The moral authority on marriage?

..and just who would that be? Why,Bristol Palin of course. The unwed,teenage pregnancy, mother of one. She,of course is the arbiter of morality when it pertains to this issue. As an example of her sage wisdom, she says that childern need a father’s influence to be well adjusted.

“we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.”

ok, well not her kid. Just everyone elses. Her kid doesn’t need to see its father, but ofcourse it wouldn’t, she is a Palin and they are real Americans ya know.

Here’s why my ass is chapped..I get it, Obama said he thinks,for himself, gays should be able to live like the human Americans they are, and be allowed to marry like white folk.. er, real folk..instead of having to jump the broom..uh, I mean get a notarized letter saying they can make decisions for their loved one..and to counter this postiton… Cnn gives us..

Bristol Palin..

What the fuck??

Why in the hell is anyone putting this numskulls words up?.. and why in the fuck are they put up opposite of the President of the Unites States like she is somehow his equal,somehow more knowing and worldlier and we should take hers as if from some old wisdom that has been lost and only recently found..This person is 21 years old, she is known only because she was the unwed,knocked-up, teenage daughter of a Vice Presidential candidate in a failed Presidential campaign. Kim Kardashian or Lindsey Lohan have more to say that this ijit. But now, CNN is using two opposing opinions on gay marriage, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.. vs.. Bristol Fucking Palin like she’s some wonderment we should hear from when she speaks, and by God, somewhere out there is the mad mad mad world of ours someone is saying, right now, “Of course she’s his equal and should be taken not with a grain salt, but as manna from Heaven.” “Sarah and Bristol Palin 2012!”

and if I’m sure if I cared to watch Fox news tonight, I’d see that someone…

What the hell is wrong with us? Over a Black man?

We’ve lost our fucking minds.


4 responses to “The moral authority on marriage?

  • Uselesslegs

    She’s barely an authority in her own life, let alone giving her a national platform to spout her opinion, like it’ll contain an astute observation, relayed with deep scholarly thought.

    It’s insulting that she was even contacted in the form of a pundit/commentator to pontificate at all.

    But this is what we’ve become. Anyone with an opinion (myself included) with a bit of name recognition or the proper connections can be given prime time face time and voila…my statements seem to carry weight.

    It’s so much bullshit.

  • ekg

    of course they do, you have intelligence and an ability to disseminate it eloquently..

    she’s a fucking idiot.

  • Uselesslegs

    It’s REALLY hard NOT to pick on her, or her Mom in general. Not coming from an opposing ideology…but just coming from the point of common sense.

    Once you remove the Pro’s from the equation, the only Con that keeps gays from participating fully in what society offer’s heterosexuals, is religious influence…that’s it. It’s so maddening, and quite frankly disturbing, that the bigotry is tolerated as a “point of discussion.” What’s to fuck’in discuss? That I’m suppose to understand, accept, and tolerate that your prejudice is religious in nature, and therefore, I have to respect that because it impinges on your *religious freedoms*? That’s one fuck’in hell of an out there and it’s also quite the fuck’in TWISTED abuse of the religious freedoms clause.

    “Uhhhh, look. My religion’s interpretation strictly forbids me from viewing homosexuals in any other light, than adversarial, loathsome, and unnatural. I know that reality presents an entirely different picture, but I choose to ignore reality, as is my right, under religious freedoms. So therefore, I can’t in all good conscious allow homosexuals to hold an *equal too* status. It’s nothing personal, they’re just to be feared and shunned…cool?”

    No, not cool at all actually. To hate and thus deny citizenry their rights, especially under the umbrella of religious freedoms, is courting insanity and get this…it shouldn’t be…tolerated.

    • ekg

      From the minute mama came on the scene.. the GOP has ignored,forgiven, and protected this family. She was a HOT HRC, she was the ultimate “Oh yea, anything you can do, WE can do better bitches!”.. until she opened her mouth to speak for herself instead of off cue-cards…and at that very moment, the GOP said “So what. I don’t care, do you?” and when that answer was a resounding “FUCK YES! I CARE” we became the most partisan we’ve ever been.

      It didn’t matter what the Alaskan Hillbillies did, the GOP was going to protect and ignore it. I watched, unbelieving, astonished, amazed.. that well educated republicans such as Lil Mike said “Yea, she can be president if McCain dies on inauguration day.. I mean, Obama doesn’t have experience either” as if Obama was as much as an idiot.. only, he was to them.. because he was too educated, and being educated became the new ‘stupid’ while being ‘stupid’ became the new quality we wanted in our leaders..

      Had Chelsea, at what 25?, been unwed and pregnant, HRC would have been scandalized out of the race.

      Had Obama given an interview where when asked about his foreign policy credentials, had replied by waving his hands over his head and saying “”As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border.”.. because in his ignorant mind, seeing a country from your house made you Madeline Albright…

      Had he answered that way, he would have been run out… He almost was, when he said he would invade Pakistan to get OBL, everyone, went after him as being naive and dangerous… ironically, the same people said “It was no big deal, hell I would have done it too” when he backed up his promise by doing just that..

      Everything this family will ever do will always be as if it’s directly from Heaven. If we’ve learned one thing.. the GOP cannot say “oops, our bad!”.. so they will latch onto the notion that this fucking idiot is on the same, if not more, standing on gay marriage as the President of the United States.

      It’s one of the most fucked-up things I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching..

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