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"ClimateGate?" Not so fast…

“Not so fast, let’s see what we’ve got here..,”

I think that’s been the request of everyone over the last few weeks when it comes to ‘climategate’. Well, everyone except every conservative on the planet. To them this was Christmas morning and they were foolish children who could not wait another second to open their presents. Conservatives like Sen Inhofe who thinks that global warming is grand hoax, rejoiced a these emails because now global warming is over and done, that they won and we lost and those who believed it can get a ‘real life’.Yes, the world got together and conspired to perpetuate this hoax upon the entire world so Al Gore could get an Oscar and to make George Bush look bad.

Ok, that’s silly. I really don’t know why the world would want to create this ‘hoax’  that we as human race were hurting the planet, much less know how a conspiracy of this magnitude could be kept secret; but that’s obviously what happened if you listen to the conservative media and conservative bloggers like my friend Lil Mike.

When the news of the emails broke, there was an outcry from the conservative mainstream media that liberal news wasn’t covering the story. It took Jon Stewart about 30 seconds to disprove this theory, but if there’s one thing we know about today’s conservatives it’s that they don’t want to be held to a standard of truth themselves, they just want to hold everyone else to an impeachable standard. Besides, they just knew global warming was bunk. How did they know you wonder?  Well Sean Hannity tells us that it’s not real because it snowed in Huston.

Wow, you mean global warming is a hoax because it got cold in winter time? Well, I’m convinced…or I would be if I was a conservative. But I’m not and it’s not because I have some kind of agenda. In my opinion global warming is a bummer. Not only because of the effects on the planet but also because of the effects on my lifestyle. I enjoy all my electrical amenities, my small SUV, my virgin toilet paper and my beef.  So global warming is an inconvenience to my personal lifestyle and I would love to bury my head in the sand and forget about it. But living on the east coast of Florida and seeing the increased numbers,frequency and sheer size of some of the last few hurricane  not to mention the heat? Holy shit, this past June was the hottest we’ve have… ever, and  it’s 10 days before Christmas and we’re still having almost 90 degree temperatures.  So no, I can’t afford to ignore something of this nature because like it or not, this has been the hottest decade recorded.

Back to the emails. It wasn’t a ‘liberal’ media conspiracy to hide the news of the stolen emails, it was an effort to say “Hold on a second, lets see what we have here before we get all weepy with joy at catching someone red-handed”, you would think atleast Sarah Palin would have been on the side of those showing restraint. Since she’s condemned the media for making things up ,you’d think she’d want them to get it right.. But this kind of story is like crack to a crackhead, so of course the conservative mainstream media was jonesing to exploit,misrepresent, and bastardize it.

Thankfully we have real journalist who did wait, who did investigate and who did not jump on the tea-bagging bandwagon..

Review: E-mails show pettiness,

not fraud

Climate experts, AP reporters

go through 1,000 exchanges

LONDON – E-mails stolen from climate scientists show they stonewalled skeptics and discussed hiding data — but the messages don’t support claims that the science of global warming was faked, according to an exhaustive review by The Associated Press.

The 1,073 e-mails examined by the AP show that scientists harbored private doubts, however slight and fleeting, even as they told the world they were certain about climate change. However, the exchanges don’t undercut the vast body of evidence showing the world is warming because of man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Yes Virginia, 5 reporters and seven experts in research ethics, climate science and science policy have weighed in and it’s not global warming that’s bunk, it’s the believers and pushers of ‘Climate-gate’ who have been found wanting. But even knowing this, will the  vast conservative media network still shill for the oil companies and play to their ‘drill baby drill’ base?  You Betcha!

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Sarah's blaze of glory.. who is to blame?

This whole Sarah Palin thing irks the hell out of me and not for the reasons you would think. All of a sudden I find myself feeling sorry for her and the attention paid to her over the last few months and it bothers the hell of out of me to feel sorry for the woman…

I do not blame the MSM or Dave Letterman though for the attention paid to her though… I blame Bush..


oops, sorry.. after 8 years it’s just a force of habit!

But seriously, I blame John McCain and Sarah Palin’s hubris.

I cannot for the life of me fathom the thought process that went through John McCain’s heads and ended up producing the statement “I choose Sarah Palin as my Vice Presidential running mate”… and the thoughts that must have gone through his head saying “..and no body will question who she is, where she comes from,her political history,her family dirt,her sanity..or mine, because she just so darn pretty”

On what planet did either of them really think an absolute 100% no name… could run, with an amazing chance at success at becoming the 1st woman Vice President.. and not a single person in the world wouldn’t say.. “Hey, who’s the new girl?”

Mike was right when he said “The amount of poor and incorrect information on this woman is frankly incredible.” Of course he‘s talking about  me, Howie and the MSM for this.. but it was not us who thrust this already, damaged flower onto the open market and demanded that she be accepted as leader of our country in the event of a Presidential disaster all because she and John McCain said so. As if that wasn’t enough, then she opened her mouth and we truly had reasons to fear.

But, were we ‘unfair’ to her.. or were her expectation of unconditional acceptance  to blame for the eventual melt-down. .. yeah, I don’t care what planet your from.. No one term govenor of an extremely large state, who ran for VP and almost won, can decide to quit their office with 2 years left in her term.. and not be seen as the antithesis of a leader on a Presidential scale. When stared down by what she calls an unfair Mainstream media, she blinked.. and blinked hard. What happens during the next cuban missle crisis while she’s President? So yes, it was a melt down.

But are we to blame or does she have a major stake in that arena?

In a campaign where even the Democratic leader’s birth certificate and religion was being eviscerated on television,blogs,papers ,pundits and me all across the land on and hourly basis.. What gave Palin or McCain the idea that she could be launched on the Presidential landscape 6 weeks before the election.. and no one would want to know who the fuck she was? Oh My God, Sotomayor’s entire adult life going back decades are being vetted before we can even have the debate as to whether we should appoint her to the Supreme Court, but we were just supposed to say “Oh, Sarah Palin.. yeah, Ok.. sure-we don’t really need to know jack-shit about the person who will be a heartbeat away from the Presidency”

No, I do not find the MSM as the culprit for all her troubles.. In fact, I think the MSM should be awarded a medal for weeding out a person who was not only unprepared for the spot-light.. but also  exquisitely unprepared for the pressure that would come with the office she was asking to be trusted with.  Had she actually been elected.. well, that’s a nightmare that I am glad I don’t have to witness…

Sarah Palin only has Sarah Palin and John McCain to blame for her larger than life launch onto the full court world press to her eventually crashing and burning. It was not a pretty launch on to the political field to begin with and it was bound to be an even uglier crash.

The Mainstream media did it’s job this time.. they did it at an breakneck pace to be sure.. but only because they were forced to by two people who thought they could sneak an incompetent by because maybe this country wasn’t as ready for a black man named Hussein as their opponents thought.

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