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Almost famous and completely ridiculous

I get the need to protect children from the media. In most cases, it’s a really great idea. We don’t want the little heathens to get the idea that if they want to be famous all they have to do it is get pregnant as a teen or commit some crime and get their name and/or face splashed all over media-dom. We have enough Kardashians and Hiltons and even that 17-year old year old who seems to only know how to pout and pose, but I think we’ve, or more specifically CNN, has just taken this practice of protecting children from their selves and their desperation for fame a wee bit to far…..

See if you can spot the problem with this story from CNN.Com

Police in California seek boy, 14, in sexual assaults

(CNN) — Police in Oakland, California, are asking the public for its help in finding a 14-year-old boy wanted in connection with two sexual assaults.

The teen is suspected of attacking two 28-year-old women, in separate incidents on January 6 and January 12.

In the first case, the teen approached the woman while she was walking, pretended to have a firearm and demanded her wallet, before forcing her to an isolated area where he sexually assaulted her, police said.

In the second case, he approached the woman on a bicycle, again pretended to have a firearm and demanded the woman’s purse, before forcing her to an isolated area and sexually assaulted her, they said.

The teen, whom CNN is not identifying because of his age, should be considered armed and dangerous, police said.

That’s right, police are looking for this rapist that CNN isn’t identifying..

“Be on the look-out for this criminal, he is armed and dangerous..really, stay away from him, he will hurt you!”

“Who is it?”

“Can’t tell you that, just be on the lookout for him”

“ummm, ok… here’s your sign”

Nice work CNN.. I would love to see this on Anderson Cooper’s ‘Ridiculist’, but somehow I don’t think he’s going to go up against the mother-company like that.

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