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They really will stop at nothing..

After reading Fox News version of Natoma Canfield ‘s plight and after getting over my disgust at the flippant skew of their story,I decided to see just what kind of people Fox news is playing to. I was sure those commenting on the piece would be as appalled as I was after reading that article tripe because who wouldn’t be? This idea that she ‘may’ get financial help for the treatment and that somehow negates her ordeal was so outrageous that even the truly heartless,mindless,GOP sycophant must be taken aback.

Oh how I was wrong.

Before  we get to the truly ugly part of our society, the part that feeds on Fox News and GOP rhetoric..Remember where this started. Natoma wrote a letter to the President explaining her situation to him, she had had insurance and had paid it’s high premiums. She explained that last year she paid “$6075.24 in premiums, $2415.26 for medical care, $225 in co-pays and $1500 for prescriptions.” For all of this, her insurance company paid out a staggering $935 to her benefit. What a wonderful return she pays over $10,000 and the insurance gives her $935. I can’t imagine anyone looking at that and saying “A yup, seems right to me”.. but, they do.

When Anthem sent Natoma a letter letting her know that after being with this company for 11 years,  in 2010, her policy would be increased over 40% to $8496.24.

Natoma had to let the insurance go.

$8500 a year,  that’s over $700 a month… for health insurance. Is this normal and satisfactory to people? Are there a lot of us out there who could afford coverage for one person  for the great cost of $177 a week?

When did this become the normal part of American life, so normal that people across the country are not outrage just at that? $177 a week.. not for food,shelter,utilities.. but health insurance on one person? What she if had to cover a family of four?

That is where Fox picks up her story and where this blogs begins. Natoma said in her letter that she was afraid to think about where she would get the money to pay her bills now that she didn’t have healthcare. A perfectly reasonable fear, a fear that even people with insurance might have just because of the emotions  and costs involved. But to Foxnews and those who champion them, this is the pit of waste they decided to swim in. Instead of going after Anthem, they set their sights on Natoma’s fears.

Natoma Canfield, the cancer-stricken woman who has become a centerpiece of President Obama’s push for health care reform, will not lose her home over her medical bills and will probably qualify for financial aid, a top official at the Cleveland medical center treating her told FoxNews.com.

Sure, Natoma might qualify for aid… might. So there you go people, nothing to see here.. move along.

Of course  gold coins might fall out of her ears tomorrow too, but that doesn’t negate another in a long,long list of examples of an insurance company profiting on the health of Americans.

Natoma could possibly be healed by a local voodoo priest laying hands upon her, that doesn’t change the fact that insurance companies have gotten out of control when it comes to their profit margin.

If this ‘probability’ stopped there, then maybe it could be seen as a ‘feel good’ piece. Ya know, a “Thank God, she has one last thing to worry about in this time of need” maybe it would be ok. But it didn’t and as the comments show, it produced the exact feeling FoxNews hoped and always hopes to provoke in people. Of course “feeling” is a loose translation of the word as you’ll see.

Before that though, there seems to be this running theme everywhere of “Well they can just get medicaid” in one breath and “We don’t need government healthcare paid for by tax-payers” in the other.  A everyone has insurance because they can just use the ERrepetitiveness that somehow excuses the point of having to use the ER like a primary care doctor instead of a.. ya know.. emergency room. Here’s my question, who is paying for that cost when people who don’t have insurance use the ER?   Who do people think is paying for Medicaid ?  The Fairy-Medical-Mother? Do the people wiping drool off their chin from all their blathering about tax-payer government health care not understand that the medicaid they are telling Natoma to get is tax-payer paid for government healthcare?

I don’t think they do.

While we’re playing in the realm of pretend, what if she paid the extortion to her insurance company and they dropped her after she was diagnosed with leukemia? There is an equal, if not better, chance that  would have happened as there is a chance that she ‘might‘ or will ‘probably’ get medicaid or some kind of charity to pay her bill. Had she been dropped,  then what? Who cares because she could have gone on tax-payer government healthcare, but  as long as she doesn’t pay for her own government healthcare it’s ok?

The idea that anyone could say “Hey  you know what? I think you should pay out $10,000 a year, get $900 paid back and next year pay 40% more and get back less.. “ Is pretty much the stupidest thing I think I’ve ever heard. But it seems to be the common thread these days.  She is after all only a house-cleaner, it’s not like she own AIG or anything important like that.

The idea that anyone would champion a system  that says “Look, be happy.. after all those years of paying into this product and getting no return, now you can go on charity so quit your bitching” is not only the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard but probably the most callous. I can only hope that  Karma X3 finds the people saying this with some event that forces them to seek help from a ‘charity’. I just hope they don’t meet people like themselves at those charities who tell  them to go find help somewhere else. Or worse, tell them they’ve helped too many this month so maybe come back next month and see if they can get some help.

We’re the best country on the planet,  the only SuperPower, the beacon of all and the best we can do is.. “She might get charity to help pay for her illness and she probably won’t lose her house”?

As if that’s even a concern, after reading what the Foxnewies GOP sycophants  think.. she really deserves the loss of her home because she should have paid the insurance company their extortion fee and her mortgage and just stopped eating and watching TV, the lazy bitch.


South Carolina

How can she lose her house? I though Obama fixed the housing crisis, and nobody is losing their houses. I guess if she had paid her insurance bill and skipped her house payment, Obama would have her up on stage supporting his next housing bail out! This guy doesn’t miss a chance. Here’s quick fix Obama, you’ve got millions. You were able to raise 600 million for your campaign. Why don’t you lend her the money to pay her bills? This is getting crazy. She made a choice. She chose to pay her house payment. Millions of americans make choices every day. Does she have a TV? Does she have cable? Did she choose to buy those? It’s called responsibility and prioritizing. She has to choose between food and a house payment…does the government buy her groceries? She has to choose between clothes and a house payment…does the government buy her clothes? Where does it end? Why not let the government pay for everything. Food, water, shelter are all necessities. Like health care, can’t we find imaginary rights in the constitution to cover those things too!

That’s right, she made a choice folks. She should have paid her insurance instead of her mortgage and really.. she has a TV right? She chose to pay them, so there you go! She deserves everything she gets!  The stupid woman should learn to prioritize, doesn’t she know that the American Dream isn’t to grow up, work hard and buy a house. No! It’s grow up, work hard, pay your insurance even when they’re raping you.

It’s truly disgusting the level of bottom-feeder that the GOP and FoxNews has succeeding in producing. If that comment was the only one like it I would attribute it to a mutant strain of GOP, unfortunately… it’s not


Sad story – but here are the facts. This lady could have increased her deductible and reduced her costs. We could be having a fund raiser to pay her $5,000.00 deductible – but no – the taxpayers will be paying the full boat. How can Anthem be the bad guy? What do you think her costs are projected to be? Do you think it would have been cheaper to pay the premium and have coverage or to pay no premiums and have no funds to pay for the care? Personal Responsibility.

How can that poor insurance company be at fault? All they did was continue to raise her rates to the point where she had to decide between them and her mortgage, shheesh.. it’s her fault for not just doubling her deductible, I mean she only paid out $10,000 in costs last year! Hello! Anthem gave her $900 worth coverage for it, what does she want.. more?

It’s gross isn’t it? I just wish that was it…


As a physician in a town of 75000, I can say that everyone gets treated, and nobody loses their home. Medical bills are the last things people pay. When someone is evaluating your credit, the very last thing they look at are medical bills

As a physician, I recommend we all just not pay our bills.. no one loses their house, no one cares that it’s on your credit and all those non-paid bills really have no affect on the system because the Fairy-Medical-Mother bibbity,bobbity,boos them away.

Are you out of your fucking mind? The solution to “paid for by everyone, shared by everyone’ Universal Health care is? We just don’t pay our bills when we incur them because it’s not like anyone has to pay for it anyway.

Fuck me! Someone shoot me if I get this stupid!


New York

iamback: Do you not realize that a lot of people are going through the same thing? If you don’t pay for your health insurance, you don’t get health insurance. Many qualify for Medicaid. Everyone qualifies for private charity. Have you ever been to a benefit? That’s what benefits are for. Why do all Americans have to suffer for the plight of a few? There are other ways than allowing the Progressives to take over our lives. You only need a little bit of common sense to understand what this bill is all about and it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with health care. Everyone gets treatment, whether they can afford it or not! That’s the fact that the government hopes to keep from people. Open your eyes and look around. There are not people dying in the streets in this country (yet). The madness needs to stop now.

That’s right, why do all Americans have to suffer for the plight of a few..

We don’t need to end slavery, why do all Americans have to suffer for the plight of a few?

We don’t need to desegregate, I mean why do all Americans have to suffer for the plight of a few?

We don’t need to let woman vote and have a right to equal and fair treatment, why do all Americans have to suffer for the plight of a few

There are other ways than following the Progressives like Franklin, Washington, Adams, or Jefferson! We’re Americans, why do we all have to suffer for a few? Jesus! Everyone gets treatment anyway, whether they have the money or not and the great Fairy-Medical-Mother pays for it!

It just keeps getting better doesn’t it?

Do you think if someone explained that the ‘charity’ and the ‘medicaid’ might only kick in when the disease has reached catastrophic levels  and had the person had coverage before it got that bad, it might have only cost the tax payers and charity houses a few hundred dollars instead of a few million, they’d understand?

Yeah, I don’t think so either.



While I sympathize with this lady, wouldn’t it have been easier if she just said she was in the uS illegally to get the care and not worrying about losing her house? Hmmm….maybe there is a problem.



if your to sick to work then your to sick to cotribute to the masses so you are exspendable


Did you see the floozy that introduced him in Strongville? Not hard to see what kind of trash she is.

That floozy-trash was Natoma’s sister. John Boehner was right though, the GOP is doing everything they can to stop health reform.

I don’t know about you, but after reading the stirrings from the FoxNewies- GOP sycophants I feel unclean. More than that though, I feel frightened that one day a candidate that holds these peoples beliefs as his/her own could one day rule this country. God help us when that day comes.

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Let's ask the Republican National Committee what they think..

Have you ever wondered what kind of people Republicans are ? I have often wondered what makes them so different from a liberal Democrat.  I have especially wondered how some people, notably  the gays , can fall in line with a party that doesn’t believe they have the right to exist.  To me it’s like a black man joining the KKK, of course the KKK will take his money and take his vote if it furthers their agenda.. but they also want him wiped from existence in their world and would gladly do such a thing if they could.

Those kinds of questions are probably left to a psychiatrist couch. They probably have something to do with a need, going back to high school, to be accepted by what they perceive to be the ‘cool kids’. Why those who are fiscally conservative (and that’s the only reason they are a Republican) can’t just be a Blue-Dog Democrat is beyond me.  So those are questions that just have to remain unanswered.  The one we can now answer  though is more general, more encompassing.

What kind of people are Republicans and what kind of people donate to Republicans?  Well, thanks to the Republican National Committee…we have a list.

stefs diary :: ::  Daily Kos

stef's diary :: :: Daily Kos

They are people driven by fear, they have extreme negative feelings, hate if you will, against the administration, they are weak and cave into peer pressure, they are brown-nosers who want access, they are ego-driven and most of all they are reactionary.

Ouch. I don’t care who you are, that has to hurt. Then again, most Republicans are probably so ego-driven that they don’t realize that they are in this list, to them this is a list of those ‘other’ Republicans.

I’d ask Mike where he fell in this list that his party has said he is a part of, but he’s so far into the kool-aid that even hearing what his religious leaders really think of him doesn’t matter.  Even  though this is what his own party thinks of him and the other members, he, like the others who are either driven by.. well pick something from  the list.. to turn their backs… Thou shalt have no other God beside the GOP and all.

On a happier note, we know what will be the issues for the coming up elections. Fear and we even know what kind.

stefs diary :: ::  Daily Kos

stef's diary :: :: Daily Kos

and we got a sneak peek at the signs we can look forward to.

stefs diary :: ::  Daily Kos

stef's diary :: :: Daily Kos

Fear of Socialism, huh.. that’s original

What’s sad is that there isn’t a single policy issue in the 72 pages of motivational material laid out by the RNC.  But even that is not as sad as not a single Republican noticing that. They are running on hate, peer pressure and reactionary impulses of the easily frightened, what do they need policy for?

The worst part of all is a party that thinks this of it’s members. Why would anyone stand with a group that thinks so little and so negatively of it’s own people?

While others are probably enjoying this issue for their own reasons, I find it insulting and frankly unconscionable, but after seeing everything we have seen since a black man took office.. I can’t deny that in many case the Republicans nailed it. That doesn’t mean I think all of their donors and supporters are like this, not like they obviously do, but you can’t watch Hannity or Beck, listen to Rush or Beck.. support Palin or Bachman and not have a few of those things on the RNC list in your make up. The fact that this kind of ‘Faux news’ and ‘rhetoric’ is so popular only shows the amount of reactionary, ego-driven, easily scared people that have become a part of the Republican party.

One thing is for sure, those must be some damn nice “tchochkes” they give out to donors to make people ignore what their party thinks of them.


Poltico is reporting that

“Rob Bickhart, the Republican National Committee official behind the embarrassing fundraising presentation reported this week by POLITICO, has been paid at least $370,000 since last June by the RNC in salary and consulting fees

wow..he “makes more than the President of the United States” and as if that wasn’t enough..

Between Bickhart’s salary – he is on pace to earn a little more than $196,000 annually – and his consulting fees – which tallied $240,000 in the second half of last year alone – it appears Bickhart could receive north of $500,000 per year from the RNC

That’s a lot of money given to someone who was only able to come up with a ‘fear’ campaign geared towards the ego-driven, reactionaries.

Here’s a question, I expect Mike and some other Republucans to believe him, but do we really believe that Michael Steele didn’t know how his very own “finance director” was planning to “urge top donors and fundraisers to use “fear” of President Barack Obama to raise cash”? While labeling party-members that way? Isn’t one of Steele’s job fundraiser? If so, would he really not know how the RNC was going to do that?  I don’t know that I buy that.

Not that Steele will lose his job, they need him as the scapegoat if they don’t take back the House and Senate like they have predicted. I do wonder how being labeled these horrible things by their own party will affect fund-raising  and thus their ability to finance the type of  “fear” campaigns they plan on running.

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Does the GOP think BI-partisanship means BI-sexual?

So.. I guess the Obama health plan is bipartisan and does include GOP ideas..

“It’s clear that the American people want health insurance reform.  They aren’t interested in Democratic ideas or Republican ideas.  They’re interested in the best ideas to reduce costs, guarantee choices and ensure the highest quality care.

They’re interested in ideas that will put them back in control of their own health care.

Throughout the debate on health insurance reform, Republican concepts and proposals have been included in legislation.  In fact, hundreds of Republican amendments were adopted during the committee mark-up process.  As a result, both the Senate and the House passed key Republican proposals that are incorporated into the President’s Proposal.”

A lot of GOP ideas… and that’s just Obama’s plan.. hell the Senate plan had 160 GOP amendments..

“Of the 788 amendments filed,67 came from Democrats and 721 from Republicans. (That disparity drew jeers that Republicans were trying to slow things down. Another explanation may be that they offered so many so they could later claim—as they are now, in fact, claiming—that most of their suggestions went unheeded.) Only 197 amendments were passed in the end—36 from Democrats and 161 from Republicans. And of those 161 GOP amendments, Senate Republicans classify 29 as substantive and 132 as technical.”

of course they still voted no..

Why is the only way to bipartisan cooperation is if the Democrats fully embrace the GOP plan?  Shouldn’t the losing party be happy to get a seat at the table.. a seat that gives them almost half of everything they want? Is a bill with 49% (R) input and 51%(D) input not bipartisan enough when the country elected the (D) to decide the majority?

I simply don’t get how the GOP can get away with lying that there’s been no effort to include them. But,even more than that, I can’t understand this demand that  they should have their way in total  if the country is to see any bipartisanship come out of congress.  Is it the prefix ‘Bi’ that throws them? Do they think if they do anything ‘Bi” then they are supporting the homo’s? (disclosure, I love the ‘mo’s.. and this one will back me up on that).


Can you come up with a better reason why the GOP is so anti ‘BI-partisanship” even going so far as to deny it exists when  the bipartisan components are so flamboyantly displayed?


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"The Taliban can save us alot of legal hassles and legal bills" .. are you kidding me?

After visiting Howie in what I thought would be a discussion on hot boys and massage oil… I am almost too pissed to speak.. Video’s from Howie’s Updated post on Pfc Bowe Bergdahl have me blinded by rage at the moment.

Portrait of the fallen Cpl Patrick Tillman, a ...
Image via Wikipedia

No one in the military is defending this guy?  This guy who wears an American soldiers uniform, who fought in a war for America.. who is a fucking American for God’s sake.. and No one in the military is defending him? While Fox News is having the guest ask the Taliban to take care of our problems for us to save us money?

This jerk-off says that in a warzone, at night any solider is aware of where his buddy’s are? And that proves this private was a liar?  Why doesn’t this shameful shell of a wannabe war commander ask Pat Tillman about how a soldier always knows where his buddies are in a warzone at night- oops, I guess we can’t ask Pat Tillman since he was killed by his buddies in at night, in a warzone.

Who does this fucking asshole think he is doing besmirching  any service-member on the news and calling for his death by terrorists to save us money? And what the fuck is Fox news doing reporting it not just once, and I’ll give the 1st interviewer some credit for being shocked and not wanting to jump to any of this scum bag’s propaganda.. but what are they doing by having the asshat on again and agreeing with him

This is the way we support our troops? This is the American standard here? Bill O’Reilly should be shamed and shunned ala Jane Fonda.

How can anybody out there, whether the circumstance surrounding his capture are true or not, how can anybody look in the camera and devalue an American solider.. fuck that.. an AMERICAN life this way in a time of war. How do you say, “The Taliban can save us alot of legal hassles and legal bills” and how in the happy hell does no one staple you to a pole in the city center? We are going bat-shit crazy over the President calling a stupid situation.. stupid.. but calling for a terrorist act to be committed on one of our own, a solider in our military during a time of war no less, to be murdered is ignore and somehow… news?

The late Daniel Pearl
Image via Wikipedia

Let me say it like this.. I don’t give a proper fuck if Pfc Bowe Bergdahl walked away,danced away, or was lead away under the guise of getting a piece of ass in the desert.. I don’t care if he’s given up every state secret he knows.. John McCain lasted how long before he gave up everything he knew?.. I don’t care if he tells a hundred propaganda lies while being video-taped by the same people who might have held the camera while Daniel Pearl gave his final video message before they beheaded him. I simply don’t care what this kid did to get captured or has to do to stay alive while in the hands of an enemy who shows no quarter for any man, woman or child.. He is a soldier, he is an American, he is in enemy hands and you will by fuck respect that.  If your mother didn’t teach you that, if your drill sergeant didn’t teach you that.. then maybe you should  take  Bergdahl’s place and show him how it’s really done.

Fox news and Lt. Col Peters,  you might leave your soldiers behind, you might ask terrorists to murder your soldiers because that would make great and riveting news and increased viewership ratings for you..But the real America doesn’t do that..

If this is the conservative way I hope you are as relevant as the Whigs and hurry and go the way of the dodo, because 1st and foremost this liberal knows we get our man back and everything else after that is secondary…

Fox news..you are .. disgusting


It’s about damn time…

Jim Miklaszewski, NBC’s Pentagon correspondent, told Maddow on Wednesday night that Bergdahl “came off patrol on June 30th, dropped off his weapon, his body armor, grabbed up a bottle of water, a compass and a knife and took off out on his own. It was sometime after that, apparently, that some local militants grabbed him and turned him over to the Taliban.”

“Should he have left the post alone?” Miklaszewski asked. “Of course not. But that doesn’t make him a deserter.”

He continued: “Military officials I talked to are quite outraged at Peters’ comments, not just the idea perhaps that he suggested that the Taliban should execute Bergdahl, but because it’s totally irresponsible. Here you have a kid, 23-years-old, in custody. He’s got to be terrified. And now, these Peters comments could actually be used by his captors to get even deeper inside Bergdahl’s mind and further erode any confidence that he may have that he will ever come out alive.”

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Point to Panetta

It’s about time someone said it…

“It’s almost, a little bit, gallows politics. When you read behind it, it’s almost as if he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point.”

CIA director Leon Panetta says it’s almost as if former vice president Dick Cheney would like to see another attack on the United States to prove he is right in criticizing President Barack Obama for abandoning the “harsh interrogation” of terrorism suspects.”

Seriously, What is Dick Cheney’s point? What is his goal? For years he has done nothing but promote  “Me and my policy are all that keeps you safe at night” and bloviate how  we will be attacked again without him. Now his rhetoric is almost like a ‘code word’ for anyone who is against the Obama administrations National Security policy.  It’s like he’s talking to one or two lone nuts out there into proving that Bush/Cheney were right for the last 8 years.

Ironically, we were attacked while Dick was in office and after Dick ignored the pleas of those in the intelligence field to heed their warnings. So why would anyone take anything he has to say about keeping America safe as gospel is beyond me.  How about we listen to the ones who actually have kept us safe.

and stop giving Dick the pat on the head he’s looking for.

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