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Paranormal Activity…a review…


I haven’t been to a movie that suspenseful/creepy/’what the fuck’ scary since Blair Witch..

and yes, Blair Witch, when it came out it creeped the hell out of you people and you know it… Paranormal Activity is 10 times the creep,tension, and bone-chilling scare..

This movie is on par with seeing the Exorcist the 1st time…the original Amityville Horror the 1st time.. reading your 1st truly scary Stephen King and then turning the lights on to sleep… I never knew ‘foot steps’ could scare/creep the utter fuck out you..

It’s a true ‘scary’ movie, not a ‘horror’ movie… it’s old school walking in the cemetery on Halloween at midnight with your friends or being home at night and you hear a sound and the worst part of all, the dog heard it too so you pull the covers over your head a pray..

Crowd-reaction-wise…I have never been to a ‘horror’ movie like this one before. The previews they show of the audience hiding their faces,cringing and screaming it dead-on.. we cringed,we held our breath, we screamed, we laughed out loud.. we said.. “OH shit!” Oh Fuck” and one black dude down in front during an extremely suspenseful,utterly cringe worthy and quiet part said “OH hell no!” and the whole place laughed because the tension-release demanded it, only to be immediately built back up when your attention was on the movie again.

I seriously recommend this to anyone looking for a great suspense/tension filled scary movie.. and go see it at night, in a theater at a time when there will be others there.This movie won’t be as good at home or at a matinee.It will still be awesome, but like a comedy show is better when you’re a part of the actual audience, this would be just that much better seeing at the theater.

I won’t talk about the parts in the movie because I really don’t want to give anything away but, it’s ‘involved’… meaning there’s a slow story line that builds up tension to such a extent and it does it so often that you are just exhausted from it, your muscles are actually sore from being so tensed up for so long…  and after each tension release you can’t help but let out a nervous guffaw, you know that laughter when you’re scared/tense beyond control and you just can’t help but laugh to release some of it?

There were parts when I said “if this happens I’m walking out”!!   HA! It produces a total ‘fight or flight‘ response in you because if you’re like me, you’ve seen all the scary/horror movies ever made so you’re just agonizingly waiting for that one part, the “If  he finds her in the corner I’m getting the hell out of here!”“If something comes through that TV you have to leave with me”, part where  you can’t look.. but even worse, you can’t NOT look!

I hate hate hate building up movies like this..  But even after reading TIME’s review.. It didn’t matter, I was still creeped me right the hell out..

…Oh, sweet Jesus, that nice couple Katie and Micah are about to go to sleep again! They already suspect that their house is haunted. Micah has propped up his video camera in their bedroom to record any unusual phenomena, so they’ll know what awful thing happened the previous night, while they were sleeping. The bedroom door moved a couple of inches and then … moved back

Big hairy deal, say cynics who were bred on gross-out horror movies. Show us heads exploding, chests busting, legs sawed off. Yet the packed audience at a late-night screening of Paranormal Activity in Times Square this past week didn’t need gore effects to be scared witless. Yes, they knew it was only a movie — one that, like The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield and plenty others before it, used “found footage” to give a patina of realism to the fanciful events that were dreamed up by writer-director Oren Peli and are endured by actors Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston (using their real names). But when that door moved, the crowd’s collective gasp just about sucked all the oxygen out of the theater.

yes, Oh sweet Jesus is the perfect description… HA!

A horror-movie revisionist, Peli follows a less-is-more strategy. He knows that waiting for the big scary jolt does more damage to the nervous system than getting it. The tension builds slowly, as the apprehensive Katie, a student, and the skeptical Micah, a day trader, feel the first emotional tremors. The movie keeps us in its grip because we never leave the couple’s haunted property and because all we see is what the camera has recorded when held by Micah or Katie, or when left on at night to monitor their bedroom. That claustrophobia creates a bond between the couple and the audience; they can’t escape, and neither can we.

Peli downplays shock and emphasizes suspense: a shadow creeping across a wall or the ripple of an unseen form under the bedsheets. The gore scenes in splatter movies carry a sadistic punch, but those are outside most moviegoers’ experience. What Peli is interested in is dread, a feeling everyone is familiar with. (Will I lose my job? Has she found someone else? Why hasn’t our kid come home yet? What’s that strange rash?) Movies take that anxiety, crystallize it…

and finally

A thousand people sit as one in the dark, as fretful and enthralled as a child hearing a bedtime story and wondering, What happens next? No, I can’t bear it! No, I have to see!

If you do anything for Halloween.. go see this movie..

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