Drudge's best headline so far..

I rag Drudge as much as the next liberal blogger. His head lines and ‘scary Obama’ stories are stuff of legends, but today he gets a reprieve. Today, the best headline I’ve ever read is right there on Drudge’s page..

Disabled veteran 'banned' after service dog poops in aisles...

God I wish he had used the lights and sirens for it.

Thank You Matt Drudge, for putting ‘poop’ in a headline on your site!

By the way, the story is pretty funny as well. Ok, take away the disable veteran part and it’s pretty funny. Especially this part

D’Amour-Daley disputes Mucha’s version of the story, saying Ivy was not anywhere near her owner, was not on a leash and defecated on the floor several times, including once in an area near where Big Y employees were making sandwiches for customers.

I imagine being at my grocer, having one of their delicious subs made fresh for me… looking over, seeing a dog and watching that dog crap in the aisle.

I don’t care who you are, that visual is hilarious.

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One response to “Drudge's best headline so far..

  • Howey

    I saw that earlier today too…along with the “Woman Sprayed by Human Semen in Grocery Store!”…

    And read the story from the Washington Times (using the Washington Times as a source) of the illegal alien who ran over a nun whilst drunk. The article goes on demanding that all illegal aliens pending deportation be put in prison immediately!

    Guess they should all go to Guantanamo…

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