About The VSJ

Blogs are everywhere and everyone has one. From personal diary blogs,shopping blogs,cooking blogs… dog grooming blogs, you can’t shake a stick without hitting one. As for political blogs, well you can’t shake a stick without hitting 10 of them. So what makes one more such a big deal? Because we don’t just do politics here. From book reviews,movie reviews,short story, erotic stories.. yea, we have a little bit of insanity for everyone.

This year we have added a new section called Plush Culture.  It’s a place where we can all go to sit down,relax and enjoy a little lithium, er.. I mean levity.

If politics is your bailiwick though,you’re in luck!  There are two ideologies to chose from,  A Proper Gander (a skewed view) for the more liberal or a catalog of conservative called  Always right, written by a former a patient, lil mike.

If it’s a ‘just surprise-me’ hodgepodge  you’re looking for then the Home page is for you since all new blogs will post on the frontpage  before going to their appropriate section.

So, grab a cup of libation,pull up a chair, get comfortable and hang out awhile. You never know what you might find around the next corner. Could be a fantasy story, could be an erotic trip, could be a sad narrative on the plights of the poor.. or it could be an angry,foul-mouth,editorial on current political events.  All are welcomed to come in, sit awhile and enjoy the topic of the day.

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 The Velvet StraitJacket, Because Insanity Should Be Comfortable

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