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Palin for President?

Why not?

Face it, love her or hate her.. she grabs the spotlight wherever she is. She has the uncanny ability to suck all the buzz out of any room she enters no matter how glamorous, powerful,beautiful, well-known and well-loved the others in the room are and bring it into herself. This could be used for the benefit of this country if another ‘Cuban Missile Crisis‘ were to happen. The other side, knowing she isn’t afraid to bomb the shit out of anyone because of her almost insane belief in herself and her righteousness, would acquiesce to any demand she proffered.
She’s already faced down Big Oil and won.. and this is a feat not to be taken lightly. This is also an accomplishment I’d like to see on a National level. Think about this, because of Palin’s no-holds-barred personality, every citizen in Alaska in 2008 received $1200 for help with the rising gas prices AND $2000 more for the use of their lands and the oil in the state. This was all accomplished through a tax increase on the oil companies, a type of ‘windfall tax’ and why not? No one made the oil in the ground and no one owns it either.. because EVERYONE owns it. The oil that is offshore in my state is just as much mine as it is Exxon-Mobiles. They of course have the resources to get the oil,refine it and sell it but they don’t have ownership anymore than I do.

The idea that a Republican would go at Big Oil this is, in today’s atmosphere, unheard of, but even back when she was Governor it was still something that was severely frowned upon. Jimmy Carter tried it, Newt voted for it,only to have it repealed in 1980.. His wasn’t the same as hers, what she had going for her is that Alaskans have a Constitutional ownership of their lands and it’s resources, so in essence “As resource owners, Alaskans literally had a “working interest” in energy exploration and development.”

Think about the benefits of this for a minute. Today oil companies who rape the land made a “combined total profit of $137 billion, which is a new record,”. Every time gas prices go up a penny, these companies pocket another $200 million in quarterly profits. $137 BILLION DOLLARS! Off a resource they did not make, can not replace and do not have ownership of anymore than you or I.

Sarah had the right idea, why not make the American people “resource owners” with a “working interest” in all energy exploration and development? Why not use the funds to start a basic healthcare plan for every person in this country. I’m not talking about limitless healthcare, but a basic level that all humans deserve. Face it people, we’re the only civilized country who attaches health care to employment.. and with all the unemployment today, this has devastating affects on our citizens and this country. We deserve to have atleast a basic safety net, like say… Cuba. Yes, even Cubans have healthcare..

It’s a radical idea, Sarah Palin as Mrs. President… but these times call for a radical solution. So why not her? She once showed intelligence, strength and a care for her fellow Alaskans and went to the mat for them and won! Who’s to say she can’t or won’t do it for all Americans.

Another reason to consider Palin for President? Three words “Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney”.

C’mon people, really? Mitt Romney as President is a better option than Sarah Palin? No way! Mitt, unfortunately, goes whichever way the breeze blows him. He’s a Charlie Crist without the tan. Besides that, Mitt’s just odd. There’s really no other way to put it, he’s Odd. I don’t know if he’s this way because he’s trying to be something that he isn’t, a regular guy, or if he’s just…. ya know.. odd. Whatever it is, there isn’t a single supporter of his out there that has said they think he would be able to stare down another Nikita Khruschev. Palin on the other hand? Not only could she stare him down and win, she would do it in a New York minute because she has that obscene belief in her righteousness..The idea that Mitt could even stare down a Somali pirate, much less an Assad or Putin is fantasy.. and frankly, the way things over there are going now? It’s not a fantasy I want any part of.

“Oh Gosh.. I just.. golly.. I don’t know..

Gee, I just don’t think you should kill so many people Mr. A-sad.

I mean, shucks they aren’t varmints’

Face people, in the GOP field there’s only one option… Sarah Palin. She’s beautiful. She’s ballsy. She’s got confidence coming out of her Wasilla. What’s the worst that could happen? Economic collapse? Got it! Job meltdown? Have it! Slow death of personal freedoms? Living it right now. No healthcare? HaHa-HaHa and?

See, there’s nothing she can really fuck up. What? Nuclear war? We’d be the ones left standing. Beside that, it wouldn’t ever come to that, I already said she’d go balls out to defend her righteousness and her opponent would know this about her and back-down faster than Chris Christie can eat a box of Dunkin Donuts.

The only drawback to a Palin presidency is her children.. specifically Bristol. There is already a generation of teen girls out there just waiting to get knocked up so they can be on MTV. Bristol as ‘1st daughter’ would be such a horrible role model for these girls that Sarah would have to have her married off to someone before taking office. I’m sorry that that sounds as horrible as it does, but it’s the truth. Bristol shouldn’t be a role model, she didn’t ask to be, but she’s in the lime light with all her “Dancing” and now a reality show..she needs to think about herself on the larger level of things and no matter how beautiful a baby is, most teens don’t have the opportunities that she did..and those teens don’t know that. Bristol could help hundreds of  teens focus on Family by marrying her ‘baby-daddy’ instead of having multiple ‘baby daddy’ like so many kids do today.

Sarah could do it.

Run, Sarah, Run!

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We can burn brighter than the sun..

Perusing the webs today I came across a piece written by Benjamin Reeves at  In his column he informs us that…

The Next Pinto? 5.1 Million Jeep Cars Under Fire Investigation

Up to 5.1 million Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Liberty model SUVs may be subject to one of the largest recalls in history, depending on the results of an engineering analysis by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
English: A closeup of the fireball and mushroo...

The investigation centers around whether the Jeep models in question are subject to a higher rate of bursting into flames in a rear-impact accident than other similar vehicles in the same class. The NHTSA upgraded the investigation on Thursday to include three models of Jeep vehicles for model years 1993 to 2004.

“NHTSA’s assessment of the data collected …  indicates that rear-impact-related tank failures and vehicle fires are more prevalent in the [Jeep Grand Cherokee] than in the non-Jeep peer vehicles,” an investigation summary from the NHTSA said Thursday.



Because I own two of these bitches..

We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn
brighter than the sun…

ugh… I may need someone to carry me home…tonight.

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