when comics get angry

Jon Stewart is (rightfully) pissed and what better way to vent that anger than to use his comedic talent and a  few victims of the Republican hostage-taking machine currently controlling the Congress and have an ‘adult conversation’ on just how partisan and utterly selfish this crop of Republicans are. The best part about this? We, as a country, get to look forward to the fact that these assholes will be in complete control come January. God save us all….

Here are two clips from last nights “The Daily Show”. I encourage everyone to watch them… or if you’ve already seen them, watch again. If this issue doesn’t tell you what kind of people were just given majorities and ‘the American people’s voice’, then you’re part of the problem. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior by the GOP, nothing justifies their borg-like position that we must give hedge-fund managers making a billion dollars a year a tax break before we can give the 1st responders to 9/11 health care. There is nothing that can explain this one away.

This is who you elected folks, if I didn’t have to live here with you I’d be happy to watch you wither away in the gutter-shit you’ve dumped upon this country. Too bad for me though that I didn’t make a billion dollars last year during the worst economy since the depression, so my feelings don’t really count do they?

Daily Show: Worst Responders
Senate Republicans filibuster the Zadroga bill but pass tax cuts for the wealthy.

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Worst Responders
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I never thought I would say this, but Thank You Al Jazeera for being the only news channel to thoroughly expose this atrocity committed by the Congressional Republicans. The irony of this  is not lost on anyone.

I would hope that some of the Republicans who have chosen the CEO’s and derivative-kings of Wall Street who destroyed the economy and are now attempting (successfully) to control the government … over the sides of the other 98% of this country, would be forced to sit and watch this next part of Stewart’s anger, but even if they did I really don’t think they would get it. To them, the real tragedy here is a 3% tax increase on people who make millions and billions of dollars and that is where we should all focus our attention. We can’t let these poor ultra-wealthy persons suffer anymore than they have already. These 1st responders should really know their place in this country and that place is to sacrifice their selves to save the market experts so those same experts can invest the 401k’s and pensions of those 1st responders in high-risk markets and then bet against the success of that market, thus insuring it’s failure and the total loss of those risked funds.

Know your place bitch! Learn it,live it… love it because you can’t stop us now!

But hey, on the bright side.. atleast we finally know what they mean by “We want our country back”, what they mean is their country Circa 1400 Britain when monarchies ruled and the rest of us lived to serve them.

<td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'9/11 First Responders React to the Senate Filibuster
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4 responses to “when comics get angry

  • uselesslegs

    Well done, on both parts.

  • Howey

    Republicans, in general, don’t give a damn about the Zadroga Bill and the thousands affected by trying to save lifes after 9/11. They’ve shot down the bill because of it’s “cost”.

    They were, as you stated, too busy making sure the rich got a huge tax break and concessions on the Estate Tax – which really only affects the very, very rich.

    Where was the Tea Party Caucus while this was going on? Voting “Yea”, of course!

    btw…today it was learned that Sen. John Kyl has increased his staff’s pay 88% since 2002, and 8% for the upcoming year…while the President’s staff’s pay has been frozen for two years…while our military is living on the same salary as two years ago…as does our elderly and disabled veterans see increases in medications and living expenses (hello, gas prices?) not reflected in yearly COLA calculations.

    I hate to say this but maybe it is time for Socialism to take over our country…cuz the idiots that voted these fools into office certainly can’t think for themselves!

  • ekg

    I’ve always had a bone to pick with the Repubs.. Under Bush, the way they used 9/11 to get everything from leaking our spies names to torturing people and everything in between.. it was fake and heartless then but now, now I don’t even recognize this GOP. The flat out lies that they tell are absolutely shocking. Take Sen. Coburn who has vowed to stop this bill even though it has enough support to pass.. he went on Fox yesterday and said that

    A)it wasn’t paid for, when it is.
    B)it never went thru committee, when it did.. his committee even.. only he stayed absent that day.

    and in the case of the START, that it’s being ‘rammed thru’, that treaty is 17 pages long and they’ve had it since april.

    and through all of these 1/2 truths.. their base eats it up without looking or even caring about the truth. When you try and tell them the truth they turn their noses up and cry “Lame-stream media” and “Gotcha media”.. It is simply the most bizarre thing I’ve ever witnessed.

    I do hope Chuck is right when he says that when the black-dude is out of office all this crap will die down.. because it’s the color issue that is causing all of this.. but I don’t really have much faith in that. Why should they start telling the truth then? Why should they start working for real people instead of the elite 1%? Why give all that up when their base doesn’t hold them accountable for sanity,truth and fairness anyway?

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