Fox’s Sean Hannity aired the same short snippet of Sherrod’s speech shortly afterward.

“This was at an NAACP dinner, and this was racist,” Hannity said.

~By Tuesday morning, “Fox & Friends” headlined the story “Racism Caught on Tape.”

Commentator Laura Ingraham talked about “people who have burrowed their way into the Obama administration with radical outlooks, a radical agenda and, in this case, a racist sentiment. How many more like Ms. Sherrod exist in the Obama administration who weren’t so stupid as she was to actually explicitly state her views on the issue of race?”

Wow is right Mr. O’reilly! Wow, I can’t believe someone on your network is actually trying to pretend you guys never talked about this story.

Of course before  everything  came out the mega-hit Right-Wing Media was patting themselves and Breitbart on the back .. For breaking this story on the racist movement going on in the Obama administration. But once it started to crumble upon itself, Fox made sure to ignore the past few hours they had spent calling this woman everything they could call her and their morning show came out with this gem

“They may have acted without knowing the whole story,” co-host Brian Kilmeade said

That takes pretty big balls to admit that! Bravo Brian Kilmeade for standing up and admitting it!

Oh wait, I’m sorry I didn’t use the entire comment in context did I?.. I guess I should since like Brietbart’s claimed on his Sharrod blog “Context is everything”

So the Kilmeade statement was…

“They may have acted without knowing the whole story,” co-host Brian Kilmeade said of the administration.

Yeah, it kinda changes the meaning a little doesn’t it? huh, who would have ever thought that could happen? Not that I should have ever believed anyone from Fox News could take the blame for something they did without either blaming someone else for doing it to them, or somehow turning the whole the issue into Obama’s fault the way Fox and Friends just did. The rush to judgment wasn’t anyone’s fault except the Presidents. It didn’t matter that the Media Research Center President Brent Bozell demanded that the media cover the explosive video footage of an NAACP banquet speaker admitting her racist views

The liberal media are deliberately spiking the shocking video that reveals an NAACP banquet speaker admitting her racist views and actions. We’ve waited a full 24 hours to see if any coverage of this exposé would surface. So far, nothing but crickets. The ABC, CBS and NBC evening and morning ‘news’ shows have all failed to even mention the damning video admission that is dripping with disdain for white people and that caused the official to tender her resignation.

Worse yet, it comes from the NAACP, the same organization that has feverishly accused the Tea Parties of racism. The thoroughly untrue accusation against the Tea Parties has been propped up and propelled by the incessant reporting of these same networks. Yet they decide to thwart this story about the NAACP.

The only thing more newsworthy than the charges of racism are the hypocritical charges of racism. The media must report this scandal.

That’s right, the Liberal Media has waited all of 24 hours to comment on this story, it must be that they are hiding it. It’s just more proof of the ‘other media’s’ effort to hide the racism in this government! It doesn’t matter that just a mere hours after this demand from the President of Media Research Center the entire story started to crumble and change because the Liberal media, that ‘other media’, actually did what it’s supposed to do and confirm the story!

SANCHEZ: We, by the way, chose not to do the story yesterday, even though we had the story, reason being we thought it was important to try and contact her first, double-down on sources, and try and get a complete perspective for the sake of context

Damnit! They should have been covering it like the Right-Wing Media had covered it, without any confirmation,investigation, or statements from those they were accusing!

Today of course the story is President Obama jumped to a conclusion without investigating, not that the President foolishly believed there was some semblance of journalistic integrity in the Right-wing media so that when they force a story upon the public, it resembles the truth in some small way and is not just the fabrication of unstable blogger and race-baiting network. You see, it’s really the Presidents fault and the NAACP’s fault for believing Fox and Breitbart!

“What was the big hurry for them to condemn her in the first place? .-Steve Doocy Fox & Friends

Did you catch that? It’s the President and NAACP fault for believing Breitbart and Fox News and being in such a hurry, and the Liberal MSM is too slow in reporting on Fox and Breitbart’s scoop so they must be hiding it. It’s like watching Sibyl.

After all of this, it’s hard to pick out one thing that is the most shocking, but I think I have found it. To me, the most striking about all of this is the admission made by Laura Ingraham on Fox and Friends.  While parts of her comment can be found all over the ‘tubes’ (and even in this blog), it’s the 1st part that stuns me and surprises me that not a single journalist as picked it up and run with it to nail down exactly what it is she meant.

..”Now this [Sharrod video] emerges  and pretty much confirming what many of us thought about people who’ve burrowed their way in the Obama administration with radical outlooks, a radical agenda, and in this case, a racist sentiment expressed clearly by her.”

…. it confirmed what many of them thought anyway. Many of who? Whites? Republicans? Tea-party members? Who is this ‘many’? The significance of that statement has been over-looked in all the hoopla, but it is the very essence of every single problem we face today. Ingraham, Fox news,Breitbart, the Tea party… many of them think President Obama and/or people in his administration are racists and they don’t need confirmation of this because they think it anyway but  they’d like video proof just so they can stand up and say “see, we knew it. I never liked this guy because I just knew it and now.. I’m vindicated”

The problem is, the longer they go without that proof to make them feel at ease with their hate, the more they twitch and are apt to do the irrational. The Shirley Sharrod video wasn’t the end, just like the Acorn edits and the Van Jones smear there will be more things to come, more false accusations, made up and heavily edited video.  After each incident, there might be an apology, like Breitbart did with part of his Acorn fabrication and like many have done with this new issue, but each and every time there will be hundreds, if not thousands of viewers and listeners out there that after hearing the erroneous accusation and then the pull-backs and apologies,  just know there is racism in this administration anyway… they just haven’t gotten the right proof yet. It will never dawn on these people that there isn’t any proof because there isn’t anything there, to them it’s just hidden by the ‘other media’. Many of them already know it’s there.. now they just need to find it, and if the Republican’s get elected they promise to investigate Shirley Sharrod to find it.. Look out Shirley, the wrath of those who have egg on their face is coming for you!

What  these guys have confirmed to many of us is that even if they never find it on their own in a legitimate manner, they’ll just make it up. Because there are people in the Tea-Party and Ring-Wing Media who’ve burrowed their way in and they have  radical outlooks, a radical agenda, and in many cases are simply un-hooded racist spreading their hatred one news story at a time. But hey, it’s not their fault, it’s President Obama’s.

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3 responses to “Shirley Sherrod? Didn't you hear? It's Obama's fault !

  • uselesslegs

    Funny how Laura Ingraham flipped so fast, but not the kind of flipping one would expect.

    She was among some of the first to come out swinging hard and fast, letting everyone know, as you said…”this pretty much confirms everything *many* of us thought”…citing, of course, *people* who have burrowed their way into the Obama admin, with ulterior motives and radical agendas.

    But now? Now that the, “confirming what many of us thought about people”, isn’t the undeniable piece of evidence she was so sure of…now she’s gonna be aloud to back track from that statement and instead…blame the admin for the incorrect information that Fox made sure to run with?

    Laura, darling…you can back track all you want, as can many others, but whether the admin is at fault, whether the press is at fault for dumping this piece of slop *reporting* onto the public, or whether the NAACP should be woefully ashamed for assuming something about an individual without at least first confirming it……it won’t and cannot change the fact that you vocalized (and others agreed with) your thoughts aloud. What you and others have SWORN you’re not all about. What you and others take umbrage with (or so you say)…and that would be…

    …that your opinions and *reporting* (and this goes for Fox as well) are merely the facts that the *liberal* media will not touch, because of bias. That your *reporting* and interviews are in no way, shape or form, actually purposeful picked segments that consciously and subconsciously lead viewers to one conclusion…

    …That this admin is out to get them…by design.

    You not only confirmed what many pundits and shows have been saying about you, rush, beck, hannity and Fox…but you did it with a wide eyed…”see!…see!…we KNEW IT!!!”

    What did you know Laura? Actually…you’ve already answered that. I thank you.

    So will you and the rest quit pretending now that it’s about policy and party differences? Because quite frankly…you sound idiotic when you’re leaving half of your argument off the table.

    Don’t be ashamed…let it fly.

  • Howey

    I’m mildly amused by the Fox takeback surrounding this, but it isn’t new. Or news (tee hee).

    It’s like dealing with a five year old child who does something wrong. First, they’ll proclaim: “I didn’t do it!”, then when pressed further, “No! Billy did it!”, and later on, still denying innocence: “But they did it too!”

    In this case, Fox is saying that they did nothing until Sherrod was fired. Not true. Breitbart’s story was online on Fox within half an hour after he published it, only to be moved elsewhere after the scam was outed.

    O’Reilly claims he didn’t say a word until she’d been fired. Not true. He taped his 8pm program denouncing her racist ways at 5pm, long before she’d been fired.

    Here’s a complete timeline of this sham:

    Unfortunately, we intelligent people can point out the truth all we want. And those of lesser intelligence will scream and stomp their feet, holding their breath whilst crying for justice as their lobotomized minions look on in stupefied adoration.

    We’re seeing a country torn apart by racism – all because a President was born black and those who hate that fact will do nothing less than destroy our great country in order to spread the ignorance, bigotry and hate.

  • ekg

    I am literally floored by the Ingraham/Gingrich take back… the “it wasn’t us, it was Obama.. he believed us, the nerve of him… but that’s why I said what I did, Obama validated my story for me the minute he believed me. If he would have checked the record, he could have seen I was wrong, but since he didn’t.. well, I’m right.”

    I am stunned by the implication they are making, the idea that he believed their story, so he acted.. thus his actions validated their story so they have zero responsibility..and they are too fucking stupid to get that this means they are admitting they are NOT worthy of belief without another source of verification..

    They are admitting that they cannot be trusted to speak the truth the 1st time, that one must verify their story 1st before one acts..


    I’ve never seen ‘hate’ like this before.. there is ‘hate’ so deeply within these people that they have outed themselves as a completely fucking untrustworthy single source news agent.. all to excuse their mistake..

    well, ok.. no longer will we ever trust they are capable of “breaking” a news story, or getting a ‘scoop’, of being the “1st to report”.. from now on, any news from them that is not on another outlet, is false and unverifiable UNTIL it can be verified by a 2nd source, since they cannot be trusted to get it right the 1st time around..

    simply unbelievable… and more unbelievable is the twisted fucking mind that nods their head in agreement with this notion, blissfully aware that they are admitting they are untrustworthy..

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