Hi, I’m ekg.. and I have dirty,seedy addiction..

How do I admit this? I’ve already admitted to being a ‘day-light’ Twilight fan (B-D II coming soon YAAAA) ahem.. but I’m really teetering on the edge of disrespect with this one..

ok.. just yank the band-aid off in one quick,painful, motion..



I’m addicted to MTV’s Teen Wolf.

really addicted.

It started last year, both the teen girls were watching it and through some kind of osmosis I picked up the gist. Not that I cared at first but by 2nd to last episode of the season, I was into it.. so much so that when they ran a marathon I watched what I had missed so I could catch up. Again, it wasn’t bad.. it, didn’t suck..in other words.  But I wasn’t like hooked or anything.. Scott was just too, I don’t know, child-like for me.. and Derek? Well yes, HOT..but bothersome. Gotta love Stiles tho. And Jackson… ahhhh Jackson..Jackson,Jackson.. What a hot,totally ripped,complete douche you can’t help but like. I know he’s gay irl, but holy crap..  that shower scene when he went after Allison?

umm… yeah :)~

Anyway, this season I started watching again with the youngest kid. Maybe her enthusiasm is infectious. (Hey, wait..that sounds like a pretty  good excuse.. it’s her fault I’m glued to a teen-version of Melrose Place).. whatever the reason, by the 3rd episode I wanted to know who the Kanima was .. I wanted to know what Gerard  was planning.. I wanted to know how Peter was doing what he was doing.. and most of all, I wanted to see Derek without a shirt..

ahhh.. and so far.. I’ve gotten all I wanted.. I know not just who the Kanima is, but  who is controlling him. I know what Peter is doing even if I don’t exactly know how. I have a good idea what Gerard is doing.. and holy crap Allison’s turning into her aunt Kate isn’t she. I love this show. I loved when Stiles and Derek were paralyzed together. I loved when Derek was paralyzed and Stiles held him in the pool. I love how hard-man Jackson really did/does love Lydia. I love that Scott’s finally older and looks it but OMG! Derek overheard him talking to Gerard and now Peter’s going to convince him to help and Derek’s going to lose his Alpha status.. why didn’t he listen to the Vet! Oh yeah..and I love how we’re finally getting an idea on just who the hell the vet is… I love this show.

Shoot me now..

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