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Stop looking for the next viral video…

…because those videos have the shelf-life of a housefly.They’re lunch-time distractions, not a prime-time programming goal.


So another cancellation  list is up.. and once again. I’m pissed.Most we already know about..but the new ones that piss me off are highlighted..


Deception (NBC): Cancelled.

Animal Practice (NBC): Put down.

Do No Harm (NBC): Harmed.

30 Rock (NBC): Over.

Guys with Kids (NBC): You can’t believe how cancelled this is.

The Office (NBC): Closed.

Smash (NBC): Smushed.

Up All Night (NBC): Christina Applegate quit: This was cancelled … by its own star!

Whitney (NBC): Thankfully.

1600 Penn (NBC): Impeached.

Made in Jersey (CBS): Terminated.

Private Practice (ABC): Spin-off heaven.

Partners (CBS): Dumped

Ben & Kate (Fox): & Cancelled.

Vegas (CBS): Lost.

Go On (NBC): Get out.

Fringe (Fox): R.I.P.

Touch (Fox): Touchable.

The Job (CBS): What?

The Mob Doctor (Fox): Ha! That title. Yeah. Deceased.

Don’t Trust the B– in Apt. 23 (ABC): Speaking of: Did anyone really believe a comedy with “B—-” in the title was going to last?

666 Park Avenue (ABC): Hellbound.

Last Resort (ABC): Indeed.

Rules of Engagement (CBS): Broken.

Golden Boy (CBS): Tarnished.

CSI: NY (CBS): Two down, one to go.

Zero Hour (ABC): Zero something all right.

Emily Owens, M.D. (The CW): Crashed.

How to Live with Your Parents (ABC): Evicted.

Red Widow (ABC): Swatted.

Body of Proof (ABC): D.O.A.

The New Normal (NBC): Or not.

Malibu Country (ABC): Overthrown.

Happy Endings (ABC): Until this happened.

90210 (The CW): Finished.

Cult (The CW): Unfollowed.



Hannibal (NBC)

The Taste (ABC)

The Neighbors (ABC)

1st off.. Go On was a genuinely “LOL” comedy. It had great characters,great jokes and should have been given another chance. For ‘comedy’ this one and Suburgatory were the ones we looked forward to each week..

2nd. The New Normal. I enjoyed this one.True, it was not hands-down-hilarious but it was better than whatever was on the rival channel..

and 3rd. Hannibal.. fuck! NO NO NO NO NO! Seriously NO! This show is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s bizarre,grotesque,intriguing,’s the ‘darkest’ drama I’ve seen on TV. Even when compared to something like Walking Dead or the shield.. it’s head and shoulders ‘dark’ above them. Granted I don’t watch “Dexter” so I don’t know if there is a comparison there (except that you’d expect Hannibal to be on pay-cable)  but it’s one of the few shows over the last few years that I genuinely look forward to. In fact, it’s only the 2nd we watch as it’s airing instead of DVR’ing.. (well, we give it about a 15 mins head start).. the other being “Merlin” which was also cancelled and has only 3 episodes left(and btw, that cancellation actually hurt )

I seriously think TV execs need to get their heads out of their asses and stop cancelling shows that don’t do “ER” or “West Wing” or “NYPD” numbers… those kinds of numbers are dead and never to return. And really folks,not everything needs to be a ‘viral video”…!

There are way too many other networks these days with amazing programming.. I mean, the History channel even has “Vikings”..and A & E with “Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad”(.. Let that sink in a minute.. wtf? the History channel and A & E with competing dramas?Wow!we’ve come a long way since only 3 major networks)  Add in more and more on Hbo,showtime,starz,Cinemax…and the numbers of viewers watching one show dwindle.. That doesn’t mean some shows,“Game of Thrones” for instances, don’t have massive viewership on their own..  but those are getting more and more rare.. and if TV exec’s don’t figure that shit out and start re-uping shows with “good”, just not “American Idol season 2” numbers.. they’re going to  continue with the dwindling numbers because who is going to give a shit about new programming when it’s just going to get bounced in 3 weeks if it doesn’t sweep the world gangnam style in the first 15 mins..

Hi, I’m ekg.. and I have dirty,seedy addiction..

How do I admit this? I’ve already admitted to being a ‘day-light’ Twilight fan (B-D II coming soon YAAAA) ahem.. but I’m really teetering on the edge of disrespect with this one..

ok.. just yank the band-aid off in one quick,painful, motion..



I’m addicted to MTV’s Teen Wolf.

really addicted.

It started last year, both the teen girls were watching it and through some kind of osmosis I picked up the gist. Not that I cared at first but by 2nd to last episode of the season, I was into it.. so much so that when they ran a marathon I watched what I had missed so I could catch up. Again, it wasn’t bad.. it, didn’t other words.  But I wasn’t like hooked or anything.. Scott was just too, I don’t know, child-like for me.. and Derek? Well yes, HOT..but bothersome. Gotta love Stiles tho. And Jackson… ahhhh Jackson..Jackson,Jackson.. What a hot,totally ripped,complete douche you can’t help but like. I know he’s gay irl, but holy crap..  that shower scene when he went after Allison?

umm… yeah :)~

Anyway, this season I started watching again with the youngest kid. Maybe her enthusiasm is infectious. (Hey, wait..that sounds like a pretty  good excuse.. it’s her fault I’m glued to a teen-version of Melrose Place).. whatever the reason, by the 3rd episode I wanted to know who the Kanima was .. I wanted to know what Gerard  was planning.. I wanted to know how Peter was doing what he was doing.. and most of all, I wanted to see Derek without a shirt..

ahhh.. and so far.. I’ve gotten all I wanted.. I know not just who the Kanima is, but  who is controlling him. I know what Peter is doing even if I don’t exactly know how. I have a good idea what Gerard is doing.. and holy crap Allison’s turning into her aunt Kate isn’t she. I love this show. I loved when Stiles and Derek were paralyzed together. I loved when Derek was paralyzed and Stiles held him in the pool. I love how hard-man Jackson really did/does love Lydia. I love that Scott’s finally older and looks it but OMG! Derek overheard him talking to Gerard and now Peter’s going to convince him to help and Derek’s going to lose his Alpha status.. why didn’t he listen to the Vet! Oh yeah..and I love how we’re finally getting an idea on just who the hell the vet is… I love this show.

Shoot me now..

Palin for President?

Why not?

Face it, love her or hate her.. she grabs the spotlight wherever she is. She has the uncanny ability to suck all the buzz out of any room she enters no matter how glamorous, powerful,beautiful, well-known and well-loved the others in the room are and bring it into herself. This could be used for the benefit of this country if another ‘Cuban Missile Crisis‘ were to happen. The other side, knowing she isn’t afraid to bomb the shit out of anyone because of her almost insane belief in herself and her righteousness, would acquiesce to any demand she proffered.
She’s already faced down Big Oil and won.. and this is a feat not to be taken lightly. This is also an accomplishment I’d like to see on a National level. Think about this, because of Palin’s no-holds-barred personality, every citizen in Alaska in 2008 received $1200 for help with the rising gas prices AND $2000 more for the use of their lands and the oil in the state. This was all accomplished through a tax increase on the oil companies, a type of ‘windfall tax’ and why not? No one made the oil in the ground and no one owns it either.. because EVERYONE owns it. The oil that is offshore in my state is just as much mine as it is Exxon-Mobiles. They of course have the resources to get the oil,refine it and sell it but they don’t have ownership anymore than I do.

The idea that a Republican would go at Big Oil this is, in today’s atmosphere, unheard of, but even back when she was Governor it was still something that was severely frowned upon. Jimmy Carter tried it, Newt voted for it,only to have it repealed in 1980.. His wasn’t the same as hers, what she had going for her is that Alaskans have a Constitutional ownership of their lands and it’s resources, so in essence “As resource owners, Alaskans literally had a “working interest” in energy exploration and development.”

Think about the benefits of this for a minute. Today oil companies who rape the land made a “combined total profit of $137 billion, which is a new record,”. Every time gas prices go up a penny, these companies pocket another $200 million in quarterly profits. $137 BILLION DOLLARS! Off a resource they did not make, can not replace and do not have ownership of anymore than you or I.

Sarah had the right idea, why not make the American people “resource owners” with a “working interest” in all energy exploration and development? Why not use the funds to start a basic healthcare plan for every person in this country. I’m not talking about limitless healthcare, but a basic level that all humans deserve. Face it people, we’re the only civilized country who attaches health care to employment.. and with all the unemployment today, this has devastating affects on our citizens and this country. We deserve to have atleast a basic safety net, like say… Cuba. Yes, even Cubans have healthcare..

It’s a radical idea, Sarah Palin as Mrs. President… but these times call for a radical solution. So why not her? She once showed intelligence, strength and a care for her fellow Alaskans and went to the mat for them and won! Who’s to say she can’t or won’t do it for all Americans.

Another reason to consider Palin for President? Three words “Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney”.

C’mon people, really? Mitt Romney as President is a better option than Sarah Palin? No way! Mitt, unfortunately, goes whichever way the breeze blows him. He’s a Charlie Crist without the tan. Besides that, Mitt’s just odd. There’s really no other way to put it, he’s Odd. I don’t know if he’s this way because he’s trying to be something that he isn’t, a regular guy, or if he’s just…. ya know.. odd. Whatever it is, there isn’t a single supporter of his out there that has said they think he would be able to stare down another Nikita Khruschev. Palin on the other hand? Not only could she stare him down and win, she would do it in a New York minute because she has that obscene belief in her righteousness..The idea that Mitt could even stare down a Somali pirate, much less an Assad or Putin is fantasy.. and frankly, the way things over there are going now? It’s not a fantasy I want any part of.

“Oh Gosh.. I just.. golly.. I don’t know..

Gee, I just don’t think you should kill so many people Mr. A-sad.

I mean, shucks they aren’t varmints’

Face people, in the GOP field there’s only one option… Sarah Palin. She’s beautiful. She’s ballsy. She’s got confidence coming out of her Wasilla. What’s the worst that could happen? Economic collapse? Got it! Job meltdown? Have it! Slow death of personal freedoms? Living it right now. No healthcare? HaHa-HaHa and?

See, there’s nothing she can really fuck up. What? Nuclear war? We’d be the ones left standing. Beside that, it wouldn’t ever come to that, I already said she’d go balls out to defend her righteousness and her opponent would know this about her and back-down faster than Chris Christie can eat a box of Dunkin Donuts.

The only drawback to a Palin presidency is her children.. specifically Bristol. There is already a generation of teen girls out there just waiting to get knocked up so they can be on MTV. Bristol as ‘1st daughter’ would be such a horrible role model for these girls that Sarah would have to have her married off to someone before taking office. I’m sorry that that sounds as horrible as it does, but it’s the truth. Bristol shouldn’t be a role model, she didn’t ask to be, but she’s in the lime light with all her “Dancing” and now a reality show..she needs to think about herself on the larger level of things and no matter how beautiful a baby is, most teens don’t have the opportunities that she did..and those teens don’t know that. Bristol could help hundreds of  teens focus on Family by marrying her ‘baby-daddy’ instead of having multiple ‘baby daddy’ like so many kids do today.

Sarah could do it.

Run, Sarah, Run!

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and so it ended….

Well, we all saw it didn’t we? Are you satisfied or still wanting more? I think I’m good with the ending. I think I’ve had every question I needed answers to, answered. I would like to know why the kids were stolen in the 1st season or if the list of names the “Others” had was Jacob‘s candidate list. But the rest? We know. We know what the island was, we know why they were brought to the island, we know why Jacob picked them. We even know why Widmore wanted to get back to the island the last time(to bring Desmond), but we don’t if he was truly evil or just a pawn like Ben was. But you know what? I don’t need to know any of that.

There is a lot to say about what we saw last night and here are my thoughts on it, I hope that maybe they help you find your slice of peace with the ending.

Most importantly, I do not think they were dead when we 1st met them on the island, although babies couldn’t be born so maybe they were, but I just I don’t want to think of it that way. That way does make it too “Newhart” and I don’t like that. So I believe when we came across them, immediately after the crash of Oceanic 815, they were living.

I think the end of the ‘real’ that we were allowed to see was after Juliet made the bomb go off. That set everything ‘right’  and the Losties went on to live their lives until _____.   Some died before others, but eventually they all died.We just never saw how they went on because it was only the island that mattered. I think the lives we saw of the O6 was real and some probably went back to those lives after they left the island. But once against the only thing that mattered was the island.

It could also be that the ‘real’ we never saw was after that last flight off the island. Kate,Sawyer,Miles, Frank, Claire.. they were it, what was left of the true survivors and we never saw their lives after they got back home. This is what I am leaning towards more and more. It just feels more ‘right’.   I know Frank and Miles weren’t on the island for the original crash, but they were on it when Juliet blew it up. They were just as much a part of the show as any of the others at that point. When they left, they left Jack alive (barely), Hurley,Ben,Desmond,Rose, Benard and Vincent all alive on the island where they wanted to be. We know there was ways off the island, so I’m sure that Ben showed Hurley how to send Desmond home.

The ‘when they lived/when they died’ will be left open to any and all interpretations.. That’s the legacy Abrams and Carlton have left us. But the ‘alt’ lives has been answered and given to us in a neat little, but powerfully emotional package. What we saw were each ones own journey to fix what they felt needed to be fixed, or pay what needed to be paid  and when they had achieved their goal, they were finally touched by someone who had innocuously been in their life all along only until that moment, that moment when they were ‘ready’… and while it seemed to us that it was all in ‘real time’ and all at once, it was really spread out over each of their varying lifetimes, but since they were all connected, each other was in each others life..

This season was their quest to ‘pass on’ because all had died at sometime and that time is not relevant; it could have been 1 month after getting off the island or 50 years, but ‘heaven’ (figuratively speaking) is where you were happiest in your life  and until they could feel they deserved that happiness they were ‘damned’ to live in the ‘alt’ world. Once they finally finished whatever it was they felt they needed to do, ahhh once they were redeemed in their own eyes.. well, then they were able to meet up with the rest of friends, who had been waiting for them the whole time.

Kate needed to reunite Claire and Aaron.
Claire needed to be reunited with Aaron/Charlie.
Lock needed to get over his dad and walking again.
Ben needed to help Alex because he didn’t help her before.
Sayid needed to save Nadia and make sure she stayed safe.
Jack needed to find peace with his dad.
Jin/Sun needed to really find each other
Hurley needed to help Libby.

I’m not sure what Sawyer’s was or Juliet’s. Maybe it was him finding her because she ‘really’ died on the island that day and was already at peace or redeemed and she was the one waiting for him to realize he could move on. This feels right to me.

All the  ‘alt’ worlds were of each persons own creations. They weren’t necessarily all going on at the same time. Kate’s could have been 15 years before Sayid’s death and 3 years after Sawyer’s,but they were a part of her ‘happiness’ so they still showed up in her world.  It wasn’t until Desmond, call him God‘s bellhop’ showed her the way that she realized she was dead and then she went to the meeting place to wait for the others… the last one who showed up, was Jack. That didn’t mean he was the last to die though, it just meant it took him longer to redeem himself in his own eyes.

We saw everyone’s ‘purgatory’ (I don’t like that word, it cheapens the idea.. but it’s the only word that works for right now) through their eyes and also saw how they finally realized what was going on. We assume that it was all in order and immediately after the island when the truth is, some had been there longer than others and some were not ready to be there at all yet.. (Ben, Ana Lucia)

It was a good ending, apropos to the series, and a great ‘combining’ of the two worlds. It was sad as hell, I cried so many times my eyes are still puffy and yet, I am not totally satisfied. I’ll watch it again in the next few weeks after I’ve had time to digest it all and see if I can get to 100% satisfied though. It’s not that the answers I needed were left open, it’s not that people I needed to be redeemed weren’t,  I think it’s just because that was simply The End and that is what I am unsatisfied with, I don’t want it to be The End.

But maybe that was the whole point.

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You didn't hear about the polar bear?

As Howie’s said.. The end is upon us. Lost is ending. 3 words have never elicited such expectation,sadness and fear in so many.

X Files
Image by megaul via Flickr

I admit, when Lost first started, I was not a fan. In fact, I didn’t even watch the 1st season. It just wasn’t something that seemed like I would get into. C’mon guys, a bunch of people get stranded on a desert island after a plane crash? Ugh, I’ve seen Cast away and I’ve read Lord of the flies.. why do I need to watch a mediocre version of either? It wasn’t until the second season was starting up that I started to get interested in what I was hearing. The buzz about the island was such that any ‘X-files’ fan was sure to get their curiosity pique in some way, and I did.  So I went down to Blockbuster and rented the entire 1st season. I think it was the 3rd episode that I was so far hooked on to the crack-like drama/mystery that I was forever damned to lose my Wednesday nights. (I know, this changed to Tuesday). I gave them up happily though because the shared experience was something that will stay with me forever.

It’s been a fan-fucking-tastic journey and one that I will deeply miss. I will miss it not just because of the show, but what the show gave me. It gave me  extraordinary and unforgettable moments with my daughters. Each and every episode we watched together and OHHHHH,AHHHHH, OhMyGOD!!! at together. It was the only show were we all got together to sit down an watch.  That wasn’t as difficult in the beginning as is got to be at the end. The girls were  younger then but as the show grew up, so did they. Now, one has graduated high school, is 18 and wanting to have her own life. The other is 13 and wanting to explore her teenage life.  A lot of things have gone the way of the dodo while they find their lives, but when the question of “Hey mom, can I  go out for awhile” comes up, I only have to say “It’s Tuesday” and there isn’t a single argument or hard feeling about missing that night out with friends.

Lost was able to give me more than just an exciting night, it was able to give me time with two kids who are growing up and wanting to break away from ‘mommy and daddy’. It’s special to me because of the hours of shared time it gave and great conversations it produced with them.  We ‘ooo’d’ and ‘aaaahh’d’ together. We’re red-blooded American women, how couldn’t we?

It was because of people like Howie and Andy from DarkUfo I was able to get spoilers,information and back-stories so I could share them before and during each episode. It truly was a great experience and  so it’s not just sadness that the story is ending that has me blue, it’s the end of a family gathering that was special in a way that  cannot be reproduced.

My children are growing up, the oldest has graduated high school and will be starting college, the days of having both my girls home at the same time, interested in the same thing, sitting quietly without fights and arguments watching the same thing and sharing in it’s moments  also ends tonight at 11:30pm. Tonight is more than just an end to an amazing TV show, it is the end of that ‘link’.

OK, I know there will other special moments with my girls in the days and years to come, but this was extra- special …My girls were 13 and 8 when this started, and that is something I will never get back. I look forward in the years to come, when my daughters  have their own family,  are making their own special memories and stopping for a minute to call me and say “Hey Mom, freakin’ polar bears!!”

I want to thank J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof for giving my family something we’ll never forget and will always return to and revisit for the rest of our lives. Thank you Andy from DarkUfo for taking time out before the start of highly anticipated last season to give me such a great interview, thank you Howie for all the patience with my “who is that?” and “when did that happen” questions, thank you also for the great conversations and speculation.. you and MYBig were awesome to bounce ideas off of no matter how crazy they were all these seasons. It’s really been a great ride..

QUOTE“I’m not a big believer in… magic. But this place is different. It’s special.

The others don’t wanna talk about it because it scares them,

but we all know it, we all feel it.”QUOTE

You’re right, Locke… You are absolutely right.

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