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93 is insanity to the nth degree, not 92 or 76… or 57! 93 is the line of crazy!

Recently Sen Lindsey Graham said about raising the debt ceiling

“we’ve done this 93 times. And if we keep doing the same old thing, then that is insanity to the nth degree.”


Why yes, yes of course, 93 times is where the ‘nth degree’ insanity level is.  Now, if it was just 92 times and let’s say a white, republican president.. well there’s no insanity there.

Just a Little Indefinite Detention
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Seriously.. what the crap? 93 is where you finally stand up and say “Uh, no..not again”? That’s where the insanity started to get the ‘nth degree‘? Or is that just where the political points are triple word scores? Where your party stands to gain the most? You’ve whored yourself out 92 other times for a dollar, but this time.. well buddy this time you’ve got morals and principals.


What happens if congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling? Let’s let Mr. Graham answer…

“Let me tell you what’s involved if we don’t lift the debt ceiling: financial collapse and calamity throughout the world. That’s not lost upon me.”

Oh well why didn’t you say so, financial collapse and calamity throughout the world, but lets’ not do something so insane as to raise the debt level a ninety-fucking-third time to prevent this world wide apocalypse like none we’ve ever seen before.. That would just be… insanity to the nth degree!

These people  make my ass twitch and if they don’t make yours twitch then you aren’t paying enough attention!

Rep. Michele Bachmann, one of the most outspoken conservatives in the House, has won an appointment to the secretive House Intelligence Committee

Well sure, when I think  “National Security”.. I think Michele Bachmann.
Members of the Intelligence panel receive classified briefings in a secure conference room in the Capitol, and are sworn to secrecy about most of the committee’s activities.
If raising the debt level, because if we don’t the world will literally collapse upon itself, is ‘nth degree insanity’ but appointing this woman to hold our national security secrets,thus giving her credibility when she makes stupid comments like ACORN will steal your identity and use it for voter fraud if you fill out the census, is perfectly sane then I want some of what this GOP leadership is smoking because that’s the best shit out there.

As more and more of this crap goes by, I am thoroughly convinced that the Mayans are right and the GOP knows it, or that all the “Book of Revelation” wishing GOP members  are doing everything they can to make that Mayan  prediction happen. Either way, I am convinced that we are seeing the last great days and entering into  the ‘end times’.

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