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When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead….

I’ve been pretty vocal about my feelings on the whole ‘Healthcare.gov‘ fiasco. In short, while I get that there are going to be glitches, it’s reaching a point of ridiculousness that going to be hard to come back from. As with any new program, this massive in size, there are going to issues that need to be work out.. bugs that need to be fix etc. I’m a patient person (sometimes) so  when having my own problems with Healthcare.gov from the 1st week  until yesterday, my feelings have ranged from ‘eh, it’s new.. what did I expect’.. to ‘ok guys, this is starting to get stupid’..  Yesterday’s adventure into Healthcare.gov though? Well.. to some it would be pure comedy gold, to others a sign of the impending doom that is “Obamacare”… to me? The most emotional 1hr and 20 mins I’ve experienced in quite a long time. It was a mountain range of emotions…with peaks and valleys of irritation,humor,anger,humor,confusion,disbelief,humor,conceit,humor,anger to finally apathy. What follows is how I spent my Sunday morning. The conversations are all real. The names have been changed because I either didn’t get their name or I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Regardless of this ‘creative licensing’..this is a true story.

Before I get too far let me explain what my problems with the website have been. I’ve been able to log in and set up my account with relative ease. I think I had that “we are experiencing a heavy volume, please wait a moment’ error message once.. and that ‘wait’ was all of 30-40 seconds. No, my problems have been much more frustrating. I’m able to log in,create an account and fill out(ad nauseum)  all the information that is required for me and my household.. but when I get to the ‘end’.. the damn site won’t ‘verify’ my ID. When I’ve done what it asks of me to do to prove I am who I say I am (upload docs), I’m told my ‘files’ are too big.. which they are not. They are 1/4 of the maximum size and still disallowed.  The problem is.. each and every time I get to this part of the process… it deletes all the information I’ve just spend 20 mins filling out on my household. Now the first 17 times this happened it was humorous.. a month later, after filling out the same damn questionnaire for all 4 members of my family,repeatedly, it was no longer humorous.. it was pissing me off.

BUT! this time, yesterday morning there was progress!…. The ‘error’ message came with a phone number to call (ya) So I called and this is where we jump down the rabbit hole and where this story begins.

ACA recording: You have reached the….. if you have a reference number press 1. If you do not have a reference number press 2.

TheVSJ: “reference number”? don’t have one of those so ..’pressing 2′

ACA recording: I’m sorry, but to complete this call you must have a reference number..



TheVSJ: huh? did she hang up on me? *looks at phone* damnit.. she hung up. Lets try that again.

(I repeated this phone call thinking I missed something in the recording. I didn’t. If I have ref number I press 1, if not 2..pretty simple! I don’t  have one, so I hit 2, which is where I’m told that in order to complete my call I have to have a ref number and then I’m hung up on)

At this point I figure “Ok, let’s try the Live Chat” that the website offers.. here is that conversation.

Me: Hi, (a brief recap of my problem).. Now I need to find a reference number so that I can verify my ID and find out how much all this socialized medicine in going to cost me

Miguel: Thank you for your patience.  To verify your ID you need to upload certain documents to the website

Me: I know, but it will not allow me to do that. It keeps telling me that my doc size is too big, but they’re not. So what I need now is a reference number so I can try doing it by phone. Where would I find that number?

Miguel: I apologize for the problems you are having. I cannot give you a reference number because we don’t have that information. Please call 866-aaa-aaaa and they can assist you further

Me: No they can’t because they are the ones asking for the reference number.

Miguel: If you call them and explain to them what your problem is, they will be able to help you further

Me: uh… no they won’t because they want a reference number and without one they hang up on me… seriously guys, it can’t be this hard.

Miguel: I apologize for the problems you are having. To verify your identity you must upload supporting documents to the site.

Me: (getting pissy now).. Really? Ok wow. I didn’t know it was that easy. You’d think I would have tried that. Well let me just go ahead and try again

Miguel: is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: Sure, what exactly is the purpose of the ‘Live Chat’?

Miguel: Yes, we’re here to help you with any problems you may have been having

Me: but you’re not helping at all. You’re telling me to repeatedly do something that is the reason why I’m talking to you in the 1st place. I can’t verify without a reference number and all you can do is tell me to call the phone number that demands the reference number. That’s not much help Miguel.

Miguel: I apologize for the problems you are having. You can try and call the ACA Hotline at 111-222-3333 and see if they can help you.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>end of chat>>>>>>

If this were the end of it all it would be enough… but no-no.. oh,no-no what follows was a surreal experience akin to an LSD fueled trip through a landscape straight from the mind Salvador Dali.

Let me preface this by saying.. at the start of each new conversation I had to explain what was going on, and with each new explanation… I had to add in the prior ‘phone call’  to the conversation. I’m not going to include those ‘build-ups’ because to experience that redundancy twice in two days is simply the equivalent of waterboarding a mental patient… fun, but not very helpful. Let me also say (as if you couldn’t tell already)… this ride is long,twisting and… well, long. So grab a refreshment and enjoy my journey to the other side.

Dave: Hello, Welcome to the Health Insurance Market Place. How can I help you today.

Me: *I explain it all.. even the stupidity of the “Live Chat”,my “verify” problems and the idiocy of repeatedly filling out the same questionnaire 75 times*

Dave: I’m sorry you’re having problems, I’m sure I can help you with them today. To go any further though I will need your SS# and log-in information.

Me: Ok.. no problem… 333-33-3333… Log in ygtbfkm1

Dave: Thank you. Ok I see you need to verify your information. To do that you just need to go to the “verify’ tab and there will be a button to ‘upload’ certain documents. Those documents are…

Me: Uh No.. I already explained.. It won’t allow me to do this. Then it tells me to call 866-aaa-aaaa. That tells me I need a reference number. Can you give me a reference number?

Dave: I’m sorry but I can’t give you that information

Me: Can’t or won’t?

Dave: I don’t have it here. You would need to call 866-aaa-aaaa to get that information

Me: You’re kidding right? That’s the number that is asking FOR the reference number and will not take my call until it’s given the number

Dave:hmmm… let me check something. Can you hold?

Me: sure

Dave: *under his breath, to himself … if an applicant needs to verify their identity they can upload the documents to the website. They can also call 866-aaa-aaaa to verify their identity…* Mrs StraitJacket, It says here that you can verify one of 2 ways. Either upload the information, which you say you’ve tried?

Me: 2 dozen times now

Dave: Right.. or call the 866 number. Would you like me to try the number and see if I can get someone there to get you a reference number? Then maybe you can call them back with that number and they can help you.

Me: I would love for you to do that.

Dave: Ok.. I’m going to put you on hold and I’ll be right back


Dave: well, you were right. All it does is hang up on you.


Dave: haha… Ok, so let’s try something else. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this

Me: That’s ok.. now I have company to experience it with me

Dave: haha.. true-true. *reads to himself again what he just read a minute ago*

Me: Maddening isn’t it?

Dave: Ha.,yes.

Me: Look, I know you hear this 100 times a day.. but I’m an Obama Fan. I’m for socialized medicine. I want medicare for all.. but this is seriously insane. I mean,  you get that don’t you?

Dave : Yes. haha..Yes

Dave: Ok… here is another number to the national hotline to try. Do you mind if I put you on 3-way calling that way if there are any questions you need to answer-

Me: sure thing

Dave: dialing……phone ringing…..

Hello, This is Norwegian Cruise-line, my name is Victor how can I help you today..


Dave: under his breath “what the h…..”

Victor: Hello?


Dave: Did you just say..

Me: Yea I’m going on a cruise!!!!!

Victor: where would you like to go today?

Me: anywhere but here Victor!

Dave: wait.. I’m need to reach *inaudible* so I can get a reference number for a healthcare plan-

Me: Dave.. this is Norwegian Cruise Lines.. he wants to sell us a cruise

Victor: yes

Dave: you’re kidding?

me and Victor overlap : No

Dave: hahaha


Dave : Hahaha.. uh, I think we have the wrong number sorry *he disconnects call with Victor”

followed is 2-3 mins of absolute guffawing by Dave and myself. tears streaming down our faces, bellies cramping,shortness of breath laughing out loud..

Me:  Welcome to my world Dave!

Dave: OMG OMG OMG! I can’t believe that just happened.

Me: Oh I totally can! Hahahahah

Me: Btw, just be glad Hannity didn’t record this call!


Me: So now what? We going on that cruise or what?

Dave: I think we’re going to need to. Ok.. now that I’ve dried my face.. let’s try another number. I’ll put you on 3-way again

me: You better, I haven’t had this much fun in a month

Dave:hahaha me either.. *dialing..ringing..automated answer*

Voice: You’ve reached *inaudible*.. if you are under the age of “50” press 1. If you are over “50” press 2.

Dave: are you under 50?

Me: Yes.. totally!

Dave: then we press 1. *beep*

**and I shit you not…**

Happy Voice: CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected to receive a 3-day 2 night cruise for two



Voice:..are you still there? press 1to claim your cruise

Dave: What should I do?

Me: Uh, whaddaya think? Press one, let’s get our damn cruise!!! Yeehaw!

Dave: pressing buttons… over and over again “She won’t let me hang up

Voice: Incorrect number. I’m sorry I don’t understand. If you would like to…

Dave: OMG this isn’t happening *pressing button*

Voice, no longer happy : I’m sorry, but after further review, you have been found ineligible to receive the promotion cruise

Me: uh-oh Dave… you pissed her off.

Dave: Oh crap! Did her voice just get ominous?

Me: HA! yes I was thinking the same thing.. Rise of the machines man!

Dave: *laughing* It won’t let me disconnect.. Ok there! Wow

Me and Dave LOL for another couple of minutes. Neither of us believing what has just happened.

Dave: I’m so sorry for all of this

Me: Are you kidding?! This has been awesome!

Dave: Haha it’s been something!

Me: You know no one is going to believe this right?

Dave: Haha.. I know.

Me: So what now?

Dave: I really don’t know haha

Me: hahahah..

Dave: ok.. I’m going to have to transfer up to a senior specialist and see if they can figure this out for you

Me: Yeah, good luck with that

Dave: I know, right.

Me: well atleast it’s been interesting Dave!

Dave: Yes. Best call I’ve had since I started here. Is there anything else I can do for you before I transfer you?

Me: Nah, I’m good.

Dave: well you have a great day today

Me: Oh I plan on drinking heavily after I’m done here.. so I will.

Dave : Yeah I have to work all day so I won’t be drinking until later

Me: That’s ok, I’ll drink for you.. and dream of the cruise we never got to go on

Dave: HAHAHAHAHA.. sounds good.. ok hold on while I transfer you. Good bye


Claire: Hello, my name is Claire how can I help you

Me: *inside my head ‘no, it’s a fat girls name*.. Uh, sorry I’ve been on the phone for so long I forget why I called

Claire: *with attitude and food in her mouth* Mmm-hmm.

Me: Ok.. uh.. I was just transferred to you by Dave, did he tell you anything?

Claire: Mmm..hmm

Me: so that’s a yes?

Claire: *sucks teeth* What seems to be your problem.

Me: do you want me to start from the beginning?

Claire: *deadsilence….*

Me:Uh.. ok… *I tell her all of it.. from the 1st time I sign up at Healthcare.gov ending with mine and Dave’s hilarity*

Claire: *sucks teeth* *silence*………..

Me: Hello?

Claire: mmm hmm, You need call 866-aaa-aaaa if you want a…

Me: you’re kidding right? I mean there’s a camera on me and Ashton Kutcher is about to jump out and tell me I’m punked.. seriously did you not hear anything I just said between mouthfuls? I’ve tried that number. Dave’s tried that number, it just hangs up on you

Claire: can you hold while I try the number?

Me: yup

Claire 3-way calls… voice answers..

Voice: Please press one if you have a reference number. Please press two if you don’t

Me: It’s going to hang up on you

Claire:sucks teeth… presses 2

Voice: I’m sorry, to use this system you need a reference number… *silence*

Me: told you.. it just hung up on you.

Claire:..sucks teeth *under her breath* yes it did*

Me: smiling in vindication

Claire: Ok, let me try this number

Me: Dave tried that.. it’s the NCL hotline to book a cruise

Claire: mmm hmmm… *presses numbers…. ringing*

Sean: Hi, This is Norwegian Cruise-line, my name is Sean how can I be of help to you today..

me: told you

Claire: Wha?

Sean: Hell-

Claire hangs up.

me: smiling in vindication

Claire; Ok, you’re just going to have mail your information in

Me: Wait what? How long will that take

Claire: I don’t know

Me: what? will it take a 10 days? 30? 180?

Claire: sucks teeth* I don’t know.. maybe 1-2 weeks.

Me: what do I do in the meantime?

Claire: just keep checking back at the website

me: I don’t think you understand. I can’t just ‘check’ the website. I makes me start the whole application all over again. I’ve entered my families information so many times that I’m dreaming about SS# and incomes.

Claire: mmm hmm.. I’m sorry but that’s all I can tell you to do. If you want I can have a senior specialist call you back and update you on the progress

Me: I thought you were the senior specialist

Claire: I am, but I mean someone in another department

Me: When will they call

Claire: I don’t know

Me: what? seriously? you can’t tell me if it’ll be a day and week or 4 months?

Claire: No, we’re told it will be in 1-2 weeks.

Me: So you lied to me just then when you said ‘you don’t know’ when they’ll call me back?

Claire: sucks teeth. do you want me to have them call you

Me: Absolutely

Claire: *typing*

Me: amazing! you know this is stupid right? I mean, you have to see that

Claire: *ignoring me and still typing*.. Ok, when would you like for them to call

Me: in 15 mins.. that’ll give me time to smoke a marlboro and snort a Valium!

Claire: I tolt you  they won’t call for 1-2 weeks.

Me; Then why did you ask when I wanted them to call?

Claire: I meant what time?

me: daytime

Claire: i can have them call from 10-2 or 2-5

me; Ok

Claire: ok what?

Me: Ok.. they can call from 10-2 or 2-5 I don’t really care at this point. Can I get Dave back on the phone

Claire: No, we don’t have assigned calls they just come in random

Me: damn.. he was a lot more fun.

Claire: Ok, I have noted the call to say “applicant wants to know when her verification documentation will be processed” Is that good enough?

Me: No, it’s not good enough at all but I guess it’ll have to do.

Claire: Thank you for calling today..

me: wow.

1hr and 20 minutes later.. at 11:36 am.. I opened a beer, went outside, lit a cigarette and said to myself… “hmmm, maybe lil mike has a point

Can we get a refund?

That’s it, I’m done. I’ve used this product for almost 2 years now and have found it to be lacking each and every time I’ve counted on it. When I saw the advertisements for it I thought to myself “Well, that sounds pretty good, I think I’ll try it” then whipped out my credit card and paid for it. I know I know, I should have remembered the old adage “If it’s too good to be true…blah-blah-blah” but it was just so damn appealing! I couldn’t help it and neither, it seems, could 69 million other people!

So what product did we all buy into that has turned out to be a dud?

Barack Obama!

Now listen, I’m not saying John McCain would have been any better. In fact the more I see of him and his confused,mentally incompetent and extremely angry running mate the more sure I am of that simple fact. But that doesn’t mean Barack Obama is the God-send he was supposed to be. To be honest, one thing that would have been a nice change if McCain and Palin had won would that we could actually see something getting done instead of a President selling his own ideas, his party’s idea’s and his and his party leaders nuts to the lowest bidder. Say what you want about George Bush (and I have), but he sure as hell got stuff done… just not the stuff any rational person wanted done. But now, instead of being stuck with a President that rolls over anyone in his way, we have a President who rolls over for anyone in his way.

Don’t like his health care, it’s ok he’ll drop the most important part of it.

Don’t like his stimulus plan? No problem, he’ll give you the tax breaks you want, ask for less money than he needs and he’ll let you call it all “Obama’s Radical Socialist Agenda” while you secretly take the funds from him anyway because you know that your state couldn’t survive without those funds.

Don’t believe in science or climate change? Well that’s ok, he does believe in it but to make you happy he’ll end all hopes of anything ‘Green’ coming from this liberal white  house.

Over and over, again and again, this president hasn’t proved he wants bipartisanship legislation , he’s proved he want Conservative Republican only legislation! With a 60 vote majority in the Congress, overwhelming public support on his side, some of the largest ‘political capitol’ for an incoming president in a generation  and he’s done nothing more than give up on every promise he ever made. Next on the auction block are the Bush Tax cuts, that will kill this country if we  reauthorize them for every level of income and   repeal of Don’t ask, Don’t tell.

$5 trillion is what extending those tax cuts to include the richest 1% of this country will cost. For 10 years that segment saw an average of $100,000 in tax relief while the average American family  saw $500. No jobs were created, the deficit exploded, we borrowed money from every crazy uncle we could find in the family… but hey, let’s do it again because this President can’t seem to say no to the Republican party as well as he can say no to his own party.

Military leaders say DADT is antiquated and they want it changed, the majority of American say they want it changed, when polled, an overwhelming majority of currently enlisted service men and women say they’re ok with it changing so of course when one Republican balks at the idea because of his own bigoted agenda, Barack Obama caves in and shelves repealing one of the most ridiculous laws to ever come out of Congress.

Nukes! Nukes and the non- proliferation of them is something we can agree on right? We can all, Republican and Democrat agree that if we could have an agreement with Russia over nuclear weapons, well  that would be a good thing. I mean, seriously who wants the Russians to have a run on nuclear weapons like they have promised, if we can prevent it?

Enter “No Comprise” Republicans and “Give them what they want” Obama! and before long we’ll be hearing “Treaty? What Treaty?”

But, Vladimir Putin did call anyone who wouldn’t ratify this START treaty “dumb” and what kind of bipartisan president would Obama be if he allowed a foreign leader to say that about his favorite party?

Yesterday, after meeting with the incoming Republican leadership President Obama said

“The president acknowledged he needed to do better,” Gibbs said.

Umm.. better at what?

Obama told the lawmakers that he needed to do more to reduce the partisan tone in Washington, press secretary Robert Gibbs said later. The president said he plans to hold additional talks in Washington and at Camp David with lawmakers of both parties.

Yes, well.. of course. He needs to do better at reducing the partisan tone. Rep. Joe Barton on the other hand, well he can say

“Speaker Boehner is our Dwight Eisenhower in the battle against the Obama Administration. Majority Leader Cantor is our Omar Bradley. I want to be George Patton – put anything in my scope and I will shoot it.”

Implying of course, as the The Washington Post‘s Al Kamen says

If the Obama administration was hoping to see hints of bipartisanship from the Hill, it might want to skip over the House Energy and Commerce Committee

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell sent a letter to Harry Reid this morning letting him know that 100% of the Senate Republicans have decided to block any and all Democrat legislation until they get what they want.

Yes, yes I see where Obama needs to do more to end all this silly partisan stuff.

I want a refund damn it! I’m tired of fighting for a President who will not fight for himself and who will actually throw me under the bus if it gets him a vocal promise of support, even when he knows that when it comes down to it, that vocal promise doesn’t mean shit. I’m tired of watching the policies my party believes in being shelved or butchered beyond recognition  before there is even a chance to see where the other, minority side will compromise on. We were promised a fighter and we gave him a 60 vote majority to help him! We were standing there behind him,telling him what we wanted, what we expected… WE were the people we have been waiting for, but you Mr. President are not the President we have been waiting for!

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Comment watch v2.0

Yes, it’s another look at the comment section from random websites and news stories. You might remember some of them from Comment Watch I..

-Sure sounds like we are going to experience a re run of Germany in the 1930s. Either we get rid of the Democrats in November, otherwise you might want to find a different country to live in!

-The death panels are here. My parents worked 50 years, always paid their taxes, never accepted a penny of public assistance. Since Obamacare they have been denied medical care. I read the government form letter. This is genocide and we are all accomplices standing idly by as people are allowed to perish. We are no better than the Germans who allowed so many to be erased from this world. It is that serious. When we awake it will be from the guilt and shame we all share

-This is how it starts.
It’s as if Hitler himself was in charge.

It just warms the cockles of my heart to see such.. uh, patriotism? Bi-Partisan yearnings? Anti-hate speech? Sure, ok. It is what it is…  Anger, mistrust,adolescences,hate, and ignorance. So you might ask, why in the hell am I highlighting it? Well, because.. because the color of our President wasn’t the only thing that change that wintry November day 2 years ago. It’s the lesser known ‘change’ that was more damaging than the erroneously perceived damage from this White House and that was  the day the Right found the internet. It was the day they figured out that they could ‘comment’ on a news story and since then… the ‘net’ has been bombarded with their drool.

Look, try as  they might.. it just hasn’t been the pristine ‘ground roots’ movement untouched by ‘politicians’ or ‘lobbyists’ that caused this vitriol. It didn’t just spring up on it’s own like the Right pretends.  It was actually the infamous Andrew Breitbart who ‘birthed’ all these joyous comments and the direction they took. When telling the world about his delusions and paranoia of Liberals and President Obama he said

Political leftists play for keeps. They are willing to lie, perform deceptive acts in a coordinated fashion and do so in a wicked way – all in the pursuit of victory.

and he told the loyal brethren that for the Left…

The ends justify the means..

Now of course, the ‘right’ doesn’t employ these tactics. Why not you ask? Well, let’s look to the great sage Andrew and see..

The right, for the most part, embraces basic Judeo-Christian ideals and would not promote nor defend the propaganda techniques that were perfected in godless communist and socialist regimes.

See, the Right, the Conservative, they are just good Christian people who do not promote or defend propaganda because to do so is to engage in godlessness. So what are they to do to fight the Great Satan Obama and his hell-hounds known as the ‘Liberals’ or ‘Democrats’? How are they going to fight the godless socialists,communists?  Does he want to fight them with God-fearing truth? Does he want to implement a Jesus-love your neighbor-style of attack? Does he hope to build a coalition of the Right, the Moral, the Just?

Nahhh… he wants to “lie, perform deceptive acts in a coordinated fashion and spread disinformation” Because you see, the ends justify the means. To him, Liberals “won the American presidency by breaking the rules of fair play.” To him “It is time to fight back, but it won’t be easy.” To him, if they want to win they must throw away their God and lie with the devils, they must “learn from its conquerors and employ similar tactics” .. and thus was born..

-The best example of a true “Racist” is Barack Obama, a/k/a/ Barry Soetoro. His wife is also a huge racist. Read the book: “OBAMA – INELIGIBLE TO SERVE – LIES, CRIMES AND DEADLY AMBITION” for the facts about Obama’s past, his family’s true origins, his racist politics, etc. It also details ALL the LEGAL FACTS that will ultimately remove Obama from office! Amazon has it – also Alibris, etc

-This guy is a redistributionist of wealth. He will ration your health care. Death panels are coming. Thanks Comrades for destroying America…

-When will the idiots that fell and voted for Obama realize that he hates our country and is trying to ruin it?He’s ruined the best health care system in the world, he’s fired the head of GM to show “he won” and has no business being president. This man has done nothing good for this country, it’s clear he hates the USA.

-Obama is KILLING this country.

-Of course he was a pure Marxist in 1980. He was a Marxist in 2008, and he is one in 2010.It is well known among conservatives and Constitutionalists that our President had the full, enthusiastic and public support of the Communist Party USA in 2008

You get the drift. “He’s calling for Death panels to kill conservatives!”  “He hates this country!” Blah-blah-blah… he’s a Marxists, and Communists and a socialist who was sent here to eat the constitution and shit out socialism where all conservatives are turned into Soylent Green wafers.

It started off as comic-relief reading the musing of the insane, but then it turned into a kind of ‘terror’ when they started to grow in numbers and actually started infecting more and more of the ‘every day comment’ sections of any and all websites. After the ‘terror’ it turned surreal. But most of all, it was just plain addicting to look at. So today when I clicked a story on cnn.com with the headline that is sure to draw those uh… god-fearing conservatives..

Obama is anti-business, Forbes and Zuckerman say

I was shocked at the comments I found. I mean it, shocked! After 2 years of reading about the Kenyan who wasn’t our real president, who should be feared because he’s the anti-Christ, who is not just a socialist, but a Marxist and he’s racist to boot. I was floored when I got to the comments section of that article

-Little Stevie Forbes with his failed Presidential bids and telling us how we should think while he lives in his multi million dollar homes and could care less about business or the American People – only that his millions won’t get a ‘fair’ tax. What a slob.

-Forbes said it was unfair of Obama to take the excesses of some on Wall Street and punish all of them for it. But apparently it is perfectly alright for the excesses of some on Wall Street to devaste the economy of the entire country and cause of millions of people to lose their jobs, their savings, and their homes.
Regulations are not punishment. They are there only to prevent excess and abuse.

-If the President is anti-business. Then Businesses are against the American people.

Whoooaa! What? Where are my “Hate OBama!” comments? My  “See, we told you he was Satan! and he hates capitalism!” Maybe if I scroll down?

-If this is Socialism,we will take it over Corporate Fascism anyday.

-…former Republican presidential hopeful…

And you would expect something constructive to be said by this guy?

-That was incredibly disingenuous, Mr. Forbes, after what Wall Street just handed America.
My taxes did not go down during the Bush years, and my pay never got raised, my bills went up and my employment choices went down.
My retirement fund was gutted.
How are YOUR finances looking Mr. Forbes?
Pretty darn good, I’d guess

I am.. speechless.

Ok, not really speechless.. if that was true the blog would be over, but I am floored. I didn’t just pick those comments out of a pile of comments by the uh, god-fearing ones.. those are  in consecutive order and it’s not just that story, which should have brought all a massive influx of crazy, it’s quite a few of them. What is going on? Breitbart created the ‘right-wing fanatics’ invasion of the web a month after this President was inaugurated and they have been hitting the comments section like a zombies searching for more brains and the Left just seemed to acquiesce to them. Could it be that Breitbart’s “Sherrod” fiction was final straw? The final piece of lying filth that the Left needed to take back the internet?

Could this be a sign of the re-awaken of the Left? The fact that it’s now proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the Right will make it up, will distort it, will edit and photo-shop it and when caught red handed, will blame it on the President for believing they had some kind of integrity?

Maybe, maybe the Left has finally taken enough and are finally ready to say so. Maybe they are finally ready to remind everyone of the realities of the Bush administration and the abuse of deregulation instead of allowing the fairy-tale of prosperity under Bush to continue. Maybe they finally feel their voices can out shout the rambling delusions of the insane. The first 35 comments on the Forbes story seem to say “Yes we can!” Maybe it’s finally time for the Left to remind everyone where we were and where will we go back if we allow the Right to spin their falsehoods unchallenged ….

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[Howard] Dean is just as nuts now as when he was running for office. He needs to be put in a rubber room.

or maybe the God-Fearing are still in church and haven’t had time to drown out the voices of the Godless.

Either way, I didn’t get my “lies,hate, and delusion’ ‘fix’ today so I will look again tomorrow…

[ Re:Fox News]Any station that reports ALL the news is not a “news station” to the apologists on the left fringe. How about some news coverage of the Mexican thugs who have taken over the ranches in Loredo, TX? The so called “news stations” at CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN are strangely quiet.

Mexican thugs  have taken over the ranches in Loredo, TX? Ok, I looked.. and the Laredo Times says, nope.. nothing happening here…

Hmmm… so much for the rumor mill, but the way the scumbag Marxist NWO teleprompter-reading jackass in the White House is protecting the borders it’s a wonder that Los Zetas aren’t running the entire Beltway corruption machine by now.

Maybe I won’t have wait for my fix after all..

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