Stop looking for the next viral video…

…because those videos have the shelf-life of a housefly.They’re lunch-time distractions, not a prime-time programming goal.


So another cancellation  list is up.. and once again. I’m pissed.Most we already know about..but the new ones that piss me off are highlighted..


Deception (NBC): Cancelled.

Animal Practice (NBC): Put down.

Do No Harm (NBC): Harmed.

30 Rock (NBC): Over.

Guys with Kids (NBC): You can’t believe how cancelled this is.

The Office (NBC): Closed.

Smash (NBC): Smushed.

Up All Night (NBC): Christina Applegate quit: This was cancelled … by its own star!

Whitney (NBC): Thankfully.

1600 Penn (NBC): Impeached.

Made in Jersey (CBS): Terminated.

Private Practice (ABC): Spin-off heaven.

Partners (CBS): Dumped

Ben & Kate (Fox): & Cancelled.

Vegas (CBS): Lost.

Go On (NBC): Get out.

Fringe (Fox): R.I.P.

Touch (Fox): Touchable.

The Job (CBS): What?

The Mob Doctor (Fox): Ha! That title. Yeah. Deceased.

Don’t Trust the B– in Apt. 23 (ABC): Speaking of: Did anyone really believe a comedy with “B—-” in the title was going to last?

666 Park Avenue (ABC): Hellbound.

Last Resort (ABC): Indeed.

Rules of Engagement (CBS): Broken.

Golden Boy (CBS): Tarnished.

CSI: NY (CBS): Two down, one to go.

Zero Hour (ABC): Zero something all right.

Emily Owens, M.D. (The CW): Crashed.

How to Live with Your Parents (ABC): Evicted.

Red Widow (ABC): Swatted.

Body of Proof (ABC): D.O.A.

The New Normal (NBC): Or not.

Malibu Country (ABC): Overthrown.

Happy Endings (ABC): Until this happened.

90210 (The CW): Finished.

Cult (The CW): Unfollowed.



Hannibal (NBC)

The Taste (ABC)

The Neighbors (ABC)

1st off.. Go On was a genuinely “LOL” comedy. It had great characters,great jokes and should have been given another chance. For ‘comedy’ this one and Suburgatory were the ones we looked forward to each week..

2nd. The New Normal. I enjoyed this one.True, it was not hands-down-hilarious but it was better than whatever was on the rival channel..

and 3rd. Hannibal.. fuck! NO NO NO NO NO! Seriously NO! This show is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s bizarre,grotesque,intriguing,’s the ‘darkest’ drama I’ve seen on TV. Even when compared to something like Walking Dead or the shield.. it’s head and shoulders ‘dark’ above them. Granted I don’t watch “Dexter” so I don’t know if there is a comparison there (except that you’d expect Hannibal to be on pay-cable)  but it’s one of the few shows over the last few years that I genuinely look forward to. In fact, it’s only the 2nd we watch as it’s airing instead of DVR’ing.. (well, we give it about a 15 mins head start).. the other being “Merlin” which was also cancelled and has only 3 episodes left(and btw, that cancellation actually hurt )

I seriously think TV execs need to get their heads out of their asses and stop cancelling shows that don’t do “ER” or “West Wing” or “NYPD” numbers… those kinds of numbers are dead and never to return. And really folks,not everything needs to be a ‘viral video”…!

There are way too many other networks these days with amazing programming.. I mean, the History channel even has “Vikings”..and A & E with “Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad”(.. Let that sink in a minute.. wtf? the History channel and A & E with competing dramas?Wow!we’ve come a long way since only 3 major networks)  Add in more and more on Hbo,showtime,starz,Cinemax…and the numbers of viewers watching one show dwindle.. That doesn’t mean some shows,“Game of Thrones” for instances, don’t have massive viewership on their own..  but those are getting more and more rare.. and if TV exec’s don’t figure that shit out and start re-uping shows with “good”, just not “American Idol season 2” numbers.. they’re going to  continue with the dwindling numbers because who is going to give a shit about new programming when it’s just going to get bounced in 3 weeks if it doesn’t sweep the world gangnam style in the first 15 mins..

4 responses to “Stop looking for the next viral video…

  • Kelly Konda

    I agree about both Go On and Hannibal.

    I know that Go On tanked in the ratings after The Voice went on hiatus, but like most shows in their first seasons it got a lot better as it went on. It may have really struggled with making up its mind as to who was and who was not a love interest for Ryan (Matthew Perry) and how to best use his friend (John Cho), but I really liked the show and thought it was in line for an even better second season with maybe a slightly smaller cast (like cutting the only part-time blind guy member). I did not think it was going to be canceled.

    As for Hannibal, what I am reading indicates NBC may actually wait until all of the episodes have aired to make a decision, meaning when they present their new schedules to advertisers on Monday we may still have no idea what they’re going to do with Hannibal. For one thing, they should probably never have tried it at Thursday nights at 9 PM (Central) after two hours of sitcoms, which is one of the more bizarre pairings on the schedule. Put it with Grimm or something, which would make more sense. Either way, I have heard no rumors about the likelihood of it being canceled or renewed. So, I am opting for optimism.

  • ekg

    I agree that Hannibal’s lead-in is bizarre.. but I get the timing…. for a decade or more NBC ruled Thursday nights with Friends and Seinfeld at 8 and 9.. and then ER at 10pm. Sure-sure ER wasn’t even close to the darkness as Hannibal is.. but that time slot is their old championship slot and where it deserves to be.

    But maybe they should put Revolution on before it.. doesn’t matter which day.. altho I do like Revolution on Mondays so maybe they can give up their hopes of winning back the Thursday at 10pm slot by putting Hannibal on Monday after Revolution.. that would probably be a better lead-in for though.

    whatever they do.. I hope they don’t try and compete with “The Following”… from what I’ve read that one had massive ratings.

    Go On. It did get better as it went on. And the characters were great (agree about the blind guy).. Again, it wasn’t a Seinfeld or a Friends and I know that is what NBC was hoping for.. but the point of the blog was to say I think those days are gone.. Those kinds of shows were so powerful not just because they are great, but because there were only 3 damn networks to compete with.. now a days tho there are dozens of great shows on oddball networks.. tbs,tnt,mtv,syfy,discovery,a&e,history.. all the Hbo/Max/Starz/showtime etc.. and that doesn’t even count netflix and whatever else is on the internet..

    If shows have consistent ‘good’ numbers.. not awesome-possum, but good… I think that’s the high-water mark these days..

  • Mike

    I’m shocked at the carnage the networks have wrought this year. I can’t think of a year in which they’ve cancelled more series, including some that in other years probably would have gotten a pick up. The networks must have a slew of new shows they’re putting on this fall to replace all the gaps in the schedule.

    I’m thinking that the networks are finally realizing how desperate their situation has become. The Walking Dead numbers over the past year may have been a wake up call that cable can out compete the networks and that the audience just has too many options to just sit and watch whatever they run.

    Frankly that’s good news. As a viewer, I benefit when people have to compete for my attention.

  • ekg

    “As a viewer, I benefit when people have to compete for my attention.”

    yes..and no..

    Yes in that you’ll get more and better variety.. but that also means your attention will be spread thinner among all the networks.. thus creating the very problem we have now.. too much good programming, not enough viewer equals cancellations of shows that 5 years ago, would have been renewed..

    As I said, I think network execs need to re-evaluate what ‘high-program-keeping numbers’ are. Especially the big 3… with the inclusion of so many ‘off’ channels and them having just as good, if not better, programming.. something needs to be re-evaluated. Terrestrial radio’s had to do it. And they done by slaughtering their own.. but what other choice was there with so many other options out there..

    The other option TV has is to keep bring bigger and bigger stars to weekly shows.. Kevin Bacon this year, Kiefer Sutherland and the return of 24 next. But think about it. We’ve seen Laurence Fishbourne,Morgan Freemon,Dennis Quaid,Ellen Barkin,Kathy Bates,Glenn Close for christ sake (and g’damnit I wish I could the last 2 season of Damages)..HA I was going to say what’s next, Dustin Hoffman. But hell, he had a great one on HBO last year…

    with the weird popularity of anything ‘reality’ and the low-cost of producing them.. if exec’s don’t stop butchering their ‘new season line-ups’ before they even have chance.. TV is going to be wall-to-wall cooking,DIY and bu lute-eating contest shows..

    thanks for stopping by..

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